Friday, May 30, 2008

Full Time Play-er

All my life, I underestimated how much energy little boys have! This little ball of fire would run from morning until night, and then some! This is a little bit of calm, quiet inside play before nap time (which Michael is trying hard to give up! I refuse to let that happen yet...!)

Anyone Want a Piano?!

We appreciate the generosity of Michael's Aunt Debbie in donating this piano... HOWEVER, if I could remove the 'Demo' button and keep the volume from being continuously on 'Blast' mode, I could tolerate it a lot better! Michael loves music, though, so I occasionally suffer through the noise!

More Story Time

Katie is a captive audience, and couldn't leave even if she wanted to. Quite convenient for Michael, as he loves to keep her entertained!

Bubbly Fun

Here we are enjoying outside bubbles. We can only do it for a few minutes because Michael ends up getting frustrated because he can't "hold 'da bubbles," since they disappear when he grabs them.

He usually tries to put his lips right on the bubble wand, which is pretty nasty. At least he has a clean mouth!


Katie loves her play mat, and she rolls all over playing with each zoo animal and tasting each one individually.
Mmmmmm... frog legs!

Lunch Time

Michael loves PB&J sandwiches, almost as much as he like PB&B sandwiches (butter). He still make a huge mess when he eats- is that just a boy or just MY boy? It's like he needs a power washing at the end of each meal!

Little Baby Foot

Katie little foot was sticking out of her bassinet. Maybe it is time for her to head to the crib!

Chick-Fil-A Sauce

For those of you to whom we keep raving about Fredericksburg's own amazing Chick-Fil-A"special sauce," you will soon be able to experience it's amazingness and ultimate deliciousness no matter which Chick-Fil-A you choose. The sauce will soon be national, and known as "Chick-Fil-A Sauce." And it all started here in our mall...
HERE'S the story.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

To all our service men and women, we pray that God will keep you safe, and we thank you for the sacrifices that you and your families make to keep us free!

We had a nice time at the Hornbrooks house with them and the Haines'. Good food and good friends make for an enjoyable holiday! We played the Wii (SO much fun- especially since I beat everyone at bowling!), grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and enjoyed some time outside.

Michael got this new bike, thanks to a garage sale on Saturday. Price = $2.00

2 friends sharing goldfish

Southern Belle and Little Gentleman

My husband just realized that 3/4 of his family was born in Virginia (gasp! the SOUTH!) and has been coming to the realization that he might just like southerners!

Daddy's Girl

She sure loves her dad!

Kids Say the Cutest Things

Michael put the curtain on his head and said to me "I look like Jesus." Sure enough, in all the pictures in our Bible stories, Jesus always has some kind of material on his head. I got to thinking that we really probably had a wrong mental image of Jesus physically, as he hwas a Jew and in the middle east. I guess if we have the right view of Jesus as God, and all the things that He is to us, then the physical is not really that important, but it was so cute to hear Michael thinking about Jesus when he was playing.

Another time as Jon was preparing to take out the trash, Michael snagged the bag and said again that he looked like Jesus. Just so you know, this is neither his normal outfit, nor his normal toy. He was just about to go to bed for the night, in which his latest PJs have been night-night diaper and t-shirt. We are determined not to turn the AC on before we move!

Big Brother, Little Sister


Want to switch hats?

This is SO funny!

That's more like it! A hat that matches the outfit!

Outdoor Adventures

Look at that dirty face!

Hercules, the landsacaper!

Michael's rock, grass, and poison ivy collection.
On a great note, I think Michael is immune to poison ivy. He has played in it numerous time (how can I prevent it, since our back yard is a poison ivy farm!), and Jon and I have both gotten it from pickup up Michael and the oil being on his clothes, but none for Michael. Lucky boy, Michael! YOU will be doing all the mowing and trimming when you are old enough!

We LOVE To Climb

Michael's new favorite activity is climbing anything and everything he can think of. One thing I did not get a picture of (for obvious reasons) is him climbing on top of his deck toy and trying to climb over the side of the deck down to the ground. I intervened quite quickly on that one!

A Surprise For Johnny

Many of you know Johnny, one of our teens from the youth group. He is such a fun guy- a great personality and a challenging testimony for Christ. He has been battling leukemia for over a year, and is now headed into year 2. We decided to take our youth group to him, as he has low blood counts and can't go out much. We made him the biggest get well card we could imagine and enjoyed spending some time with Johnny and his family! We pray for you often, Johnny, and can't wait to have you back in youth group in a regular basis!
A surprised Johnny, as Pastor Mike gives Johnny his monster card

Yes, those are doors with hinges.

This cracked me up! All the teens pulled out their camera phones to get a picture of the card. I had to get a picture of their picture taking, as it is so stereotypical. I'm sure they are texting each other while snapping their pics!

What's a party without cake and ice cream? (and skateboarding and basketball?)

The group with Johnny and his family

Mr Perfectionist

Michael was lining up his cars and took a few out of the line. When he saw me with the camera, he said "no, Mom!" and promptly put them back in line and then exited the premises so I could capture his masterpiece. I guess he has a little of my mild OCD... poor guy!
Picking a few out from the line-up

Putting them back in order and saying, "No, Mom" here

Hi cute little foot just inside the frame. He wanted me to capture it in it's perfection.

A Big Girl!

Katie is doing a good job holding her cup. I'm sure it's a girl thing, but she is much better at grabbing and holding things than Michael ever was!

Excuse the breakfast on the seat. Katie (like her mom) is a messy eater and used her seat as a napkin!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flooring and Cabinetry

~2 weeks or so until our house should be ready for us to move. It is fun to start to see stuff that we picked out take shape, and it really is turning out like I had hoped. Here are the latest pics:
LR hardwood

Entryway hardwood

DR hardwood

Setting the cabinets (crown molding to follow) and installing the appliances (that is protection paper on the outside- they are not really blue)

Cabinets and computer desk

The future island
They measured for the counter tops today, and those should go in next week.

Silly Baby Laughs

Sorry for the video quality, but I think the audio makes up for it. This makes me giggle every time I play it!

If you are wondering, this is mommy's famous "rib munch," which has the same gleeful response when I do it to Michael, too!

(Slight) Success!

Thanks to the suggestion of my wonderful friend Cynetta, I tried feeding Katie sweet potatoes, and they were a hit! She liked them a lot, and was lunging her mouth towards the spoon to snatch another bite! She is still learning to eat, and is quite messy (or is that the one feeding her...?), but hopefully will soon realize that eating is a great thing!These things are GREAT!


This is when I slipped a bite of rice cereal in between sweet potato bites

...and she has had enough for now!
But we are making progress! Hooray!

Both kids snack on biter biscuits. I stepped away for a minute and realized that Katie's biscuit was gone. After a little investigation, Michael looked at me, smiled, and confessed, "I eat Katie's cookie!"