Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Time in a Play Land

Sorry, all you McDonalds fans-- this one was Chick-Fil-A, as it was new, clean, and we had coupons for free chicken sandwiches! This was very clean, there was only one other kid (and only for about 1/2hr). They even had Purell wipes outside the play land to clean dirty hands before and after play! The nurse in me was beaming with pride! Michael climbed all the way to the top by himself, and we stayed and played for about 1 1/2 hours. By the way, Michael, who is not a big fan of meat, DOWNED his chicken sandwich! Smart boy!


Michael quickly tired of the "toddler" toys and decided that climbing into the 3yrs old+ big boy tube and ladder jungle gym was for him. Let the adventures begin...

Trying to Grab the Salt Through the Glass

Sorry buddy- it won't work no matter how hard you try!

More Chick-Fil-A Fun

Yes, I did have to crawl all the way inside the jungle gym to get these pictures, but there were no other kids there, so no brats telling me that I was too big to play!

New Friend Abby

Abby, who is 4, had a great time showing Michael the jungle gym ropes.

Snuggling with the Doggy

This is our favorite kind of dog. No scooping, no slobber, no spending money on food and treats, no hair, yet still provides unconditional love. What a great pet!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Dimple Boy

Let it Snow

A Michael-Sized Rocker

Grandma and Grandpa brought this little rocker for Michael. It used to be Aunt Becky's, but she has recently outgrown it. :-) Michael likes to push it around the living room and rock it against anything that will make loud banging noises. Gotta give him creativity points!


This fun little number came from cousin Nathan. It has a little track that goes outside, but who needs a hilly track when you have Daddy and Grandpa to push you across the room?

A Visit from Grandma & Grandpa

We had a lovely visit with Jon's parents this week, and are SO sad that they (along with the Shultzes) will be Nebraska residents very soon. We will miss you being close!!

A Short-Lived but Well-Loved Toy

Michael got a balloon from TGI Fridays (on Saturday, though) and he loved that little balloon to death! Of course, 24hrs later, it was a sad little excuse for a balloon, but he really loved it while it lasted!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flying Lessons

Who Hung the Moon? DADDY!!!!

Helping with the Yard Work

I was digging a few bushed out, and Michael apparently wanted to man the shovel.

Dirty Boy

Michael found all the soggy, muddy, snow-slushy spots in the back yard. Look at his knees-- his tooshie looks the same exact way (that IS mud, by the way!)

Checking Out the Trailer Mechanics

"Well, I guess she's sturdy enough..."

Little Mail Thief

I'm pretty sure it is s felony offense to tamper with the USPS!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gotta Have Someone to Push Around

And Clifford is the lucky recipient!

First PB&J Sandwich

Made with non-toxic Food Lion brand creamy peanut butter and Great Value strawberry preserves on white. Yum!!

HELP ME!!!!!!

I heard a sad little desperate cry from the dining room, and this is what I found. About 2 seconds later, he figured out that he could just move his head to the side to be free.

Michael, Meet the Little Potty

"Hi, Potty!!"

Michael, Meet the BIG Potty

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Adventures With Daddy's Tie

Does this tie look nice on me?

I AM the tie rack!

Ohhhh, A Camera. I'll take 2!


This is immediately after the body went faster than the legs, and SPLAT!! Down he went! He is tough and shook it right off. He does this often, and I laugh every time.

Super Cutie Boy

Little All-Star

Michael can palm the ball, which is very impressive considering it is a regulation men's basketball. :-)

Hangin' with My Da'

Daddy Duty

Daddy kept Michael entertained during a diaper change by putting Michael's pants on his head. What a good man I have & daddy Michael has!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Treats

Yummy Cookies

What used to be a pan of brownies

We had a very nice Valentine's Day yesterday. Our power was out for a little bit in the morning, so we stayed in bed and slept in. Michael even slept in, which was nice, since it was a little chilly without heat. I got lovely roses from my husband, and some "night mail," just like he used to send me in college. (awe!) We (meaning Karen) made cookies and brownies, and for dinner, we had cheeseburgers (sorry. they were round) for dinner. After evening Bible Study, we got to watch Mikaela while her mom and dad had a nice Valentine's Dinner. A very nice, LOVEly day.