Monday, February 25, 2008

Insulation & Arches

We going to be getting our house Earthcraft certified for energy efficiency. Jon's company is working on moving towards green building, as energy prices rise and the demand increases for more energy-efficient housing. We think this will help with resale value, but we will see. Above shows the foam insulation boards installed (we will also use blown cellulose). The shingles are now on, too, and the guys are working on putting up siding this week. BTW, our plan is to live here 2 years, sell, and build again. If we do that 4 or 5 times, we will hopefully be mortgage-free in 10 years or so (hopefully...!)

Dining room arch framing

Entry way arch framing

Jon has added some nice architectural touches to the house like arches and pillars. We are looking forward to completion (late April or early May). If any of you ever visit Fredericksburg, we love having company, and would love to have you stay with us!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa

Jon's parents are here for a visit this weekend, and we are having a lovely time relaxing with them. Michael wants to thank his cousin Nathan for the hats and toys that he sent with his grandparents!

First Food!

I slipped Katie a little applesauce the other day, and she LOVED it! I don't plan on starting her on foods yet (even though she is 4 months today), but I was curious to see what she would do. I really don't experiment on my kids for fun... at least not too often!


Paci-free and Care-Free

For those interested, Michael is doing just fine being paci-free. The first few days were rough, with very little napping, but now we are doing just fine. Once we decided it, there was no looking back for us, and we snipped off the ends of all Michael's pacis. He was not interested in them the least afterwards, and even though I offered him his paci, he said "no- paci broken."
On a more exciting note, we got our first set of x-rays today. Michael fell and hurt his leg and was unable to bear weight on it yesterday. He would try to walk and just collapse to the ground. Today he still had a nice limp, so I took him to the doctor and they had us get x-rays (which Michael was SO good for!) They said it was just a sprained knee, and the keep him off it for a few days. You think that has happened... not on your life!!

Pretty Katie Girl

Dressed up and ready for church

I know I make this expression, but it is kinda weird seeing it on someone else.

Our Very Own Wilbur

We rented Charlotte's Web from the library this week, and Michael has named his piggy bank... (can you guess...?) Wilbur!
Looks just like the real Wilbur, don't you think?

Going.... GONE!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Michael loves to do whatever Katie (or anyone else for that matter) is doing. He likes to copy just about everything he sees (whether those things be good or bad...!) It's really funny watching him at church when the teens play basketball. He tries so hard to replicate dribbling and shooting, and never fails to make me laugh.

Library Day

Tuesday is our library day, and Michael LOVES to go borrow library books and movies. Our library has themed bags filled with books so you can just grab one and go. Sometimes we do that, and have learned a lot about snow, trucks, counting, etc (to name a few). This week, we got a bug bag, and Michael is really enjoying them. Here is the run down for the week-
Bug books: Hurry & the Monarch, ANTics, I Love Bugs, Leo Cockroach, & The Very Quiet Cricket.
Non-bug books we got are One Fish, Two Fish and Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? We also rented Charlotte's Web, the animated version.
We are looking forward to a fun week of reading!

Playing with Mommy

Yes, that is my leg.
"Okay Mom, you be the parking garage..."

Silliness & Mischief

Previous to this picture, he had the bottom part between his teeth!

That is cream of wheat on the floor! After some "discussion" on why we do not throw our food, Michael sat down and listed his version of the household rules-
1. "No-no throw oatmeal" (he calls all hot cereal oatmeal)
2. "No-no put fruit snack in ears"
3. "No-no put peas in ears"
4. "No-no put peas in Katie's ears"
5. "No-no pee-pee on floor" (sometimes he has bad aim...)
6. "No-no put cheeseburger in dishwasher" (um... this must have been on daddy's watch!)
7. "Children, OBEY!" That last one he got right on! :-)

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

Katie has been trying to roll over, but gets stuck on her shoulder. Her cute little legs get kicking so hard trying to get that last little bit of the way! It makes her very frustrated (as you can see)!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank You, Jon!!

Thank you for my tulips, Jon! They are beautiful!!

Katie Tickle Bug

Katie has started these hilarious deep belly laughs when you tickle her! It is SO adorable!

A Lovely LOVE Day

We enjoyed our Valentine's Day very much, and had heart-shaped everything! I thought it would be a great time to teach Michael about love, and so we had a "Daddy Party" to show that love is "in deed and in truth."
We decorated Daddy's office door with hearts and a note. We got him his favorite chocolate- a box of Whoppers (yuck!), and made him a construction paper card.

Breakfast was pink eggs & cheese (a little red food coloring- do you like them, Sam I Am?) and heart toast. I didn't have strawberry syrup, or we would have had pink milk, too.

