Monday, July 30, 2007

New Minivan

We are now the proud owners of a black Chrysler 2006 Town & Country minivan with 4600 miles on it, thanks to Carmax and a nice-sized check. I'm now ready and willing to be stigmatized as a soccer mom. Bring it on!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations, Dustin and Lindsey!

To the bride and groom- we wish you the best of love and happiness!!

Ready for a wedding!
(Excuse the backdrop- Michael was watching his daddy shave for the wedding, and loves to sit on the potty and learn from the master!)

Again, excuse the lavender and red combo here. We should have coordinated better. Jon was a groomsman, but he is my "best" man! I am 26 weeks along in this picture.

Catching Up On Lost Sleep

Michael is teething, as well as being tired from our vacation adventures. He has enjoyed many long naps, and has been sleeping until 10:30 in the mornings!

Fun with Ketchup

Michael enjoys the ketchup much more than the chicken!

I LOVE To Read!

Michael will spend a LONG time enjoying a good books! That's my boy!


Michael tried to climb in his stroller before I opened it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Omaha Vacation

We just got back from an 8 day trip to visit Jon's family in Omaha. It was Michael's first trip on an airplane, and our first trip to the Shultzes/Blakemores new home in the country just outside the booming city of Omaha. We had lots of fun adventures, and most of all, a relaxing time enjoying the company of family. You can read my entire (long and detailed) trip journal, but the pictures are much more fun!

Little Stowaway

"I'm ready to go, Mom!"

"This is going to be the best trip ever!"

"You mean I can't ride as checked baggage???!!!"

Fun in the Airport

We had a flight delay on the way out to Omaha, so Michael enjoyed some time playing and watching planes come and go from Reagan National.

First Airplane Ride

I guess this is the first ride that counts, as Michael did technically fly when I was about 4 months pregnant with him. Michael has a new love for airplanes now, and can spot one in the sky about 10 seconds before I can see or hear one!

Sun Setting from the Sky

Our flight out to Omaha left at 8:30ish, so we were able to see the sun setting from out airplane window.

Omaha Children's Museum

We had loads of fun at the Omaha Children's Museum!

Bob the Builder Exhibit

The children's museum had a whole floor dedicated to Bob the Builder. You could build (then demolish) things, "read" plans, watch the show, and do lots of running around, which Michael greatly enjoyed!

More Children's Museum Fun...

To the rescue...

The chief firefighter!

Life on the Farm

Doing the dirty work...

...then cleaning up afterwards!

What Does the Guinea Say?

Guineas eat ticks, so the Shultzes and Blakemores have become guinea farmers to well over 30 fowl. Michael now knows how to say "Bock, Bock," and calls them all "Gickens."

Beautiful Nebraska!

These are all taken from the Shultzes yard.

King Kong Burgers

We ate at a place in Omaha called King Kong Burgers, which is known for their HUGE burgers. We had more than enough for a few meals, and even Jon couldn't finish his burger!

Silly Monkeys (notice Michael's monkey impression!)

The silliest monkey of them all!

The HUGE burger (this is the "small" burger)

Michael's favorite food- ketchup!

Wonderful Family

What really made our trip wonderful was the fantastic family that we were able to visit with!