Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Adventures

Michael was a little sad when we carved our pumpkin. I think he thought we ruined it by cutting the face in.

And of course, we had yummy roasted pumpkin seeds afterwards!

We LOVE our Pumpkin

Halloween 2007

I forgot to take more pictures, but Michael had overalls, a hard hat, a tape measure, and a few hand tools from daddy, but they weighed him down from his fun and he ditched them all. (Yes, I threw this together about an hour before the event. In the excitement of the last few weeks, I forgot about a costume!) We went to our church and had lots of candy, fun, and food, and Michael had a great time. Katie slept through it all.

Dresses and Bows

Well, since she has sparse hair, no bows yet, but I dressed Katie in a cutie dress for our first outing (to our church's Halloween event). Right before we headed out the door, Katie had a major diaper blowout, and we had to choose outfit #2. So go the best laid plans...

The Ever-Versatile Boppy

When Katie vacated the boppy, Michael tried it on for size.

New Deck Update

I forgot to post pictures of our new deck, which I LOVE!!! We play out there a good bit, and are enjoying the nice autumn weather.

Michael Loves to Share

Sharing his astronaut

Sharing his train and cow (btw, the cow came as a "big brother" gift to Michael from my secret sister. Michael LOVES this "mooing" cow, and plays with it all the time. I think it is definitely his new favorite toy, and even though it is a VERY noisy toy- I got over that a while ago and realized that the smiles are well worth the noise!)

Sharing his tractor

Michael thought that Katie needed his pillow, blanket, and doggie to initiate her afternoon nap. What a good big brother to share!

Sand Fun

Michael loves his sandbox, but I'm afraid the fun might be all used up after a few more times outside. His favorite thing to do is THROW the sand, and see if he can beat his previous sand-throwing distance.

Drama in the 'Hood

I had Michael and Katie on our NEW deck yesterday, when I heard a loud bang and a kid start screaming. I ran to the fence to see what the problem was, and the next door neighbor boy ran to me with a bleeding hand (his parents were not home). Initially, I thought it was a gunshot wound, so I scurried him to my house to assess the situation, and found out that what really happened was a mischievous 11 yr old who thought the dolly tires needed inflating with a huge air compression. The tire exploded in his hand and caused a nice gash across his knuckles and on his knee. The wound wasn't as bad as it initially looked (once I could see the injury site when the bleeding was controlled), but we got to call the ambulance, which completely made Michael's day. Glad the neighbor boy is okay, and a good lesson was learned the hard way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Katie's First Real Bath

The face says it all! She was NOT impressed! Unlike her brother, Katie does not like to be naked, even though the inside temp was nice and warm. She really doesn't cry much, but when she does, it is this sad, dramatic wail like her entire life is ruined and she will never recover from her trauma.

A little calmer, but then the wailing began again.

Snuggled up in a warm towel.

Recovering from her traumatic experience.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome, Sweet Katie!

Face Off

Whoever blinks first loses.
Michael thinks it is HILARIOUS to startle Katie. He will giggle really loudly and make her jump, and he belly laughs SO hard. I guess Katie will end up being a heavy sleeper, which is good. No quiet solace in this house-- and we love it that way!!

Making a List & Checking it Twice

Michael is checking out the Toys'R'Us catalog and pointing out all the cool toys. This kept him occupied for quite some time. (Notice the big wet spot on his shirt- he thought he would have a nice refreshing sip of coffee).

Future Physician?

Michael would always fish in my work bag and snag my stethoscope, so I brought this one home for him. He loves it, and frequently screens us for any and all audible symptoms. He checks himself out as well, just to be sure he is healthy.

Daddy confirms that he is indeed alive.

The Best Husband Ever!

He provides for us, he plays with his kids, he changes diapers, AND he vacuums! What more could a girl ask for?!

Sleepy Head

I forgot how much newborns sleep, and sweet Katie is the champion napper. She really is doing great so far, and has been sleeping about 4 hour stretches at night. Not too bad for being just one week!

Rise & Shine!

Katie awakens!

Thanks, Again, Grandma & Grandpa!!

Jon's parents left today after a week of hard work and keeping the home fires burning here. We really don't know what we would have done without them, and can't say "Thanks" enough. Not only were they great with keeping us happy & fed and the dishes done and the grass cut and the big brother entertained, but Grandma and Michael went all out and made a welcome sign for Katie and decorated the porch in festive fall decor. What a family I have!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do They Look Alike?

Per the request of Cynetta, I am posting pics of Michael as a newborn and Katie as a newborn. Do you think they look alike?








Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a Great Big Brother!

Michael gives Katie a (supervised) hug, and Katie winds up for a wail! She does not like to be touched or bothered in the least when she is catching a nap!

Katie was catching some sun on the floor for a few minutes, and Michael decided to keep her company. He is learning a lot and adjusting well to big-brotherhood. We are amazed at how your love automatically doubles to love each one as much as the other! We love you, Michael and Katie!!

Catching Some Rays

The sun finally came out today after a week of much needed rain and drizzle. We initiated our own home version of phototherapy, and Katie seemed to enjoy the warm sun.

Picture Perfect

Jon is faking sleep here. You can tell because Jon's mouth would be wide open like Katie's if he was really asleep! :-)