Saturday, April 05, 2008

Coloring Like Daddy

Michael loves to color (Notice he still is primarily using that left hand. He throws almost exclusively left-handed, too.)

Jon often tucks a pencil behind his ear, and I saw Michael trying to get his crayon to stay behind his ear. Isn't it funny what they pick up on? I guess kids are a lot more observant than we think sometimes!


M&M Perdue said...

How cute, he wants to be just like his daddy! On another note, I am glad he is a lefty, you know that always helps in sports!

Sherry said...

Hey Karen!!!
You can't beat a good ole fashioned leftie! When he gets older, I can show him some tricks on how to get the ink off his hand after having smeared it across a whole page of writing! I'm a good friend like that! :)