Friday, August 24, 2007

Helping Momma Cook

Michael has decided to learn the finer points of food prep. He likes to pull up his high chair so he can see everything I am doing in the kitchen (this day happened to be lasagna). A future chef, perhaps?

King of the Jungle!

I asked Michael what a Lion said, and he gave me a big scary, "RAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Eating Grapes

Yummy snack!

And this is what my tummy looks like AFTER a snack!

Go, Speed Racer!

Michael can get his Clifford dog up to some seriously high velocities, especially on the tile.

Fun with Miss Ashley

Michael's friend, Ashley, who just graduated from our youth group, is headed off to college this week. We had a nice farewell lunch at Red Robin, and then played at home until Michael's nap. Study hard and make us proud, Ashley!!!

A Green Balloon

Michael LOVES balloons, and played with his green Red Robin balloon all day Wednesday.

The Whole World's a Bed!

Michael is cutting another tooth and has been clingy and cuddly. He has found all sorts of places to snuggle up and take a nap. Usually it is a 3 minute snuggle with his doggy and paci, then up to play again- except the last picture, where he went into his room, laid on the floor, and went right to sleep.


"You got a problem with my choice of footwear?!"

Forget Those Play Vacuums...

Michael loves the real thing, and has learned to turn on the dust buster. So I took the opportunity to show him how to suck up crumbs off the floor. I'm thinking that by the third child, I can completely retire from chores!

An Active Imagination

Michael was making engine noises while eating his toast, and I asked him what that piece of toast was. He looked at me and said "airplane!" A few minutes later, he was "driving" another piece of toast around his tray.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What a Boy!

Michael loves to wear hats, play with cars & trucks, and roughhouse with his daddy (or anyone willing)! I have decided that boys are tons of fun and wouldn't mind a bunch of them!

Going to Church

My cutie boys all dressed up.

Stung by a Wasp

Michael found a hidden wasp nest and was the recipient of a nice wasp sting on the chest. He took it really well and cried for just about 30 seconds and was fine. Daddy was impressed with his manliness! I didn't know this, but now I do- Joe Hornbrook made a paste with baking soda and water to neutralize the sting pH, and it never bothered Michael at all after that!

The Snack Shack

Every time I ask Michael if he wants a snack, he goes and gets his little rocker and sits at the coffee table. I guess it's just his size and works great, so why not?

Goofy Boy!

Yes, that is his bouncy basketball in his mouth.

More OCD Proof

I noticed that all Michael's toys were picked up (and the toy box was closed), and he had stacked all his toys in the kitchen sink. Apparently, he thought they could use a little scrubbing.

With Praise & Thanksgiving

The doctor called this morning and said that my 2nd set of glucose lab work was fine! Thanks for the prayers and love while we waited for the results- I think I will go celebrate with a cinnamon roll (for the baby, of course!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cutie on the Run!

I love this hedgehog-themed outfit for Michael for church, but he is growing so tall that I think it might be the last time he can wear it. He is now officially in 2T clothes. What a big boy!

A Lesson in Dental Hygiene

First, you scrub your teeth with a toothbrush, then you spit and have a drink.

Got it? Now YOU try!

Pantry Organization King

The shelf clips on my pantry shelves broke, so I had an external pantry for a day or so (my wonderful husband was quite quick to rescue and repair the problem. Thanks, babe!) Michael, my mildly OCD son, decided they needed to be stacked, organized, and alphabetized (well, maybe not THAT far...). He loves to pick up his toys and sort things and close all the upstairs doors. He is definitely my boy!!

Loving the Lotion

Michael thought the VS Vanilla Lace lotion was not only silky smooth and deliciously scented, but fantasically tasty, too. (check out the lotion evidence around his lips!)

Too Sweet

I am now 28 weeks, and went for the 28-week standard lab work, including a glucose challenge test to check for gestational diabetes. I failed the test (BG was 161 mg/dl @ 1 hr post-50gm glucose bolus- for you fellow medical people out there), and will be going tomorrow for the 3 hour/4 blood-draw glucose tolerance test. If it is positive (meaning I fail that one, too), I will be going to see a diabetic management specialist to figure out a regimen to control my sweetness. Please keep me and baby in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Visit to Burke

On Saturday, we went to Burke, VA to visit with Jon's Aunt Elizabeth, her husband Uncle David, and Jon's cousin Gracelyn Blakemore (of the formerly "River Forest, IL Blakemores", now currently the "Clearwater, FL Blakemores"). We love visiting with the Tyes, and especially enjoyed seeing Gracelyn, as it has been a long time- June of 2005 at Peter and Krista's wedding in Idaho! Way too long~ Michael was about half way to being born then. We had a delicious lunch of grilled steaks, burgers and hot dogs, baked beans, veggies, chips, salami-wrapped asparagus, etc. Yum! Thanks for a wonderful visit- great food and even better company!!

Meeting Daddy's Cousin Gracelyn

Michael really enjoyed our visit, and had lots of fun with Gracelyn Blakemore.
Two Silly Blakemores!

Starting an early coffee habit?? We had this incredibly decadent chocolate cake for dessert with our coffee. Gracelyn had the great idea to add coffee ice cream to the coffee and top it off with Mocha chocolate syrup!! Fantastic!!

Sitting with Daddy

Patio Games

Michael quickly found plenty of things to keep him entertained.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Two Favorite Boys!

Big smiles for mommy!!
Michael loving on daddy!

Learning Calculus

Daddy LOVES these TI-30 graphing calculators (we probably have 3 or 4 in the house.) I guess they are a good backup if anything ever happens to MS Excel.

"Hello. Blakemore residence- Michael speaking!"
(Michael is just a little ahead of the technology. He wants a blackberry, ipod, phone, and a graphing calculator all in one.)

Watching the Stump Grinder

A very nice man came by and asked if we wanted our 2 stumps ground in the front yard. He offered a very reasonable price, so we said "grind away!" Michael enjoyed watching the big "truck," while daddy enjoyed supervising!

First Set of Drums

Thanks, Brandy, for this very cool toy! Michael loves beating on things and making noise!

Playing the tile drums.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Great Garage Sale Finds...

I found some great bargains at garage sales this morning. Michael got some name brand (Gap, Osh Kosh, Ralph Lauren, etc) clothes for spare change, and a pair of Buster Brown brown boots/shoes for .25c. I also found some nice metal folding chairs for $1.00 each (which always come in handy!) Here are my favorite finds of the morning:

I found this little hippo ride-on/push toy for Michael, which he LOVES! He cried when we left this morning because he wanted to take his "truck" with him! Total price- .75c

THIS is my prize possession for today! I found a Weber grill (which I have been wanting for a LONG time) with absolutely no rust and in great condition- just a little faded- PLUS the full tank of propane for $50! She was asking $60, but I offered her $50, and walked away with a used (but in excellent condition) triple-burner propane $400-$450 Weber Genesis Grill!!! Anyone want to come over for a cookout?!?!

Daddy's Little Helper

Jon was putting no-skid carpeted feet on the dining room chairs this week, and Michael wanted so badly to swing the hammer. So daddy gave him a lesson on hammering, and the little apprentice is coming right along!