Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Rarely Quiet in the Blakemore Household!

And we LOVE it that way!

2-Year-Old Testimony

We were in Home Depot this week (which Michael called Wal-mart-- I guess it is kind of like Wal-Mart for men!) to pick out appliances for our new house. While Jon was talking with the salesman, I was looking around and trying to decide on our selections. My little boy decided that it would be the perfect time to sing The B-I-B-L-E at the top of his lungs. I was a little embarrassed at first, as he was so loud, then I thought about how unashamed he was of his Bible song, and I couldn't help but smile and think of how we adult Christians are often too shy to let people know that we are different. What a blessing and challenge to see that simple, child-like sincerity that isn't afraid of what others might think.

Little Bookworms

Michael reads to Katie, his captive audience. Thanks, Aunt Pat, for this fun book!

The Truck Book

Michael adores his truck book and his car book (appropriately called "The Truck Book" and "Cars, Cars, Cars"), which were given to Michael by Aunt Debbie. He asks to read his car book before nap time every day, and he can often be found reading and explaining his truck book to his sister. In this picture, Michael catches a quick read in the rocking chair before bed while Katie gets her bath.

A Mid-Bath Snack

Big toe smiles
Katie is madly in love with her feet. You can often find her chewing her toes, licking her soles, or (most exciting of all!) eating the shoes that are on her feet. It's fun to watch, and she enjoys it thoroughly!

Patchwork Kiddos

I found this shirt for Michael at a garage sale, and it coordinates with Katie's little patchwork hat and skirt. I was able to get him some really adorable Gymboree summer clothes for pretty cheap, so we will put away the 2T clothes this week and officially graduate to 3T clothes.


Discovering a furry little caterpillar

Watching those ignorant ants take the bait

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Baby Girl!

Today, my sweet girl is 6 months old! The time sure flies, doesn't it!? You have brought such joy to our home with your joyful smile and happy personality, sweet Katie! We are so glad that God brought you into our family!

The Loves of My Life

Chubby Thighs

I love chubby baby legs! I had to raise the exersaucer up to the next height level last week. Babies grow TOO fast!

The Resumption of Blanket Time

We have resumed Blanket Time (Original Blanket Time Post) in an attempt to teach/train Michael to sit and be quiet for church. It is very hard for him to sit still and remain silent (it is difficult enough for us adults, much less a 2 year old boy!!), so we practice at home. Michael is doing very well, and we are trying to work up to being still and silent for the song service or slide presentations soon.

Our Earth-Friendly Family

This photo was taken from today's Earth Day article in the Life section of our local newspaper, The Free Lance Star. The paper did an article on what Fredericksburg area residents are doing to conserve resources and be kind to the earth. (Lest you think we are "green" hippies, know that most of what we do to conserve is mainly because it is kinder to our wallets, not necessarily the earth!) I submitted an email about our new house, which is EarthCraft certified for energy efficiency. Friday, a photographer came out and photographed my handsome husband working on the house, and today, Earth Day, the article ran with my husband's photo at the top.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Move-In Day Draws Closer...

Our faithful contractor (my husband) still projects 4-6 weeks until final inspection and move-in, and we are quite excited. We are currently looking for a renter for our current house.
The exterior is mostly completed, minus sod in the yard and driveway paving.

Built-ins in the living room (for books and media equipment). Jon designed these, and they will have trim & an arch at the top to match the rest in the house.

Columns in the Dining Room. Painting should commence this week!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Skill & A New Friend

Michael learned to scale the chain link fence this week! He got pretty much to the top, but I intervened, as I didn't want to end up in the ER after his abrupt landing on the other side. He was trying to go see his new favorite friend, Stephanie, who owns all the cool toys on the other side of the fence. Stephanie is 5 and LOVED having a little pupil to teach!Almost there...

Working towards the top...!

"Stess-anie" (as Michael calls her) extensively expanded Michael's knowledge of sandbox play. He has been enlightened to a whole new world of messy, gritty fun! Since then, I can not keep my floors clean inside. I keep finding sand in every crevice of the dining room and kitchen, no matter how often I sweep and mop!

