Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I LOVE That Smile!

It is exciting and a little sad to see Michael growing up. His personality is really starting to show in his words, and he is such a joy to be around! On Easter morning, I was talking in the van on the way to church about the meaning of Easter- how Jesus came to Earth to pay for our sins and die on the cross. Then he rose from the grave on Easter morning. Michael listened intently as I explained what sin was, and how we all are sinners, and since Jesus was the only one born without sin, He was the only one who could pay to take our sins away. I waxed eloquent with my own version of Theology 101 for Children, and when I was finished, Michael paused and said "Jesus rose... (pause) Jesus fall down?" He thought that Jesus needed to get up because he fell. I guess that is why we are instructed to "teach them diligently"- just in case they don't get it the first couple times! ;-)

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Smallworldtraveler said...

Isn't it amazing how time flies? Kids these days are so precocious!