Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Michael loves to mimic Katie, which means squealing, blowing raspberries, and all sorts of fun things. But he is also a great teacher, and takes advantage of the fact that she is a captive audience to teach her from his vast reservoirs of knowledge.
Copying Katie rolling onto her tummy

Showing how Katie plays with her feet

Practicing their swimming strokes

And I caught Michael teaching Katie some sign language. Michael has little stars on his shirt, and he would point to his star, say "staaaaaaaar!", then show her the sign for "star." It was so precious!


M&M Perdue said...

That is the sweetest thing EVER! I love how he adores his little sister

Smallworldtraveler said...

They are so cute! Michael is such a good big brother to Katie.

The Seekins said...

I love the brother/sister pictures!! They are always so adorable together!