Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Lovely LOVE Day

We enjoyed our Valentine's Day very much, and had heart-shaped everything! I thought it would be a great time to teach Michael about love, and so we had a "Daddy Party" to show that love is "in deed and in truth."
We decorated Daddy's office door with hearts and a note. We got him his favorite chocolate- a box of Whoppers (yuck!), and made him a construction paper card.

Breakfast was pink eggs & cheese (a little red food coloring- do you like them, Sam I Am?) and heart toast. I didn't have strawberry syrup, or we would have had pink milk, too.

Lunch- Heart-shaped PB & J

Dinner- Heart meatloaf (I know- I went a little nuts with the heart cookie cutter!), corn, and rice. We were going to have pink mashed potatoes, but the potatoes went bad.

Dessert- heart cookies, and heart brownies.

In the evening, Mikaela came over while her mommy and daddy went on a romantic date, which was a good chance for Michael to practice being loving and preferring others better than ourselves. He got to share his toys and let Mikaela ride his Clifford doggy toy. After the kids went to bed, Jon and I watched a movie and enjoyed that we get to love each other 365 days (except this year, which will be 366) and not just on Valentine's Day!

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