Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shop 'Til You Drop

We had our annual stag teen activities last weekend, and had a BLAST! The boys went "camping" (I put it in quotes because they camped in the church gym because of potential rain) and then they went paintballing, and us girls has a sleepover then a shopping activity. "Shop 'Til You Drop" is a fun shopping adventure where each team is given $25 and has to put together a themed outfit from a set list of stores. Some were normal (Target, Kohls) and some were NOT normal (PetSmart, AutoZone, etc) We had a fun time with the girls, and us old girls (me, Nancy B & Brandy) stayed up much too late- later than the young girls- and had lots of fun (and food!)
We had 11 girls, but 2 had a soccer game and had to leave.

My amusing and enjoyable team- Sam, Tina, & Tori

PetSmart- we don't have pets so this might not be novel to anyone else, but I noticed they have these convenient "receptacles" for taking care of your animals business. I think they should have these in neighborhoods so people clean up after their stinkin' animals (one of my pet peeves- pun intended)!

Tractor Supply Store- Doesn't this man just fit in perfectly at the Tractor Supply? Suspenders & John Deere hat- perfect!

Chains make me happy...

The Batman team

Kristina as Batman- very original!

Model sisters- On the left, Julia was the Puppy Power Princess (2 points for alliteration!) They had a dog-themed outfit and a homemade duct tape belt/leash. On the right was my teams ever-clever Goth girl, which they named her Lillith Blackstone Appleonia. I must say that our team was the only one with 100% purchased outfit, even down to the fishnet hose, clunky boots, bolt necklace and studded hat. We wanted a studded dog collar, but it was not within our budget.
What a fun time we had!


Kenny, Heather, Landon & Baby said...

I was REALLY hoping the adults would have been the models this year! I think that would have made the outfits that much more interesting! Come on, Karen, you know you're goth deep down inside! :)

Smallworldtraveler said...

That is such a creative idea on how to teach them to bargain hunt and find things in unexpected places. Hmmmm I can see the Bible lesson already! =) So is there a time frame on the game for how long you can be gone?