Thursday, March 06, 2008

This Is Where I Left Her....

...and THIS is where I found her! I was gone about 30 seconds to get something from the bedroom, and Katie worked her way to a sitting position and flopped over onto her tummy. She doesn't roll over yet, but this sure goes in the baby books (just not sure under what...!)
Today, we went for Katie's 4 month well-baby visit. The doctor said she is just perfect (which we already knew!), and is growing just fine. She was 15lbs 2oz (65th percentile), 26in long (>90th percentile), and 40cm head circumference (15th percentile). So, we are tall with a tiny little head. I'm sure her head will grow into her body, and I will be happy because then she can wear cute hats!
On a less happy note, I had the doctor peek in Michael's ears since he has been whiny and rotten this week, and sure enough, he has 2 really bad ear infections. He's on antibiotics and lots of Tylenol, so hopefully with be back to his old cheerful self soon.

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