Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Could He Be a Lefty?

Feeling a Little Bit Better

Thanks to all for the love, concern, and prayers. Michael is feeling a bit better today and played for a while this morning without me being 2 feet away the entire time. He seems to be on the "up" side, and Jon and I are feeling better, too.

The Many Ways to Wear a Hat

The Ghetto Boy

The Rebel

The All American

The "I put it on myself" look, aka "The trucker"

Learning from the Master

I'm sure Jon wishes we would all call him "the master." :-)

I'm King of the World

Michael LOVES to climb on things, especially the couch. He needs some monkey bars.

Finally Figured it Out

Michael finally realized how to ride on his ride-on toy

Time For New Jammies?

I'm guessing these need to be retired soon, as they can no longer contain the belly.

Watch as I Hurl Myself onto These Pillows

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cuddle Bug

Michael is sick with the croup, and has been quite the snuggler. We stayed home from church today, so as not to infect the entire nursery with this nasty bug. We spent the early morning (from 3:30-4:00am) in the bathroom with a shower/steam sauna trying to loosen the cough up. Get better, buddy!

Sad, Needy Little Boy

"Mom, can you just put the camera down and pick me up?"

180 Degrees

Some of you remember that Michael was quite afraid of the vacuum at one time. Jon worked with him to overcome his fear, and now I can't keep Michael away from the vacuum. It is quite annoying when I am trying to vacuum and Michael keeps wanting to grab it. I'm thinking that it might be time to teach Michael to do chores...

Speed Bowling

On Friday night, we went bowling with our Sunday School class. It was great fun with a little friendly competition. I did score higher in points than Jon, but that is because the guys were bowling for speed instead of score. They had a radar at the end of the lane that showed MPH, so of course, the guys wanted to see how fast they could throw their bowling balls. Fun fun!

Friday, January 26, 2007

He's a Southern Boy!

Yes, that is fried okra!
(Ironically, I, the native Virginian don't like okra, but Jon, the mid-western boy, does)

Big Boy on the Couch

Michael loves to be on the couch, though he has had a few colorful dismounts.

Little Mountain Climber

Michael likes to scale the utmost heights of the house, using his little chair for a boost. Once, I found him with the chair pushed up to the cabinets, with Michael reaching for a steak knife. I, of course, didn't have time time to grab the camera and snap a picture. He has mastered the stairs, and once the basement is completed- no more gate! (what a pain that gate is!)

Loving the Duck!

Lookie What I Caught!

This fun duckie has a lovely little "Quack" if you press his back. Michael walks around with him a lot and says "duck."


I wonder where he could be...
(hint: look for shoes and Michael is sure to be somewhere nearby)


Okay, I hope he grows out of this, but Michael has a shoe fetish. If you leave your shoes out, he will carry them around like a prized possession. If I leave the closet door open just a pinch, as I did here, he is is shoe heaven and will be entertained indefintely.

New Use for Mr Potato Head

Michael likes to put legos, letters, and various small toys in the back of Mr Potato Head, because then he makes a cool noise when you THROW him!

Delicious Nebulizer

Michael has a cough that had sneaked into his lungs, so I brought out the nebulizer. It has been a while since he has used it, and he thought that the compressed air was just fantastic!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ready for Some Fun in the Snow!

"Uh, mom, I need to go to the bathroom now!"

We got a little snow yesterday, with a nice, thick, chunky layer of ice on top. This was Michael's first real time in the snow, and I was excited to see what his reaction would be!

The Reluctance

Not so sure about this cold, wet, white stuff!

The Reaction

Apparently, Michael feels the same way about snow as his mommy does!

The Recovery

I'm sure I will be dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for at least a day or so!

The Blizzard of 2007

Jon, who is from Chicago, scoffs, "You call this SNOW??!!"

Senior Girls Party

We had the senior girls (like "high school" senior, not "last stop before heaven" seniors) over on Saturday night for a fun reunion of sorts. We watched Pride & Prejudice (the new one), Anne of Green Gables, played Guesstures (you guys DIDN'T beat us, we just never finished!), and shared what God is doing in our lives. We also ate WAY too much- lasagna, cookies, brownies, peanut butter bars, and milkshakes! One girl, who shall remain nameless, even fell victim to too "too many sweets" syndrome. Sorry!!
Michael immensely enjoyed having the girls over. He kept running around laughing and saying, "girls!!"

Blanket Time

Michael enjoys learning about his animals when he does blanket time during the day.

Clifford the Big Red SUV

There's a little opening in his back to store things, and the cousins are convinced that it is a Clifford portable potty! I guess in a pinch...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Baby Giggles

Michael just LOVES to laugh! He has gone from baby giggles to full-out big boy laughs. I think most everything makes him laugh, and it just cracks me up!