Monday, December 24, 2007


Jon, Karen, Michael, & Katie

We wanted to wish everyone a blessed Christmas! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family (many of whom we will see this week!), and we wish you joy and peace as you celebrate the birth of Christ the King.

Youth Group Party

We had our annual youth group Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange on Wednesday, and Jon and I ended up with some bubbles and some icky plastic critters, which Michael will love! Unfortunately, no one wanted our can of tuna gift. :-)

Katie Wears a Hoodie

This one is in honor of Kristina Miller, our resident Youth Group hoodie queen!

Katie had to have an ultrasound today (Christmas Eve). Her legs are uneven, which could mean Congenital Hip Dysplasia. We might not know the results for a little while, with the holidays, and because it has to be read by an orthopedic radiologist. It could be nothing, which we are praying for, but if you could remember to pray that way, we would much appreciate it.

Sibling Adoration

I pulled out the play mat for Katie to look at (even though Michael enjoyed it more than Katie). I love the way Katie looks so adoringly at her big brother.

Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile.

I found this sticker on our banana, and it says, "Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile." So that is what we did.

Can You Guess Who Got Michael Ready for Bed?

Good Friends

Michael and Mikaela played while Joe & Amanda went out on a date. These two had so much fun, and both kept Jon and I laughing!

College Fund

Michael will sit and put money in his piggy bank for quite some time. Then he comes to me and asks me to take it out so he can start all over again.

Hold The Paparazzi, Please

"To all my adoring fans, I just ask for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep without the hassle of pictures. Is that too much to ask?"

Friends & Cookies

Joe, Amanda, & Mikaela came over on Saturday, and we had a big day of cookie making. Yum! Joe & Amanda watched Michael and Katie during my surgery, and have been quite the blessing to us these past couple months. It's nice to have good Christian friends! Thanks, guys!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Fun Having a Girl!

It's like playing dress-up every day!

Puzzles and Number

Michael is doing well with his numbers. He has a puzzle that we work on, and Michael is able to match all the shapes of numbers together. Occasionally, I will hear him reciting "Two, Four, Six, Nine..." Always in order, but not always consecutive.

Another Sleeping Picture

I know I post a lot of pictures of Katie sleeping, but she does a lot of it. Plus, she is just so precious when she sleeps- I can't help but pass it along.

Amazing Bed Making Skills

I heard Michael stirring this morning and peeked in at him. He was making his bed, which we usually do together after he gets up. This was his finished product, complete with his doggy in the center.

Katie Smiles at Her Daddy

This is the beginning of a smile. They usually include a very wide open mouth!

Hide & Seek

Where could Michael be?

I think I see him!

THERE'S my boy!

Michael Reads To Katie

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-Os

Michael enjoyed spaghetti-Os for lunch today. Actually, they were Great Value Spaghetti Rings, which are a good bit cheaper than Chef Boyardee's brand. Michael enjoys using a spoon, but needs a little work in getting more into his mouth than on everything else.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Boy and His... Colander?

love that dimple!

I had gotten a colander down to rinse grapes, and Michael thought it would be a fun toy to play with. To our family-- please don't spend much on Christmas toys for Michael. He will be just fine with any used kitchen utensils or mundane household objects that you no longer need. :-) Oh, that is Jon's safari hat that Michael claimed as his own. It's actually quite cute on the little guy (and the big guy, too).

Katie Has A Boyfriend

He is a little short for her, but he sure makes up for it with muscles. I'm going to have to have a talk with her about snuggling too closely with him, though! :-)

Where is Mommy's Owie?

Michael was showing me where my "owie" was (in case I forgot, I guess). He is in the midst of saying "owie" here, and it is quite cute, as he manages to add an extra syllable to the word between the O and the W, and polished it off with a strong "EEEEEE". Speaking of funny things Michael says, the other day, Katie had a miniscule little crusty at the corner of her nose that I tossed aside, and Michael saw it. He then proceeded to pick his own nose for the next hour the whole while saying, "Booger- throw it!" over and over again. I'm not sure where he learned the word "Booger," as I don't remember ever using it, and had to tell Michael that we don't pick and throw our nose contents, even though Mommy had done so with Katie's tiny crusty. That boy sure keeps us laughing!

