Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Said Halloween Is Scary?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Michael, the adorable lion
Katie, the cuddly bunny
Michael mid-roar

Check-Up Checkin

Kate went for her 12 month check-up at the pediatrician yesterday, and is a happy, healthy girl. Her HgB (Iron saturation) was 11.9, which is just perfect, and she is developing right according to schedule. Here are her stats:
Weight- 20lb, 12oz (40th percentile)
Height- 31in (93rd percentile)
Head- 44cm (17th percentile)

Laundry Helper

For some reason, Katie LOVES the laundry room. I often find her hanging out in there, as it is her favorite place to be. I'm going to encourage this, and pass along all the family laundering to her some day!

Michael's New Favorite Toy

He pulled out all the drawers with his legos and made the Rubbermaid cart his new mobile play center. He carries toys all over the house with it, he races around corners and curves at high rates of speed, and he will sometimes just stand and spin around with cart in tow. Why do I buy toys for this boy...?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Autumn!!

Happy Autumn!~from the Blakemore kids

A Birthday Party

I guess I was busy and forgot to get some good party pictures, but we had a Happy 1st birthday party for Kate last night. It was a costume party, and Kate was a lady bug. Michael was supposed to be Bob the Builder, but he wouldn't keep his tool belt and tools or hard hat on, so he looked more like Joe the Plumber instead.Katie hangs out with Aunt Meredith and Uncle Matt

Mikaela the waddly duck

Ryleigh was a fairy princess, but the cupcake cone required disrobing beforehand. We had princesses, a China-man, a variety of super heros, and even Hannah Montana! How fun!

Cupcake cone! Yum!

Cupcake coma!

To The Pumpkin Patch

We went to Belvedere Plantation with my sister Meredith and her family on Friday, and the kids had a fantastic time! We might just go back before the season is over!
Cutie boy on a pumpkin chair

A tiny pumpkin for my tiny pumpkin

Michael wanted to pick this rotten pumpkin as our one to take home. I had to veto that pick.

Michael LOVED the hayride, and kept asking to go back on the hayride for the rest of the day.

Since it was school field trip day, and since my sister was there with her daughter Erica's kindergarten class, we got to listen to a presentation on Bees and the honey-making process. Michael sat there like one of the big kids for about 10 minutes... until he decided to head to the front for some hands-on learning. I had to go fetch him from that front table. :-)


Goat. I forgot to get a picture of the pygmy goat, which had 4 horns- two going up, and two curling down. It was quite strange.

'D' is for...


Dough (we rolled gingerbread cookies)

Dusting (yes, he WANTED to)

Dinosaurs (he thought up the great idea for the big one to eat the little one)

We always have fun with our letters!

It's Fun to be ONE!

Our Kate is such a joy!

So We Finally Did It...

We sold our Altima! It failed emmisions inspection, and was going to require about $1,200 in repairs, which is way too much to spend for an occasional vehicle. So we sold it through our mechanic to a Thai restaurant for a delivery vehicle. So if you guys are hungry and order Thai food, tip them generously. They might need it for repairs! :-)
Actually, it really did make me kind of sentimental, as that is the first car I bought 100% with my own money! She was a good little car!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Katie would like to announce that she is now officially 1 year old!!!

We love you, precious girl, and look forward to watching you turn from a baby girl into a little girl! What a sweet & cuddly gift from God you are to our family!

October 22, 2007
I really can't believe it has been a whole year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wilderness Weekend, 2008

We went with the youth group this past weekend on Wilderness Weekend at Camp Rapidan, and had such a fun time! Thanks so much to Dustin & Lindsey for taking great care of my kiddos while we were gone!
We drove to Skyline Drive in Shenendoah National Part and took a hike up the Bearfence Rock Scramble, which led to a beautiful rocky summit with a 360 degree panoramic view of the mountains. It was an enjoyable hike and absolute beautiful, especially seeing the changing leaves. Amanda H. gets due respect for scaling the mountain while carrying a tiny 12 week baby in her tummy!

Breath-taking view. I love the cloud shadows on the tree tops!

up, Up, UP the mountain

Peering off into the distance, Lewis & Clark-style

Wilderness Weekend, Cardboard Canoe Race

Each team got a load of cardboard, a few rolls of duct tape, and an hour to build a sea-worthy vessel. We had lots of interesting designs, but only two boats made it to the final lap.
This girly-girl team get the award for duct-tape style!

The fab four

Jr high boys + duct tape = lots of amusement

Who knew they made pink duct tape?

Extra points for a homemade oar!

The ugliest, but most floatable canoe

These boys found an old animal skull for their viking ship. My fav part was the cardboard seat and built-in cardboard cup holder!

Yes, they really do float!

Well, SOME float better than others!

(sob sob) I guess it wasn't so "fab" after all!

WINNERS! Tori has been on the winning team for 3 years in a row. That girl knows a thing or two about cardboard canoe design! Nice job, girls!

Wilderness Weekend, Misc Shots

Pastor Mike preached to us on Dying to Live, and we were all challenged to die to ourselves and live for Christ

The teens had to go get props from around the camp and tell a "Once Upon a Time" story.

Amanda H. and I organized the meals, and were quite surprised that the teens ate so little!

Hot dogs over the campfire, followed by S'mores. It was quite the chilly weekend, but we girls got to stay in the new cabins that have heat and a shower in the cabin! Yeah!

These signs were above the toilets in each stall of the bathrooms. I just wonder WHY a sign like this was necessary...!