Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shopping Trip

A couple of friends from church (Heather, Rachael, Amanda, Lindsey & I) went to Potomac Mills Mall on Tuesday. The kids enjoyed it, and so did the adults. Unfortunately, I forgot to take more pictures, and Landon and Heather where in Old Navy shopping when I took the kid pics. We will have to do it again, so I can get some pictures of you guys!!

4 kids in carseats

This is Rachael and her little girl Ryleigh, who is 4 days older than Katie. Look at all that hair!

Katie catches some Zzzzzzzzzs

Mikaela is sacked out after a long day shopping

... but Michael stayed the course and kept ticking to the very end. He crashed the minute we hit the van, though. He never wants to miss ANY possible excitement.
When we went to The Children's Place, there was a very mean check-out lady who kept scowling at everyone, but Michael was determined that he would make her smile. He kept waving at her and saying "Hi...Hi...Hi..." until she finally broke down and smiled back at him. He is unrelenting in his mission to spread good cheer!

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