Tennis, Anyone?

I didn't get a full picture of this dress, but it is just darling! It is a polo tennis-style dress with pleated attached skirt, and Katie, as always, looked adorable in it!

In Love With Butter

Michael, like his cousin Nathan, LOVES butter! He would eat it out of the tub if I let him. At least it is Brummel & Brown yogurt butter, so it is better for him than regular (and tastier, too, right Cynetta-- she's a convert!) He likes it on just about everything, and prefers it over jelly on PB&J (I guess that makes it a PB&B)! He takes his sandwich apart, licks all the butter and peanut butter off with his fingers, then eats each piece of bread individually.

Where's Waldo?

Hide & Seek with Michael is fun! He loves to hide under Katie's mat- I just have to be sure that he doesn't try it while she is ON her mat! (Notice the little piggies sticking out!)
Can you find Daddy? He's such a great hider!

Happy Baby Photo Shoot

What a ham!

Katie can roll from her back to her tummy, but not the other way around. I think that is backwards for babies, as it is easier to go from front to back. I guess "they" (who say everything) aren't always right.

Little Builder

Jon's future apprentice?
He stacked these blocks all by himself

He was sad when they fell.
He said to the blocks afterwards "Be careful, Blocks!"


Michael swiped Katie's bow off her head and was sporting it around the house. Come on, Buddy- at least get one that matches your outfit!

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Katie is in love with her feet, which is quite adorable. And why not- they are flexible, clean, portable, and always ready to play. It might not be cute in 14 years or so, but it's adorable now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Blue-Eyed Babies

Shop 'Til You Drop

We had our annual stag teen activities last weekend, and had a BLAST! The boys went "camping" (I put it in quotes because they camped in the church gym because of potential rain) and then they went paintballing, and us girls has a sleepover then a shopping activity. "Shop 'Til You Drop" is a fun shopping adventure where each team is given $25 and has to put together a themed outfit from a set list of stores. Some were normal (Target, Kohls) and some were NOT normal (PetSmart, AutoZone, etc) We had a fun time with the girls, and us old girls (me, Nancy B & Brandy) stayed up much too late- later than the young girls- and had lots of fun (and food!)
We had 11 girls, but 2 had a soccer game and had to leave.

My amusing and enjoyable team- Sam, Tina, & Tori

PetSmart- we don't have pets so this might not be novel to anyone else, but I noticed they have these convenient "receptacles" for taking care of your animals business. I think they should have these in neighborhoods so people clean up after their stinkin' animals (one of my pet peeves- pun intended)!

Tractor Supply Store- Doesn't this man just fit in perfectly at the Tractor Supply? Suspenders & John Deere hat- perfect!

Chains make me happy...

The Batman team

Kristina as Batman- very original!

Model sisters- On the left, Julia was the Puppy Power Princess (2 points for alliteration!) They had a dog-themed outfit and a homemade duct tape belt/leash. On the right was my teams ever-clever Goth girl, which they named her Lillith Blackstone Appleonia. I must say that our team was the only one with 100% purchased outfit, even down to the fishnet hose, clunky boots, bolt necklace and studded hat. We wanted a studded dog collar, but it was not within our budget.
What a fun time we had!

Spring is COMING!

I love low-maintenance flowers!

And if you look closely, you can see why Michael has been in golf ball heaven lately. Someone near our house is a golfer, and we find balls in our yard all the time, which we claim as our own (hey, if we have to keep the trash they throw in our yard, then we definitely get to keep the good stuff, too!)

Good Friends and Good Food

Michael got to play at the park with his friend Landon, then we went to Landon's house and had some good food (including the MOST AMAZING strawberry pie, which Landon's mom made) and great fellowship.
Michael is such a lug, being near the top of the growth charts for his age, which is good in some ways but bad in others. You can see from this picture that Landon is the one thinking up the great plans, and Michael is just the brawn! ;-)

Do all men like to drive?

And Katie was content to just soak up the sunshine. We will need to work on her modesty, as one of her favorite things is to pull her skirt up. ;-)