Thursday, January 31, 2008

Doing the Splits

Michael accidentally slipped with his socks on the tile and did the splits. He then spent the next half-hour trying to recreate it, to no avail. But he sure did have a grand time trying!

Open Mouth, Insert Hand

Katie is now an avid hand-chewer. She has little white tooth-outlined gums, and is drooling a lot! Teeth, perhaps?

Adventures at Chick-Fil-A

The 4 of us went to Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday for kid's night (which I thought was a free kids' meal, but really turned out to just be free ice cream) and because we had free coupons. We enjoyed our night out, and Michael had a great time running and playing with the other kids. This is him rehydrating after an intense play session.

I Wonder How This Thing Works...

Actually, there is a mirror under the swing that she is fascinated with. A little narcissistic- yes... but hey- a girl needs to check every now and then to be sure everything is in place.

Shoe Fetish

Michael still is in love with shoes, even, interesting pink plaid shoes of Aunt Mel's. Someone needs to tell him that they totally don't go with his outfit!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Funny Story

I'm having trouble getting my pictures from my camera, so in the meantime, I will share a funny story- We drink water or milk around here, because we are cheap and because it is healthy (okay, mostly because we are cheap!). But I also don't like to throw anything away, so after I empty a can of fruit, I save the juice and will add it to Michael's water as a special treat. On this particular day, I had made him "orange juice" by mixing water and some juice from a can of mandarin oranges. He took a big swig from his sippy cup, then held up his cup and looked inside. He got quite excited, looked up and me and in a VERY excited tone said, "FISH!!!!" I said, "Fish?" with a perplexed look, to which Michael said matter-of-factly, "Fish in Water." He though the little floating specks of mandarin oranges were tiny fish in his cup! Ha!! So I said "No, Michael, those are little pieces of oranges." And he said (thinking we were all in agreement), "Yeah, orange fish!" What a nut!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Katie Loves Her Mommy!

Katie is VERY attached to me, and watches me everywhere I go. If she hears my voice, she will do just about anything she can to look at me. I sat her down on the floor, and she scooted her little body back so she could lean her head WAY back to watch me play cars with Michael. Silly girl!

I Love Guitars!

Occasionally, I let Michael pick one toy to take with him when he goes down for his nap. On this particular day, he chose his toy guitar (which *sadly* has dead batteries). He fell asleep snuggling that precious guitar.
On another note, you will notice that Michael still sleeps with a paci. My general philosophy with kids is that earlier is easier, but yet I have not taken away his paci. He loves that thing when he goes to bed, and I have no desire to take it from him. As long as he doesn't take one when he goes to Kindergarten, I am okay with it!

Talking with Her Mouth Full

Katie tries to talk around her paci.

Summer and RJ Visit!

Summer, RJ, and their mom Karen came to visit today. Summer is exactly 3 months older than Michael, and RJ is 19 days older than Katie! What a nice time we had!

Michael- "I wonder is Summer is going to finish that cheese..."

RJ is either making a sly move on Katie or trying to push her out of his way.

Time For a Hair Cut!

THAT is some serious bed-head!

The Inevitable Progression




Trusses Being Installed

The Port-A-Potty adds a nice splash of color to the front yard, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bath Update

Katie now officially loves the bath, and has gotten over her intense hatred of them! It is nice to not have to do a super-fast scrub down while she screams bloody murder the whole time!

a discreetly placed washcloth :-)

a happy, happy girl!

What a Silly Boy!

I had just finished giving Katie a bath, and had drawn a bath for Michael. I called Michael to come get his bath, but he apparantly had found it all by himself! He had gotten in the bath all by himself, with shirt and t-shirt still on! Don't worry, though- he had enough forethought to remove his pants and underwear!!

Shopping Trip

A couple of friends from church (Heather, Rachael, Amanda, Lindsey & I) went to Potomac Mills Mall on Tuesday. The kids enjoyed it, and so did the adults. Unfortunately, I forgot to take more pictures, and Landon and Heather where in Old Navy shopping when I took the kid pics. We will have to do it again, so I can get some pictures of you guys!!

4 kids in carseats

This is Rachael and her little girl Ryleigh, who is 4 days older than Katie. Look at all that hair!

Katie catches some Zzzzzzzzzs

Mikaela is sacked out after a long day shopping

... but Michael stayed the course and kept ticking to the very end. He crashed the minute we hit the van, though. He never wants to miss ANY possible excitement.
When we went to The Children's Place, there was a very mean check-out lady who kept scowling at everyone, but Michael was determined that he would make her smile. He kept waving at her and saying "Hi...Hi...Hi..." until she finally broke down and smiled back at him. He is unrelenting in his mission to spread good cheer!

Our Cheap Version of a DVD Player

I've Got Him Eating Out of My Hands...

Mikaela shares her grilled cheese sandwich with Michael (notice it slightly missed Michael's hand and is suspended there in mid-air)

Michael was really not stealing her food- Mikaela was actually feeding Michael her leftovers. She must know how fond Blakemores are of leftovers!
(notice their unintentionally matching rugby sweaters)

Little Playmates

Mikaela checks out this strange little bald girl...

...and takes a little taste of Katie's toys while she is at it.
(Notice the unintentionally matching sweaters again! Now, I did match MY kids to each other-- a strange obsession of mine-- but Mikaela's sweater went right along with the striped theme. In fact, I might just go put on my striped sweater today, too! )

Jammies & Night-Night Hugs

Two little Blakemores in jammies

Michael tells his sister "Night-Night,"and she pats her brother's head (or is she pulling his hair...?)

Wearing Daddy's Hat

Michael's hat was MIA, so Jon stuck his hat on Michael. Michael was SO proud to wear daddy's hat! I'm a big fan of covering ears in the winter-time, so we always go out with flappy hats on our heads... everyone except me, that is.

The *Right* Way To Eat String Cheese

Michael saw Jon eating string cheese in strings and decided that was the only way it should be eaten.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

We got our first official snow fall this season, and it was a whopping 2 1/4 inches. The boys enjoyed playing in it, while Katie and I enjoyed watching them from inside the warm house!
Longing to play in the snow!

Uh mom... I got to go potty!

The official measurement- 2.25 inches

Snowman and Snowdog

Nice work, boys!

Jon and Michael did the assembly, and I accessorized!


Katie's First Snow

She was not impressed, especially with her big, fuzzy snow suit!

Caution: Men at Work

My two hard-working men shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.

Not Your Typical Snowball Fight

It was Michael & Jon vs the neighbor's pool. Jon did well getting a nice big splash, but Michael couldn't quite throw it far enough.

Then They Turned On Me!!!

Luckily, the glass storm door was between me and them!