Monday, May 12, 2008

Stethoscope Check-Up

I was at the hospital last week working, and I kept listening to my patients during my assessments with my stethoscope and was hearing very distant sounds for heart, lungs, and intestinal sounds. I thought perhaps my patients (who were both quite critical) were just clinically distant until I noticed that my Littman tubing had a crack almost all the way through in two different places! For my nurse friends, you will know how sad I was to have to pay for another Littman until I realized that this stethoscope has served me well for probably 10 years! Now Michael has inherited it as a toy (with a few bandaids to keep it together), and I will just have to invest in another 10-year Littman!

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Joel and Christine said...

I just had to buy a new one as well... Cracked straight down the middle... I had mine for 10 years as well... It was all that time keeping it around my neck (which I do not do anymore and luckly it has not been stolen:) This time put around it a bit of cotten mesh that we cut and slide over our peds patients iv's and under BP cuffs. Hope that will work better and I can replaceit often!