Sunday, February 10, 2008

Early Valentine's Gift

I left for work at the hospital on Friday at 2:15pm and came home at midnight, and Jon surprised me with my early Valentine's Day gift. He worked hard the entire 10 hours (didn't even eat dinner) to have it all done before I got home. It was a wonderful surprise- MUCH more romantic than flowers or chocolate! I love you, Jon!
Crown molding on the cabinets

More crown (he also installed shoe molding at the bottom)

Fixed the shaky railings

Fixed the cheap dresser I got at a garage sale for the kids' room. This was not easy to do without putting screws through the front! Thanks for working extra hard to keep it pretty!

And finally, fixing the front door that I kicked in last year (February, to be exact) when I locked me and Michael out in the snow.
You are the most wonderful husband ever! Thank you!

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Joe & Amanda Hornbrook said...

The crown moulding looks great!