Superman Bandaid- The Best Medicine

Michael fell up the stairs (he has his mother's grace!), and ended up with a bloody nose. He took it like a man, and wanted a superman band-aid afterwards. It promptly came off when he decided his old finger "owie" would be better served than the bridge of his nose.

Reading with Daddy

Potty Training Update: Michael is doing very well, and is pretty good about keeping his underwear dry most of the time during the day. He still has occasional accidents, but in general is doing well holding it until potty time. What a big boy!!

A Coy Smile

Katie has been smiling more lately, but it is hard to catch her in the midst of one.

Progress on the House

This week, they poured the footers and formed the foundation walls.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Look Ma, No Hands

What a goofy boy! Here he is signing "finished."

On the Mend

Michael is doing MUCH better, and is almost completely over his respiratory illness. We will continue the nebulizer breathing treatments a few more days just to be sure. Unfortunately, he passed his bugs along to me and Katie. I'm so glad my boy is feeling better, and almost back to his energetic, boisterous self!

Sweet Sleeping Katie

Katie has a nasty respiratory infection and has been sleeping quite a bit. She is not eating well, and has lost a few ounces this week. She has such a tiny, sad, nasty cough, and it makes me want to just snuggle her all day long. Still, she is SUCH a good girl, and hardly ever cries. What a precious daughter! Get better soon, baby girl!

Soccer Player

We now have a "no throwing" rule, as Michael was hurling objects at high velocities around little Katie, so Michael has taken to kicking, which is okay by us. He runs around saying "kick, kick!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am home now recovering from the gallbladder surgery on Monday. The surgeon was able to do it through the scope, so only four 1" incisions on my belly instead of one big one. That will cut down on recovery time quite a bit, for which I am very grateful. A far as my gallbladder goes, it really needed to go. Not only was there a huge stone in there (what caused those two horrible attacks when I was expecting Katie), but it was inflamed (acute cholecystitis) and had a tunneling abscess that would have been big trouble had we waited much longer. What a relief to have it gone! Lots of rest today- the kids are feeling better and being good, and my husband is SO wonderfully helpful! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It's good to be home!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cookies Make Everything Better

We made chocolate chip cookies and peanut brittle yesterday to make our long, sick week a little happier, and Michael enjoyed licking the beater.

Sweet Sickly Michael

We have had a rough week here in the Blakemore household. Michael had a terrible reaction to his last DTaP shot and had fevers, fussiness, clinginess, irritability, and unable to sleep well. He has a cough on top of it all, and has had to suffer through his neb treatments 3-4 times per day. This happened to be his breathing treatment right before bed, and he conked out in my arms. Sweet little guy! Katie has a stuffy nose and slight cough now, and I am hoping she doesn't get any worse especially since I am having gallbladder surgery first thing tomorrow morning (Monday). I should be home by the afternoon, and am praying for a super-quick recovery and healthy kids! Thank the Lord for a wonderful husband who comes in right when I think I can't take it anymore and says "Why don't I watch the kids while you nap"!! What a man!

Katie Lets Her Hair Down

All sprawled out in a relaxing snooze! (I love this sweet blanket- thanks Nancy!!) Notice that Katie is getting too long for her 0-3 month clothes! We might be moving on up to the 3-6 month Tupperware bin soon!

Daddy , The Rescue Hero

Michael has been playing with his rescue heroes lately and calling them "Daddy." Now, if you have ever seen these men and their massive muscular proportions, you will know why my husband says, "Oh, Yeah!" and flexes his muscles when he hears that! :-)

Big Bed, Little Boy

Michael woke up early this morning and was crying. I think he just wanted a snuggle, as he is still not well, so I snuggled him with me for a few minutes in bed (Daddy had left for church). He promptly fell back asleep, so I just let him stay in our bed. He was so precious lying there in our big queen bed with his doggie that I didn't want to move him.