Thursday, March 20, 2008

Michael's First Tea Party

My nieces Erica (5) and Olivia (3) had a joint birthday party on Saturday. My sister Meredith did a great job with the tea party theme, and even had fancy hats for the girls, cucumber sandwiches, and a varied assortment of teas (of course!) This was Michael's first tea party, but I'm guessing it won't be his last- he is the only boy amongst all his Brown cousins.
Showing his sensitive side and wearing Olivia's hat. He is also doing his best American Idol impression (yes, we are fans. You should see Michael do his American Idol dance!)

Olivia "sipping" tea (which I think is really juice)

That crazy pink hat. Erica twirls in the background in her lovely yellow dress

This is the cake that Katie Sabedra made. My mom used to babysit Katie and her brother Josh until Katie was in middle school, so they were practically like siblings. Katie is 16 now, and makes these lovely cakes after taking just one class! It was so yummy, too- chocolate cake with pudding in the center!

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