Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spices, Bread, & Jell-O

In preparation for our upcoming move, I have been going room by room and cleaning, organizing, minimizing, and trying to make the overall process less painful when the time comes. This has been on my to-do list for a while- to scrub inside my cabinets and alphabetize my spices. You can see that (2 months before we move!) I got them nice and organized- Allspice, Basil, Cream of tarter...
So in this quest to be the queen of organization (I'm one of those weird-Os who enjoys cleaning and organizing), I found that my cabinets are quite deep. See that the Lazy Susan is round, but the cabinet is a funny shape with many corners? Well, that is my black hole of Jell-O. I kept buying Jell-O for Michael to have jiggles and for a fun snack, but then I couldn't find them, so I would buy more. Yes, folks, that is 17 packs of Jell-O. And apparantly, the other side is the pudding black hole- for deep within it's confines I found 13 packs of pudding. We are cleaning out our pantry for the move, and will be eating a lot of pudding and Jell-O over the next few weeks!
This bread maker (a fabulous find from FREEcycle, normal price $75.00!) has been my latest fun kitchen obsession. I have tried honey wheat bread, oat bread, and Rosemary Herb bread this week, and we are LOVING it (and it is so much better for you than processed bread)!

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Kenny, Heather & Landon said...

Someone gave us the exact same breadmaker. I'll have to get some of your recipes!