Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 Wonderful Years

On December 28th, we celebrated our 7th anniversary.
It's been a wonderful 7 years, Jon, and I'm glad we are still in the beginning stages of spending our whole lives together! I love you, Jon. You're the the best husband I could ever imagine!!

Christmas Morning

Christmas eve, we read the Christmas story with the kids, and talked about the reason for Christ's birth- born to die to live. Michael is starting to grasp the concepts of these truths and is asking a TON of questions. It's a pretty simple story- the story of redemption- but also so incredibly profound.
I put the gifts under the tree after the kids were snugly tucked in their beds.

And in the morning, the gift-opening began!
Michael is in love with Toy Story, and Grandma & Grandpa Blakemore got him a Toy Story shirt. He wears it every day it is clean.

A cowboy hat, which he is convinced makes him look just like Woody, from The Colemans.

And Kate got a Jessie, the Cowgirl hat from the Colemans as well.

A "marine hat" from Grandma & PawPaw Brown, and a talking Woody from Grandma & Grandpa Blakemore.

Kate got some dress-up clothes from The Shulzes, and missed the concept that they are for her doll babies. She tried to put them all on immediately. She is wearing her Minnie Mouse dress from Grandma & Grandpa Blakemore, which she wears every day it is clean.

Who is this stranger in our house?! (Disguise from the Colemans for Michael, who shared.)

Michael got a t-ball set from Grandma & PawPaw Brown, and he loves it. We are baseball fans on the Brown side, and Michael loves this set!

Michael and Kate got matching Curious George racing cars from the Ohio Blakemores, as well as some super-cool clothes.

Balls from the NE Shultzes. Kate calls her penguin ball "a chicken ball," despite constant correction.

Michael got a Webkinz monkey (which he named "George"), and has really been enjoying all aspects of taking care of him on the computer. Fun! Thank you Shultzes!

We weren't able to be with our families this year, but we did get a chance to talk to the Brown family and the Blakemore families on Skype. Wish we could have been with you all!!

We enjoyed roast beef, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean bundles, steakhouse rolls, and pecan pie for dessert. Yum!
Notice we went all dressy for the occasion of Christmas dinner, and Michael wore his spiderman costume, and Kate wore her long princess nightgown.

Michael got the express privilege of using a (butter) knife on Christmas. Daddy gave him a lesson (though backwards, as Michael is a lefty), and Michael is catching on well.
We are so thankful for wonderful family (though we missed being with you all in person), and for the many blessings of the Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Outtakes

I was trying to get pictures of the kids after our Christmas Eve service, but they didn't want to stand still long enough for a picture.
Kate is bustin' a move.

Sibling hip bump!

Kate was dancing a jig, and Jon said "Keep your feet still." I guess that requires full concentration for her.

Dancing and jumping.

Finally, a half-decent, only-slightly-mobile picture!

New Christmas Jammies

We let the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was new PJs. They LOVED them!
Michael got new Buzz & Woody Jammies.

Katie got new Minnie Mouse Jammies.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Relaxing with Daddy-O

Kate was snuggling with her Daddy the other day, and it was too cute not to take a picture!
It gets kinda chilly at night in the house, and since my kids always kick off their covers then get cold, we dress them in warm jammies with a fleece over top. They usually can stay warm that way. It's the next-best thing to a baby snuggie. :-)

Bag Lady

A girl can never have too many purses, right Kate?
I'm pretty sure she has 4 on her arm!

Summer in December

I caught Michael running around the house in nothing but a smile, and he explained to me that it was summertime and that he wanted to practice his swimming. Never mind that it's December, 2 days before Christmas, and there's about a foot of snow on the ground.
I at least talked him in to wearing some swimming trunks. He eventually got cold and put his clothes back on.

Freestyle swimming!

My Son is Nerdy

If there was ever any doubt as to the nerdiness of my firstborn son, here's proof.
He requests that his sandwiches to be cut in "right angles." Not squares or triangles or rectangles, like normal kids, but in right angles. (rolls eyes)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Got a Little Snow

Just a LITTLE snow. Somewhere in the 18-22 inch range!
I finally ventured out today, as I wasn't interested in going out yesterday during the snow fall. Michael finally enjoyed the snow, after years of not liking it. Kate was not a big fan of the cold, wet stuff (which matches my sentiments!).

Jon is a native Chicagoan, so shoveling snow is something with which he is quite familiar.

Michael, all bundled up!

Kate wanted to go out in it, but I think she more enjoyed the IDEA of snow, than the actual cold wetness of it.

We attempted snow angels. I just ended up with snow down my back and in my pants. Then I was cold and grumpy.

Daddy had a tough task of shoveling. He's a good man!

And don't worry- He had Michael to help him.

Daddy's work truck, covered in snow.

Somewhere under there is our van.

Kate lasted a few minutes before her "gwoves" got wet and her hands were cold. She was not loving the snow. I remember Michael cried when we took him out in the snow about this age, too.

Kate didn't want to stay outside in the snow, but she desperately wanted her Daddy. So after a few snuggles, I brought her in. She perked up after he hands thawed out.
PS That is one handsome man I'm married to! Our 7th anniversary is next week, and I'm often reminded how blessed I am to have him!

This was the side porch, with a huge drift. Good thing we don't have plans to grill tonight.


We met Daddy for lunch the other day (a special treat!) and went all high-class to McDonalds.
The kids ate their cheeseburgers, then climbed down for some fun in the play land.

This play land has a lot of high tunnels, and Michael is okay with heights, but was really scared of the fabric netting areas, as they didn't have a steady footing. His new friend Alex, who is 8, helped him across (after much coaxing and the holding of his hand).

I found the kids hiding under a step, and here's what they were doing:

Yes, reading! In a play land.


I just love this picture! Usually Michael doesn't like to snuggle with his sister, but she must've caught him at a weak moment!


Michael has been practicing his attempts to wink lately, and he finally got it down. It's so cute!

If You Give a Kid a Package

They're going to want to make a fort.
And if they make a fort, they're going to want to upgrade to a castle.

And if they make a castle, they're going to need somewhere warm to sleep at night.
We can't wait to open our Christmas gifts sent from out very generous family members! We are loved!

Soap & Ammunition

Kate brought me the foam soap from the bathroom and was shaking it.
She told me she was making bubbles... it could be her gun. (ikes!)