Monday, March 31, 2008

Fire Engine #9

We were passing by Wal-Mart on Saturday, and saw that they were having a fundraiser for the Spotsy Volunteer Fire Department. Since Michael is madly in love with fire engines, I decided to be late to our destination and see if we could get some close-ups.
When we arrived, the ladder was all the way up in the air! Michael told me he wanted to go "up in there, please" (the basket at the top). No way, buddy! It was SO high!

Michael and Katie checking out the fire engine.

One of the very nice firemen let Michael get in the fire engine and try on his fireman hat! Michael was in 7th heaven!

I Wonder Why Katie Finds This So Tasty...

Katie always chews on this blue toy, and Michael wanted to find out what all the hype was about.

Look how big my little boy is!

Fredericksburg Home & Garden Show

This past weekend was the Home & Garden Show at the Fredericksburg Expo Center, and my husband was hard at work manning the Rappahannock Building & Remodeling, INC booth, along with Mike, his business partner.
Not sure if Michael helped or hindered business. I told Jon that he should hold the baby if he wanted to draw people in.

Enjoying the tractor exhibit

Golf cart driver

Spiderman Juice

Michael was drinking bath water (sanitary, I know!) from his spiderman toy. He informed me that it was "Spiderman juice." When I asked him what Spiderman juice tasted like, he said "Chocolate milk!" Who knew?!

Outdoor Adventures

We have had some nice days lately, and went to the park one day last week for a picnic. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera that day! We have been enjoying our new, safer deck quite a bit, and both kids love to be outside. My dilemma is that I find that I am very unproductive when I am outside with the kids. I just keep thinking about all the things that I could be doing inside, but I really want my children to be "outside" kids. So I am finding things to do while outside, like folding laundry, for example. I did find that this is not the best chore to do outside when it is windy! ;-) I am working on plans for a vegetable garden at the new house, so that will give me some outside chores to do, as well as all the landscaping that will need to be done there, too. Until then, it will be folding laundry, meal planning, letter writing, and anything else that I find to be portable.

Happy Birthday, Pastor

Our Pastor turned 50 last week, and we had a big party at church to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Pastor Reid!

Who is enjoying this more...?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Yes, more bath pictures. But I thought she looked so happy as she enjoyed her bath time that I couldn't resist sharing!

"Talking" to Mommy (she's getting so big!)

HOORAY for the bath!!

Blowing raspberries.
This is one of Katie's newfound joys. She does the perfect "baby raspberry" noise, and it's just precious! Michael now thinks that raspberries are the best, and I hear him making his own not-so-sweet-and-babyish spitting sounds all the time. ;-)

The Porch Completed

I LOVE how the double columns turned out!!
Inside, drywall is going up now.

From on the front porch (the plywood is to protect the Trex decking until the house is completed.)

I SEE You!!!

So silly...

...and loving every minute of it!

Ol' Blue Eyes

I love how this color makes Michael's beautiful blue eyes stand out!

She's Catching Up

Okay, so Katie is still minuscule in comparison to her big brother, but it's fun to see her getting bigger and less fragile. They "play" together quite well, with Michael being a surprisingly gentle giant.
Showing Katie what a balloon is

This looks like he is being sweet and rubbing her head, but he is actually trying to force Katie's head down so they can both be lying down.

"Can you believe what I put up with?"

Not QUITE as big as my brother

Katie, the Sailor Girl

She does not, however, live in a garbage can!
(Besides, that wouldn't rhyme with "girl!")

Michael, on the other hand, would love to dive right on into a garbage can, just for the chance to explore the contents thereof!
Oh, and that is drywall going up in our house! Yeah!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Michael loves to mimic Katie, which means squealing, blowing raspberries, and all sorts of fun things. But he is also a great teacher, and takes advantage of the fact that she is a captive audience to teach her from his vast reservoirs of knowledge.
Copying Katie rolling onto her tummy

Showing how Katie plays with her feet

Practicing their swimming strokes

And I caught Michael teaching Katie some sign language. Michael has little stars on his shirt, and he would point to his star, say "staaaaaaaar!", then show her the sign for "star." It was so precious!

Bargain Shopping

I went to Kohls because I had a $10 off $10 coupon, so my goal (as always) was to get as much bang for my buck that I could! I also signed up for their emails and got $5.00 off next purchase. Here is what I ended up with (for which I am quite happy!):
3 Pairs Carters PJ for Michael (for next winter)
1 Osh Kosh football shirt for Michael
1 pair black tights for Katie
1 cute beige Argyle sweater for me
Total Price paid by me- $3.05

That is better than a garage sale (which I am anxiously awaiting to resume!!)

Happy Katie

Katie is a VERY happy, sweet, easy baby- I could have 10 if they were all like her!

Sad Katie

Katie is cutting a tooth and has been wanting Mommy. Poor little girl is still so sweet and good, even when she isn't feeling great!

I LOVE That Smile!

It is exciting and a little sad to see Michael growing up. His personality is really starting to show in his words, and he is such a joy to be around! On Easter morning, I was talking in the van on the way to church about the meaning of Easter- how Jesus came to Earth to pay for our sins and die on the cross. Then he rose from the grave on Easter morning. Michael listened intently as I explained what sin was, and how we all are sinners, and since Jesus was the only one born without sin, He was the only one who could pay to take our sins away. I waxed eloquent with my own version of Theology 101 for Children, and when I was finished, Michael paused and said "Jesus rose... (pause) Jesus fall down?" He thought that Jesus needed to get up because he fell. I guess that is why we are instructed to "teach them diligently"- just in case they don't get it the first couple times! ;-)


Katie was rolling and got her bib worked around to look like a cape. I guess she if off to save the day!

Where's Michael?!?!

Hmmmm... lots of toys, but no little boy. WHERE could be be?

GREAT hiding place, buddy!

Celebrating Easter With Friends

Since most of our families are out-of-town or out-of-state, we celebrated Easter with the Hornbrooks and the Haines' after church. It is wonderful to have good Christian friends to share our celebration of the Resurrection!
The Haines' were kind enough to have us over their house.

Both kids enjoying post-dinner drowiness

Joe, the turkey carver

Michael reads to Mikaela

Good Friends

Michael and Mikaela get along really well, and enjoy playing together (aka, finding mischief together). Mikaela is a sweet, sweet girl, not to mention a super-cutie and a top-notch dresser!