Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Friends and Good Food

Michael got to play at the park with his friend Landon, then we went to Landon's house and had some good food (including the MOST AMAZING strawberry pie, which Landon's mom made) and great fellowship.
Michael is such a lug, being near the top of the growth charts for his age, which is good in some ways but bad in others. You can see from this picture that Landon is the one thinking up the great plans, and Michael is just the brawn! ;-)

Do all men like to drive?

And Katie was content to just soak up the sunshine. We will need to work on her modesty, as one of her favorite things is to pull her skirt up. ;-)

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Kenny, Heather, Landon & Baby said...

Love the pic of Jon & Michael "driving" and seriously, you need to work on the modesty issues in your house. Quite frankly, I was disturbed for Landon to be around such a mini skirt on a female! At least it was a cute outfit! :)