Lunch- Heart-shaped PB & J

Dinner- Heart meatloaf (I know- I went a little nuts with the heart cookie cutter!), corn, and rice. We were going to have pink mashed potatoes, but the potatoes went bad.

Dessert- heart cookies, and heart brownies.

In the evening, Mikaela came over while her mommy and daddy went on a romantic date, which was a good chance for Michael to practice being loving and preferring others better than ourselves. He got to share his toys and let Mikaela ride his Clifford doggy toy. After the kids went to bed, Jon and I watched a movie and enjoyed that we get to love each other 365 days (except this year, which will be 366) and not just on Valentine's Day!

Fun Dip!!

Remember Fun Dip, you children of the '80s? My secret sister got me some coffee (whole bean Jamaican- YUM!) & cookies, as well as Fun Dip for V-Day. Now who doesn't love eating straight sugar on a stick? I had the honors of introducing it to Michael, who thought it was great. He enjoyed seeing my green tongue, and was very excited to see his own green tongue in the mirror! It's so much fun having kids!!

Garbage Disposal Drama (again!)

I seem to be kinda rough on my garbage disposals. When Jon hears "um.... honey! I need you" coming from the kitchen, he knows I have done it again. My potatoes went bad and were kinda smelly, so I wanted to pulverize them. Last time this happened, I put whole potatoes down the disposal, and it broke. My husband kindly fixed it, and told me that I MUST cut them up before sending them down. So I did, and it broke again. This is what Jon pulled out of the sink bottom (with tongs, for you safety conscious folks).
Now, don't those look "cut" to you? I was informed that this does not count as "cut up," to which I say what's the point of a disposal if I am doing all the work for it?! Isn't the point of a tool to save you work?? Jon just informed me that we will be having a compost in the new house and no disposal! :-)

Katie Tries the Exersaucer

This is actually NOT Katie's first time in the exersaucer. The first time she was in it, Michael gave that spinny bead thing on it (look at about 9 o'clock directionally) a REALLY hard spin, and scared the poor little girl half to death. It took me a while to calm her down. Katie is a little sensitive- something I am learning to deal with.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.
1 John 3:18

Ick, Boys are GROSS!

Michael loves to hug and kiss his sister. She is quite patient in tolerating his sometimes not-so-gentle affection!

Operation Paci Freedom

Jon and I decided that it was time for Michael to give up his paci. He only takes it when he goes to bed, and it was not big deal for us until our Sunday morning incident. Michael decided as we were getting ready for church that he wanted his paci, and when I said "no," he promptly decided to attempt a temper tantrum. (I say "attempt" because fits are NOT acceptable, and we "intervene" immediately!) So we figured that if something as small as a paci could cause this kind of behavior, then it was time to break the bond. So I cut the tip off and gave it to Michael for his nap on Monday. He did NOT like that, and would not take his paci (my evil plan was working...). So we have been paci-free for a few days, but Michael is having a hard time settling down and falling asleep without it. This is Michael's favorite paci- the red one, which now is a finger ornament!

The first day, Michael stayed in his room for 4 hours trying to settle down for his paci-free nap. I guess he thought it would pass the time better to play with Katie's hair bows. He had all her elastic-y hair bows around his neck or on his legs. Currently he is lying in bed talking to himself. I guess he needs his mouth doing something, and if it isn't taking a paci, it will be chattering!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pink & Blue Footie Jammies

I love the big cheesy smile that Katie is showing here.

Early Valentine's Gift

I left for work at the hospital on Friday at 2:15pm and came home at midnight, and Jon surprised me with my early Valentine's Day gift. He worked hard the entire 10 hours (didn't even eat dinner) to have it all done before I got home. It was a wonderful surprise- MUCH more romantic than flowers or chocolate! I love you, Jon!
Crown molding on the cabinets

More crown (he also installed shoe molding at the bottom)

Fixed the shaky railings

Fixed the cheap dresser I got at a garage sale for the kids' room. This was not easy to do without putting screws through the front! Thanks for working extra hard to keep it pretty!

And finally, fixing the front door that I kicked in last year (February, to be exact) when I locked me and Michael out in the snow.
You are the most wonderful husband ever! Thank you!

House Update

The house is coming along pretty quickly. Jon and I sat down and designed the kitchen this week, and we are looking forward to starting on the inside soon. Next is siding on the outside, then plumbing, electrical, and HVAC on the inside.
Roof Paper

Preparation for shingles

Sunday Best

I always forget to take pictures of the kids in their cute church clothes, but this week I took my camera with me to church. So here is this Sunday's "Sunday best."