Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thanks For All You Do, Daddy!

My husband is the greatest! He works hard to provide for us, and enables me to stay home with the kids. Plus, he really enjoys spending time with us at the end of the day, even when he is tired! Thanks for all that you do for us, Jon! We love you!

WHY Do We Have a Playroom?

The kids do enjoy the playroom quite a bit, but Michael's favorite place to play cars is on the bookshelves in the living room.

Here comes a train!

Oh, and the windowsill, too!

What a Happy Baby!

This girl is so sweet! I love that she is so free with her smiles, even when she is getting a tooth (look closely at her upper gums in the above picture!)

She's even happy eating peas!

My Musician

Michael found Jon's guitar tuner, and loves to play it! Michael enjoys all things musical, and often asks if he can be in the choir like Daddy.

Little Drummer Boy

This drum is one of Michael's favorite toys, given to us by my friend, Brandy. Thanks, Brandy, for bringing out the budding musician in my son (and for not a moment of quiet EVER in my house!) ;-) Katie learns a thing or two from the master drummer.
Michael on the bongo drums, and Katie plays the tambourine.

Let me give this a try...

What is SHE So Happy About?

No one can figure it out, but that Kate is always happy!

Mikaela stayed with us this week for a few days, and we enjoyed having the boys outnumbered! Oh, and I got to practice on Mikaela's hair for when my daughter actually decided to grow some hair on that tiny head of hers!

My Big Girl

Katie loves to be upright! She pulls up on anything she can get her hands on, and though she has had a few wipeouts here and there, she does pretty well holding on and walking.

Future Chef?

Michael loves to watch the Kneed Cycle of the bread machine. He also loves to watch anything mix in the Kitchenaid mixer.

Listening? Or giving the bread dough a hug?
(excuse the underwear picture! This was first thing in the morning before I got him dressed!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going to Church

Of course, I couldn't get them both smiling in the same picture, so here are two.

Michael always enjoys going to church, and lately has been asking to go into "big church" with Mommy and Daddy. He is learning to sit still in church, and still learning, but getting better. It's amazing what they pick up, even when you think they are too little to listen! The things that boy comes up with sometimes...

That's My Boy!!!

Michael color coordinated his foam bath letters all by himself, and then proceeded to "teach" me all about them (ie "Look, Mom, these are RED, Mom.")

My organizational junkie!
Michael is also a very routine boy. If you show him how to do something one way, don't plan on changing any of the steps. EVER.


Michael thought his ball cap would look good on Katie.

But with his monstrous head and her tiny head, it presents a small challenge.
Oh, and Katie is in LOVE with cheerios. She would eat her weight in them daily if I let her.

Broom Ball

Ever play broom ball? Michael plays his own version on the hardwood with his big ball and the broken broom that is just his size.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Boy on a Bar Stool

Michael loves to eat his lunch at the kitchen island on a bar stool. He doesn't mind that his head is barely above the counter top.

Off Exploring The Great Unknown

Katie loves to explore, and her favorite place to head for unearthing great new finds is the pantry/laundry room. She always finds something wonderful in there to play with.

Caught! Katie investigates the TP!

Hooray For Doorstops!

Katie's favorite toy is the doorstops that keep a door from knocking a hole in the wall. She knows how to pull them off and snack on them as a special treat!

She also claps anytime she does something she likes or if she gets excited! It's such a dainty clap, and so precious!

Snuggly Boy

My boy has yet another ear infection, and we go back to the pediatrician in a week to make sure it is gone. Hope you feel better soon, my little guy!

Can't Quite Figure It Out

Jon has a little drywall repair to do before he hangs my pictures on the wall, but I have them placed where I want them for when it is done. Katie loves to go over to our (outdated- yes, I need to get an updated one!) family picture and tries to grab each of her family members. Then she will turn and look at us, as though she can't quite figure out why we are in two places.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Growing Girl

Katie went for her 9 month well-baby appointment yesterday (though she is almost 10 months), and got the nod of good health, along with 2 vaccines. Here are her stats:
Weight- 18lbs, 5oz (22nd percentile)
Height- 29 1/4 in (80th percentile)
Head- 42cm (<3rd percentile)
So my girl is long & thin (but still has those cutie chubs!), and has a minuscule head! Developmentally, she is right on track.

See that top left upper tooth coming in? Her poor gums are so swollen!

These bottom teeth help in the mass consumption of Cheerios!

Best Friends

Michael gives kissies while Katie adores her brother

They really do play well together, these sweet kiddos of mine!

Play Hard, Eat Much

Practicing for the Driveway Olympics
Mark, Get Set, GO!

DOWN, Down, down...

...up, Up, UP!

Michael helped himself to a snack afterwards. I guess he burned a lot of calories and needed to refuel.

Crusin' Along

Katie can now pull herself up and cruise along the furniture. My girl is growing up!

Being vertical is FUN!

"Here I come!"

August Madness!

We had a watermelon fellowship after church on Sunday, and enjoyed spending some time with our church friends. Michael found a flat basketball and decided it would be a great head accessory. Oh, and Katie LOVED the watermelon & was quite the melon-eating fiend. I didn't get to eat much of my own watermelon!

Blakemore Boys

We were so glad that the Ohio Blakemores could come visit us for a little while. We officially declare that it was not long enough, and want you to come again!! Michael asks for his cousins by name every day!

Water Wars

We got back from vacation early on Saturday morning, and had a Water Wars youth activity at the church on Saturday evening. Since the Ohio Blakemores came back with us, we brought them along. I think it would be safe to say that fun was had by all!
Soaped up/ Soaked up tarp

The Battle of Waterloo

Michael and Chad enjoyed it, too.

All the kids were sufficiently soaked!

It was actually a very mild August day, so Michael and Chad warmed up in the sunlight.

Wrestle Mania

The Blakemore boys love to wrestle, and their Uncle Jon is happy to oblige!
Katie joins in on the action!

Just when the boys think they will prevail...

... Uncle Jon pulls out his secret move and wins the match!