Saturday, September 27, 2008

'A' Week Accomplishments

We had tons of fun with 'A's this week, and Michael is getting better at making the letter 'A' on his paper. We painted with apple slices, colored lots of apple papers, made apple strudel muffins, collected acorns, and just had lots of fun with all sorts of 'A' things. Our Bible verse for the week was Romans 3:23, though we already know that one. "(For) All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

That's an apple he colored over there on the left, in case you were wondering.

Done with letter 'A' and on to 'B' next week!

Professional Playing

These kiddos sure know how to play hard!

Mr. Handyman

I found Michael standing on his tool bench "fixing" the wall with his screwdriver!

Mmmmm, Macaroni!

I discovered this week that Kate loves Mac & Cheese (which is great because it is a quick and easy lunch.) I can't get Michael to eat the stuff at all, even though he loves cheese.


Michael Vacuums

Michael thinks his toy hippo is a vacuum, and often will "help" me with chores by vacuuming the carpet.

Apple Party!

The Scantlins came over on Wednesday, and helped us celebrate "A" week by making apple strudel muffins
Michael eats his apple while Katie loves on Hannah.

Abby and Olivia proudly display their apples.

What a treat to have the Scantlin girls visit!

Big Helper

Michael feeds his little sister

This was on Daddy's watch, while I was at work this week. Michael (in his underwear) feeding Katie, who has no bib on (and a white shirt on while eating pumpkin)! Daddy does a great job taking care of the kids, but sometimes I catch a small glimpse in photograph of what goes on while I am away... ;-)

Caught Handed

Michael climbed up the cabinets trying to get some candy corn that was up there (Do you blame him? Candy corn is AMAZING!) and got stuck! Luckily, Daddy came to his rescue!

Top It Off

Last weekend, we had a teen activity called "Top It Off." We divided into 4 teams with 1 pizza crust each + 15 bucks to spend to create the most original pizza. We had a ton of fun, and got a lot of good laughs at each team's original pizza commercial. We topped the evening off with *real* pizza. What fun!

I was the proud leader of this very amusing and creative team, who won FIRST PLACE with their "Alien Pizza."

The "Candyland" pizza group
(Don't they look like they are up to some mischief!)

The "Willy Wonka" Pizza (note the chocolate river)

The "Jaws" Pizza (note the bloody water)

The "Candyland" pizza

The Alien Pizza- It's out of this world!
(note the astronaut holding the flag!)

Then we all ate pizza! Yum!

Monday, September 22, 2008

'A' Is For APPLE

We made this week 'A' week, which is especially fun since I brought out the Autumn decor (including apple stuff, harvest candles, pumpkin stuff, etc) this weekend. We colored 'A' pictures, painted with apples, had apples and peanut butter for snack, and picked out all the 'A's in our stories. I'm hoping to make some apple bread later in the week, and maybe get some apple cider, pick some acorns, and cook some applesauce and apple butter. Yum- 'A' week is tasty!
Painting with apples. I got Michael started, and he took it from there...

He got a little annoyed with me when I made some apple stamps outside the 'A' lines. Whose kid IS this? :-)
I often forget that he is left-handed. I automatically put his paint on the right, and sometimes I put his spoon on the right side, etc. He usually switches it, but I guess he wanted the hand closest to the paint.

Hanging With the "GWirls!"

The Scantlin "GWirls!" (as Michael calls them) came over on Friday night, and we had a great time. We played outside, watched a movie, ate popcorn and pumpkin bread, and had a ton of fun! Michael loved having friends to play with, and Katie enjoyed the attention from the girls.
Olivia and Michael build a Lego hotel.

"Hear no evil, smell no evil...?" Not sure what this picture of Hannah and Abby is about... :-)
The girls watched about 10 minutes of the movie, then got interested in other things. Toys are always way cooler at other people's houses!

The girls took turns riding the roller coaster until it got too dark to play.

Friends and Food = Fun!

The Spencers and the Hornbrooks came over after Sunday morning church to eat and hang out. The kids had a ton of fun, and so did the adults!
Charlie, Seth, and Michael try out Jon's motorcycle. (And just so you know, I did NOT put those tennis shoes on Michael with that outfit!)

Why they are hanging out at the potty, we may never know! Katie and Ryleigh are 4 days apart. I'm hoping that Katie will give in to the peer pressure and grow some hair!

Charlie enjoys the cars.

Seth with a big cheesy grin!

Mikaela wonders why those crazy boys are pretending to be asleep!

Fun With Food

Mmmmmm- pumpkin bread batter!

Grilled cheese triangles. My mom always used to ask us if we wanted our sandwich in squares or in triangles. What a great way to teach shapes! I might pull out my big cookie cutters and add more variety to the shape options.

Apples and peanut butter. We are doing 'A' activities this week, and our snacks have been themed. Of course, Michael used his apples as spoons to scoop and eat all the peanut butter first thing.

Pyromanic In Training

Jon purged some bad gas from his pressure washer and decided to burn it. What is it about guys and fire?


She's such a ham!
Pancake cheese!

Toothy cheese!

Big girl cheese!

OH NO- He Didn't!!!

So we were happily playing with Play-Doh this morning, and Michael asked if he could eat it. So, to teach him the lesson that Play-Doh was nasty, I said, "Sure, but it tastes yucky."

So he tried it.

And he liked it.

And I had to then tell him that we are NOT allowed to eat Play-Doh.
Boys are gross!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Hillbilly

Katie looks SO funny with her sole front top tooth! She really looks like a hillbilly! Despite it, she is in no way self-conscious and gives her big smiles away freely!
(I don't think it will be long before tooth #4 breaks its way through and joins the other top tooth, but until then, we get a good smile every time she smiles!)

We All Have Fun At The Playground!

We love going to the elementary school playground to run off some energy. Hey, we pay for it with our taxes, so we might as well take advantage of it!
Future soccer player? Actually, Michael much prefers basketball. He kicked the ball for a minute or two, then picked it up and dribbled it and said it was a basketball. That's my boy!

Daddy, the KING of jump rope! You should see him Double Dutch! ;-)

Sidewalk chalk!

Daddy, about to soar like MJ!

Little Monkey, who got a whole inch off the ground!

And an "owie" on the knee as a souvenir of our fun!