Monday, April 30, 2007

Shop Til You Drop

On Friday & Saturday, we had stag outings with the youth group. The boys went tent camping and had paint ball wars while we girls had a fun, unique shopping activity. Friday night, we stayed up too late and ate way too much, then Saturday, we dragged our tired but excited bodies out of bed to begin a fun adventure in shopping. Two teams had to put together a themed ensemble from 10 stores on a list, and we had to stay under our set budget. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Well, try shopping for outfit accessories at places like PetSmart, AutoZone, the Dollar Tree, and Tractor Supply! We had a fantastic time being creative, and had a yummy chick-fil-a lunch top recharge us for more shopping. In the afternoon, we went back to the Bowmans and had a runway fashion show modeling our creative, original designs. We had a great time and all slept very well when we got home! I guess we did "Shop til We Dropped."

Shopping Til We're Dropping

I'm sure that everyone in target thought we were mentally unstable (especially the stranger who we asked to take our picture!)

The Hormonal Mennonite Pregnant Lady Team

*I guess the rest of the girls in this team were too embarrassed to be in the group picture! :-)

The Flower Child Team

Playing with the Ladies

Michael greatly enjoyed being around all those teenage girls.

A Trip to PetSmart

Kissing the puppy.

Guess Who Learned How To Open the Front Door!

Adventures in Utensil Using

I'm pretty sure using the fingers is MUCH more fun, especially with something as cool as cottage cheese!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Update- Week 12

We went to the doctor today, and were able to hear our new baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was in the 160 range, which was where Michael was at the same age. Everything seems to be doing well so far.

Mom- Feeling a little better and only vomiting a few times per day instead of all day, every day. A little more energy this week than previous weeks, and able to make "real" food without taking a puke break every 3 minutes. Cravings include salad with Italian dressing, and peanut butter bread. (not together, though!)

Baby- Weighs in about 1/2 oz and around 2.5 inches tall (CRL). All his/her structures and organs are formed and from now on will just grow and develop. Tiny fingers and toes are well-formed, and nails and hair are growing. Baby is moving like crazy, but I shouldn't start feeling him/her for a few more weeks. What a nice life to live!

PS The 3D u/s pic is a baby at 12 weeks gestation, but not our baby.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slinky- It's the NEW Black!

You never know- maybe he will start a new fashion trend!

Another Reason Why We Don't Have Animals...

Yes, Michael, we EAT meat, we don't keep it as pets!

A Visit from Baby Mikaela

Mikaela came to play on for a few days this week, and Michael now thinks that she is HIS baby. He adores her, gives her lots of love (sometimes not so gently! He gives full-body hugs!), and misses her now that she is gone.

Hey, I'm a Baby, Too!

Tough Decisions- Milk or Water...?

We will just alternate evenly, so no one cup feels left out!

Let Me Out, Let Me Out, Let Me Out...

Under His Wing

Michael takes his duck with him on a downstairs adventure.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Little Addition...

We are due Nov 7th, and are about 12 weeks along. Jon thinks it is a boy, but I'm convinced it is a girl, as she has made me QUITE sick! Welcome, little one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The National Zoo

The Seekins came to visit from Friday until Wednesday this week, and what a great time we had! The boys played very well together (both the older and the younger boys), and we had some time to relax and enjoy each others' company. We went to the National Zoo on Friday, and the Children's Museum on Tuesday. Thanks for visiting, Joel, Cynetta, & Noah! We miss you already!!

Riding the Metro

Sleepy Head

Noah tried to sleep through the zoo trip, but we wouldn't let him miss out on ALL the fun!

Zoo Animals

(this creature is the strangest of all, though quite prolific. The species Pooper Scoopicanus ensures an ecological waste balance within the natural zoo habitat)

Up Close & Personal

This was one narcissistic orangutan, who HAD to be the center of attention. I'm guessing she forgot her Lithium this morning, and maxed out her credit cards at the mall.

Hungry Hippos

This particular hippo has to be the UGLIEST thing I have ever seen! It was all shiny and fat, with this funky scrunched up face. I'm sure she has a great personality, though!

Five Silly Monkeys!

Men Will be Boys

We decided to play "catch" with Reeses Pieces. Joel needs to practice!

Dadddys are SO much fun!

I think Joel and Cynetta need twins!!