Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Earth-Friendly Family

This photo was taken from today's Earth Day article in the Life section of our local newspaper, The Free Lance Star. The paper did an article on what Fredericksburg area residents are doing to conserve resources and be kind to the earth. (Lest you think we are "green" hippies, know that most of what we do to conserve is mainly because it is kinder to our wallets, not necessarily the earth!) I submitted an email about our new house, which is EarthCraft certified for energy efficiency. Friday, a photographer came out and photographed my handsome husband working on the house, and today, Earth Day, the article ran with my husband's photo at the top.

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B Scantlin said...

Okay so we leave town for a few days and you guys are famous now...will you still have dinner with us someday? Miss you! Scantlin's