Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tickle, Tickle

This picture makes me laugh just looking at it. Michael (who is often not-so-gentle) is giving super-hard tickles to Katie's tummy. She is belly-laughing SO hard, and Michael is saying in a high-pitched Mommy-like tone "tickle, tickle, tickle!" Both my kids are super-ticklish, and that makes for great belly-laugh-inducing fun on my part!

Fuzzy Hair

You can kind of see in the shadows that Katie is starting to grow some fuzz on her head. It is coming in thick and coarse, just like Jon's hair and just like Michael's hair. Sorry, baby girl! At least it will hold bows (when you get enough hair to stick them to)!

Hours of Entertainment

This ball was the best $2.39 I have spent in a long time. Now that we have a playroom, it keeps Michael entertained for quite some time!

Katie rolls/scoots around in the playroom. She did have a play mat under her, but she rolled off it, and Michael confiscated it and relocated it to the other side of the room.

A Snack and A Show

Michael is fascinated with the washing machine. He loves laundry day (Mondays and Thursdays) and decided he would take his snack over and watch the laundry turn as he ate it. We believe in cheap entertainment, and this is pretty stinkin' cheap!

Good Morning, Sunshine

Katie wakes up happy from her nap. Michael always greets her with a very perky "Good Morning, Katie!" regardless of the time of day she wakes up. I guess I do that in the morning when they wake up, and he copies it. It's pretty cute when Michael does it!

My Little Helper

And you thought I was OCD! My son loves to clean. In fact, I can not clean without him helping me. He saw a loose scotch brite sponge lying around, and thought that the mudroom floor could use a little scrubbing. He also loves to wash his hands, especially after he eats.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

House Pics

The new sod and mulch

Paved driveway

This is our raised septic system. Not too lovely, as it looks like a few Rubbermaid containers in the back yard, but oh well.

Backyard sod and mulch

Living Room set up (without blinds or a rug yet)

Kitchen (still needing bar stools)

Work island! I LOVE this island! It has a cooktop stove, and tons of work space. I do most of my prep here. It's nice to be able to be in the kitchen and still watch TV or be part of the living room or dining room conversations with such an open floor plan.

Can You Find the Silly Object In This Picture?

Hint: It's really cute and silly.
Yes, that is Samantha Brown in Passport to Europe! We got free cable TV for 3 months with our cable internet hookup, and I am really enjoying watching HGTV, Travel Channel, and The Food Network.
(PS Check out the bottom right cubby)

SNAC Night

We hosted the youth group SNAC night (Sunday Night After Church) tonight, and had TONS of fun! We had 23 total, including us, which was perfect for some fun, loud group games. We really enjoy the youth group, and were glad to be able to use our new house for ministry already!

A fierce game of Jenga!

Michael tries his hand at the Wii (which we borrowed form the van Hovens. Thanks guys!! We all really enjoyed it!) Michael really enjoyed having the "boys and gwirls" over.

A super fun and competitive game of Pictionary. We girls prevailed in quadruple overtime. despite a valiant effort from the guys!

Food! We had tacos, queso dip, chips, and cookies. Anyone want to come over tomorrow and clean up leftovers with us?

Don't Go, Aunt Mel!!

My sister Melanie is abandoning us on the east coast to head to California. We decided the have a farewell lunch on Saturday to one of Mel's favorite places, Chipotle. This was my first time to go (gasp! I know all you Chipotle lovers out there are inhaling deeply with great shock and dismay!), and I got the chicken burrito. It was quite yummy, and I really enjoyed the free coupon that I had!
We'll miss you, Mel!! (Set up a blog, sister! I'm waiting!!)

Katie has a snack while we eat girlie burritos (as Jon calls them)

After lunch, we went to super Target, another one of our favorite places! They were having "Free Sample Day," and we got lots of great stuff. One of the best, though, was a free pint of ice cream each as we left the store. I got a AMAZING Expresso Chip pint, and Mel got a Caramel Pretzel Swirl. We love Target!

Little Scooter

Katie scooted and rolled until she ended up under Michael's bed. Michael saw it and brought her some toys over there.

Michael thought that he would join Katie under the bed.

