Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Silliness & Mischief

Previous to this picture, he had the bottom part between his teeth!

That is cream of wheat on the floor! After some "discussion" on why we do not throw our food, Michael sat down and listed his version of the household rules-
1. "No-no throw oatmeal" (he calls all hot cereal oatmeal)
2. "No-no put fruit snack in ears"
3. "No-no put peas in ears"
4. "No-no put peas in Katie's ears"
5. "No-no pee-pee on floor" (sometimes he has bad aim...)
6. "No-no put cheeseburger in dishwasher" (um... this must have been on daddy's watch!)
7. "Children, OBEY!" That last one he got right on! :-)


The Seekins said...

At least he knows the rules!!

Joe & Amanda Hornbrook said...

These made Joe and I laugh!