Monday, September 24, 2007

Garage Sale Treasures

On Saturday, I was able to find Michael some great toys at awesome prices. First is a Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon: retail price- $70, GS price- $10! It comes complete with 2 seats with seat belts and cup holders. Fancy! (You should have seen me shoving both these huge toys, along with my other GS finds, plus Michael's carseat, plus my friend Amanda in the Nissan Altima!)
Next is a fun outside play table by Little Tykes. It is a sand box on one side and a water play table on the other side. It came with little boats and bridges and fun little toys that Michael will LOVE once we get some sand from Lowes. Retail price- $60, GS price- $10. Let the fun begin!!

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I'm sure this is cruel and unusual, but it is quite enjoyable to watch Michael eat a lemon. Every time he is offered one, he accepts, and then makes "the lemon face." I'm guessing Jon's expression is a sympathy face?

Big Helper

Michael decided to help Mikaela drink her milk.

Purses & Pink Hats

I'm not concerned yet, but I think we might need to work on teaching gender appropriateness.

First Sip of Coffee

Michael was asking for a sip of my Starbucks Bold French Roast Coffee (I drink it black!), so I let him have a sip...

This was his first face-- not because he thought it was nasty, but because I took the cup away from him when he wouldn't stop drinking!
This was his second face when I asked if he wanted more! We have another coffee lover in the family!

Someone Thinks He's a Baby

Michael asks on occasion for me to put him in the baby's crib and turn on the mobile. He loves to watch the bugs turn and sing! I am amazed at how big Michael is getting lately.

Basketball Spectator

Michael loves to watch the neighbor kids play basketball. He also will head immediately to the gym at church once service is done with hopes of playing some basketball.

Snuggling with Daddy Before Bed

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Update- Week 33

We went to the doctor today for a check-up and everything seems to be going great for both me and baby. My blood pressure was great (it was high with Michael), and baby has a nice strong heart rate in the 130s. I am scheduled for another ultrasound on October 2nd to determine the size of the baby (not the gender... don't want to ruin it for all of us!). Michael was a chunker, also known as LGA (Large for Gestational Age) meaning above the 90th percentile in weight, and Michael was induced a week early!! I am praying for a healthy baby, but an early one!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome, Fall!

The weather has officially become autumnal! The leaves are starting to change into brilliant orange and yellow shades, and the weather has cooled off quite a bit. We have had the windows open most days and nights, and I especially have been enjoying the brisk return of long-sleeved temperatures. Before we know it, the baby will be here and the bare trees will escort winter into town. Time sure does go quickly, so we are trying to savor each little season that life brings!

Autumn Adventures

The weather has cooled off, and we have been enjoying some lovely autumn days here in Fredericksburg. Michael has been finding all sorts of fun things do do in the great outdoors. He loves to stop and watch the leaves fall to the ground when the wind picks up.

More Outdoor Fun

Riding through the leaves on a September day.

Saying 'Hi' to the neighbors wiener dogs.

Peeking under the shed door.

Wondering when this hose reel is going to start it's engine!

Fun with A Popcicle Stick!

Who knew they could be this fun?! What a silly boy!

Mr Daddy Head

Michael knows where Mr Potato Head's ear goes, he just thought that daddy could use a little more help being a good listener! :-) Notice Jon bright red with laughter (and probably some pain, too!)

Ooooo- Pockets!!

Michael just discovered the wonders of pockets. I am wondering what I will FIND in these pockets, now that he knows that they hold stuff!

Why Won't This Thing Go??

We All Have Our Quirks

... and one of Michael's is the way he eats a sandwich. He always peels it in half and eats the sides individually. This gets really messy when it is peanut butter & jelly. This sandwich happens to be tuna, one of Michael's favorites.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SUCH a Big Boy!

These are 2T PJs-- what a big boy! The problem comes when I have to mix and match outfits. Michael has really short legs and a super long torso, so wears 2T shirts, and his 24 months shorts are capris! I'm sure he will even out eventually, but until then, we will roll his jeans and deal with it.

Talking on the "Hew-woh"

Michael calls the phone a "hew-woh!" and knows just where a blue tooth should go. I guess this phone call was for Clifford!

Loves to Read

Michael really loves books!

Learning All About PCs

A nerd in training!

But at least my nerds are cuties!

Who's Your Daddy?!


Michael loves to go "side" to play and will grab your hand and pull you to the door as a hint.

SUCH a Great Hider!

He's Gonna KILL Me Someday for This!!

I was getting Michael ready for bed, and he apparently was too tired to make it to his bed. He curled up on the changing table and stuck his tooshie in the air- his sleeping pose!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Life's More Fun with Caffeine!!!

My thoughtful husband got me a coffee bean grinder and some whole bean starbucks for my birthday. I have been thoroughly enjoying my morning cup of bold French Roast coffee this week, and it has kept me going in spite of my 3rd trimester insomnia! Thanks, babe, for such a sweet, thoughtful gift!

2007 TBC Night of Records

Our church hosted our annual youth activity called Night of Records. We set up lots of booths and activities, and the teens have to beat the record from the previous years. There was La-Z-Boy Derby race, rock wall climb, obstacle course, pogo sticks, unicycles, football throw, and many more outside games, then we went inside for the "gross" games. I was quite impressed with some teens- one guy chewed and stuffed 105 pieces of double bubble in his mouth (that was some NASTY drooly mess!). There was Mountain Dew Chug, Sandwich Stuff, Pancake Eat-off, and a Pie eating contest (no hands, folks!) to name a few. We had over 285 in attendance. We ended the night with a message from the Word on how to know Jesus Christ, and were able to see some teens come to know Christ.

Fun Booths

Pogo stick jump was a hit. One teen was able to stay jumping for over 28 minutes straight!! I bet his calves hurt today!!

The unicycles were HARD! But our own Joey Bryan was able to stay upright for 9.4 feet!

It was quite hot at the beginning of the night, and I don't think it would have been too bad in the dunking booth. (that is a rock wall in the background- fun!).