WHO Invented Stainless Steel?!

Jon really wanted stainless steel appliances for our new house, as he thought they would really make the kitchen more sell-able. I have decided that whoever invented them had no kids, nieces or nephews, grandchildren, or pets. The fingerprints are TERRIBLE, and I find myself cleaning them all the time!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

First House Guest

Mikaela was officially our first house guest here at the new house. She stayed here 5 days while her mom went to a wedding in New York. Michael enjoyed the company, and I got to practice doing little girls hair (see picture below- I was so proud!). After she left, Michael kept asking where Mikaela went. It think he was hoping she was here to stay.

Bug inspectors.

Moving Day(s)!

We started moving our stuff on last Wed, and used Mike's company truck and trailer. It took quite a few loads across town, and I think all our stuff is here at the new house now (9 days later...). Our renters come tomorrow (Saturday) from California, so I spent the last few mornings getting things cleaned and ready at the old house. We are working on getting settled here in the new house, and are actually having the youth group over this Sunday evening for SNAC night (Sunday Evening After Church- everything with youth group always require an acronym. It's an unwritten rule of ministry!) We have been quite busy (as you can tell from my lack of blogging), but are quite happy to be move and almost settled.Thanks to so many great friends who helped us move, unpack, clean, etc! Dustin and Lindsey Reid, Joe & Amanda Hornbrook, Seth and Mallory Haines, Jerry and Brandy Scantlin, Mary Bowman, TJ Bowman, Ashley Gaines, to name a few. We are SO thankful for your help and your friendship!
The exodus of our stuff!

Bare walls.

Oops- that shouldn't be packed!

Sod: Instant Gratification!

The county of Stafford requires sod for erosion control. I can't say that I am sad to have to comply, as I am not a good gardener, and am not so fond of the seed and straw look. The sod looks really nice, and we have been blessed with almost daily thunderstorms to water it "au natural." I will post a picture of the front of the house soon, to show how nice it looks.
Los Mexicanes laying the sod. No hablan Ingles (if you were wondering).

Michael enjoys lunch and a show. He had a wonderful time watching the landscapers.

A Growing Girl

It seems like in the past few weeks Katie has really grown and developed a lot. She eats baby food now (though it has to be completely pureed. If there are any chunks at all, she makes herself puke!), she is on the verge of crawling, and is doing well sitting. She says "dada" (though she calls both Jon and I "dada"), and giggles a lot at her silly brother (and silly mommy!) She is almost 8 months old already! Where does the time go?!

She enjoys mealtime now, and likes the view from the high chair.

This is Katie enjoying the hard end of the spoon. Her first tooth is almost though, and it has really been bugging her. She has only wanted her mom, and has a hard time sleeping. Hope it comes soon and give you some relief, little one!

This has been her favorite way to take her paci lately. I guess it feels good on her sore gums.

First Sunday in the New House

Michael and Mikaela eating breakfast before church.

Katie in her purple dress.

Great Hiding Places

One of the great things about a new house is the discovery of fun new hiding places. Michael is an expert at fitting into small spaces, and found this great little nook in the half bath to hide in.
Poor Michael is actually having a little bit if a hard time adjusting to our new house. He keeps asking if we can take all our stuff back to our old house, and often asks to go home. I know he will get used to this house, and he is greatly enjoying his new playroom, but it's kinda sad to hear him missing the only home he has ever known in his 2 1/2 yrs.

On Your Mark, Get Set...


Katie is so close to crawling. She loves to rock back and forth, and can actually scoot backwards, but has not quite figured out the one knee in front of the other form yet.

Pretty Boy

With Katie and Mikaela around, Michael felt left out in the hair accessory area. He asked me one day to put this bow in his hair. I was sure to let Daddy see before it came out. I'm not the least bit concerned that my son will turn feminine. He is 100% boy, to the core!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Father's Day, From Katie

Latest Garage Sale Find

I found this awesome Little Tykes Tool Bench at a garage sale this week. Michael has a play tool set, and this just completes it. Retail for this is $70, and I got it for only $5!! Needless to say, Michael LOVES it. It will be perfect for the new playroom! I love garage sales!