Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas in July

Sleeveless shirt and Santa hat. Classic.
On a side note, Michael is battling yet another ear infection. He had been acting clingy and sad, and I wanted to take him in just in case, since we will be flying to our amazing Caribbean vacation destination on Saturday (more info to come!!!) So we are on another antibiotic for that same right ear, and we hope it is gone by Saturday. Stay tuned for news of our upcoming Blakemore Beach Bash 2008!

Favorite Time- When DADDY Comes Home!

I have the most wonderful husband!

And the best kids!

A Whole New Culinary World

After much work on both our parts, Katie is finally starting to eat some solids. Here she is eating one of her new favorite foods- sweet potato puffies.

I love that you can see her two tiny teeth in this picture.

Exploring Our New Neighborhood

We have been trying to get out for walks in the evenings after it cools off a bit, and it has been nice enjoying and exploring our new neighborhood.
This looks like I am way behind the boys, but actually, I am turned around from WAY ahead of them while I wait for them to catch up to me and Katie. Michael kept getting distracted by bugs and such that he had trouble keeping up.

One of the aforementioned bugs that Michael discovered. It was HUGE!

Michael wonders what Katie is so happy about.

Care For A Spot of Tea?

Michael found a wrapped apple-spice tea bag that had fallen on the pantry floor, and brought it to me, asking in curious wonder, "Mommy, what is this?!"
So we had tea time:We put the tea bag in hot water

And watched it turn into tea.
Afterwards, I put it in Michael's sippy cup and he enjoyed his first cup of warm tea.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 9 Months, Sweet Kate!

Our precious Kate turned 9 months yesterday! Where does the time go?! For the occasion, I was able to get her tiny bit of hair up into a pigtail. It's the smallest, puniest little sprout ever, but it's there! Also, you can see her two bottom teeth in the first picture.

Movies Help Us Heal

As we have been feeling under the weather lately, I have been a little more generous with watching movies. Michael and Katie are watching one of Max Lucado's kids' movies, given to us by Michael's good friend Landon for Michael's last birthday. Even though it is a Christmas movie, Michael asks to watch it often.

Thankful for the Rain

We have had lots of rain and thunderstorms here all summer long (VERY different from last year, when we were in drought conditions and on water restrictions!), but we are thankful to God for the rain. Even though it means we can't play outside as much, it also means that the new sod that we have in the yard has gotten plenty of nutritious rain water to keep it healthy!

Some Cute Michael Sayings

We have been fighting all manner of mid-summer illness here in the Blakemore household- colds, flu, bronchitis. A merry heart does good like a medicine, so here are a few adorable saying that Michael has come up with lately to keep us laughing:

Conversation #1-
Mom: (singing to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell") "My Michael Michael Mike, My Michael Michael Mike, My cutie silly favorite boy, My Michael Michael Mike."
Michael: (excitedly) "I'm Mike!"
Mom: "Oh, you want to go by Mike now?"
Michael: (long, thoughtful silence) "No! (excitedly), I go by PASTOR MIKE!
(Pastor Mike is our youth pastor)

Overheard Conversation:
Katie (in her crib): "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Michael (from his bed on the other side of the room): "It's okay, Katie- Michael's here!"
(I guess I say that to my kids when they are sad or hurt- "It's okay- Mommy's here!)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Katie loves feet- her feet, your feet-- anyone's feet! Here, she snagged Daddy's sock feet.

Just Hangin' Out (Possom Style!)

I found Michael hanging upside down off the couch playing with his cars. It is so fun (and funny) to watch him play sometimes!

Living Room

I don't think I have posted a picture of our living room yet. The sheers are new (to me)- I got the set at a garage sale this Saturday for $2.00. I have been comparing and pricing them for a while, and the window scarf I wanted was $40 and the two panels were $20 each! I was holding off, because $80 was way more than I wanted to spend (not to mention the decorative curtain rod!), and I sure am glad I did! The color is perfect!

Snuggling with Daddy

Katie WAS snuggling, but caught sight of something exciting enough that she crawled away.

That Famous Smile

Even when obscured by the paci, you can see Katie's whole-face smile.

The Big Race

Michael wanted to race Katie in crawling
At the starting line

Michael pulls ahead

OH! He pulls out the secret weapon! The walk!

But, being a good sport, he returns to cheer Katie on to the finish!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Water Babies

I got this little pool at Wal-mart for the kids, as we have had some 100+ degree days lately, and what a great time they have in it! It's a big frog that has shade for Katie, but shoots water out the front for a sprinkler effect, which Michael loves. We have to get our tans so we don't burn at the beach in 2 weeks!
Michael's Buddha belly cracks me up!

The sprinkler

Michael loves the new frog pool!

Crawling Boot Camp

All those push-ups paid off

Check out those muscles!!

"What's the big deal, guys?"

Giutar Lessons

Watching Daddy play

Practicing on the mini-guitar

Moving on up to the big guitar

Who Needs The Food Network?

when you can watch your mom make you a grilled cheese sandwich?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cutie Kids

Mom is funny.

Thanks to Heather S, who made these adorable bows for Katie. Katie is starting to get some hair, and Heather's bows are really great about staying in with just the littlest amount of super-fine hair. I can't wait until we can do pigtails!!!

Can Mom Take A Hint?

I guess she was pretty tired.

The Schoolyard Playground

We are less than a mile from our elementary school, so I decided that since we already pay for it, we should use it! We went and played for a while last night, and Michael had a great time! Tonight, we went for a long walk around our new neighborhood and met some of our neighbors. It's also good to know that the Stafford Co Fire Chief lives just a few doors down!

More Hangin' Out At The Playground

Katie loves being outside, but she likes to taste her surroundings.

Hangin' out

Learning the ropes

The master climber after much practice