Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Cream Party!

On Friday night, we decided to have a January ice cream party with the family. Yum!
Michael enjoyed a sugar cone.

Kate had a few bites from her little bowl... until that dreaded brain freeze, then she was done!

Jon finished off the container, and Michael got to lick the lid!
Yay for Chocolate ice cream!

Our Snowcapped House

All my friends had pictures of their snowy house, and I thought that was a good idea. So here is our house, the day after it snowed (thus the meltyness!)

Indoor Playground

It has been much too cold and soggy outside to go play in the yard, so Michael got the great idea to turn the futon mattress into a slide! This has provided hours of energetic fun!

A clean landing!

Kate joins in on the fun!

The dismount!

A Lovely Sunset

The other night, we had a beautiful sunset that we could see out the back of our house. Michael was fascinated, and kept saying that there was fire in the sky. It really looked like there was!
My kiddos were captivated, as were Jon and I.

Isn't it beautiful?! It was moreso in person!!

Right On Target

Every time we go to Target, Michael has to stop and sit on the little concrete target ball outside.

Happy 2,000th post!!!

So it is official- this is the 2,000th post to the Blakemore Family site! Thanks for keeping up with our family, even though we don't know who you are most of the time (leave some comments, will ya!) We created this site right after Michael was born (3+ years ago!) to stay close to our friends and family, and never expected to have so many visitors! Thanks for coming! We hope we can continue to share a little bit of our lives and bring an occasional smile to your face!
Jon, Karen, Michael, & Katie

I Love It!!

Michael started Sunshine Kids (our Wed night preschool class at church) when he turned 3, and he just LOVES it! He often asks me if it is Wednesday because he knows that is when he can go to Sunshine Kids. He has great teachers who are doing a great job teaching him about the Bible, and it's fun to listen to him tell me all about it afterwards. This week, they did a little paper where they told their teacher a few things about themselves. Here are Michael's answers:
I like to... eat yogurt. (He could have left out "yogurt"...)
My favorite thing to do is... play football. (He's 100% boy!)
I don't like... to blow my nose. (Huh??!)
I wish... I could fly. (me too, Buddy)
I thank God for... my family. (ME TOO, Buddy!)

Just Because... husband is wonderful!

The Best Part of Baking

Michael loves to watch me cook, and he especially love to watch things mix in my Kitchenaid mixer. But by far, his favorite thing of all to do is to sample the goods and lick the spoon when we are done!

This is intense work!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We woke up this morning to a blanket of clean, white snow outside, and Michael was SO very excited when he noticed it! He asked me all morning if he could go outside to play in the snow. As many of you know, I am NOT a fan of snow, cold weather, or winter in general, so I stalled it until Jon came home-- not to pawn the kids off on him, but so that all 4 of us could go out and be together (right...). It was a sacrifice on my part, but we did spend the better part of an hour out there in this stuff.
The great snow discovery!

Checking it out!

Yeti x2!

Kate was actually not too excited about the snow. She cried SO hard when I put her little mittens on, as she wanted her hands free. She learned to appreciate them soon enough! If I do recall, Michael was not too excited about the snow WHEN HE WAS THIS AGE, either.

Daddy does a good job shoveling the driveway and sidewalks.

I. Can't. Move.

Redneck version of a snowmobile!

Look at that sad face. Don't you just want to run over and pick her up (Like I did... after I snapped a picture!)

Snow ball fight! He missed me, as he was throwing righty!
Oh, and you see that white house in the background? It was being built by an independent do-it-yourself, aspiring builder, and it is now going to bank foreclosure. The builder is going to finish it up, and then it will be available. Any of my friends/family want to buy it so we can be next-door neighbors?!?!

First Set of Pigtails (Finally!)

I was finally able to squeeze enough hair into Katie's rubber bands to make her first set of pigtails! There will be many more, for sure!!
Isn't she adorable!?

Okay, so they are waaaaaaay in the back of her head, but that is the only way I could gather the troops of individual hairs for the pigtail rally!

Girls are FUN!

The side view! Keep on growing that hair, Miss Kate!

A Little Peace and Quiet

Occasionally, when I need a few minutes of quiet when the kids are awake, we have Blanket Time. Kate is still just learning, but she often does a better job sitting still and being quiet than Michael does (Boys are SUCH different creatures than girls...!) This was Sunday morning when we stayed home from church because Michael had a temperature. We listened to church online, and the kids did really well.

Play-Doh Fun

We pulled out the play-doh the other day, and rediscovered the joyous potential thereof!
This one is for my friends Hope and Mallory, who have been begging for snow and finally got it! These snowmen are dedicated to you! (In case you are wondering, mine is purple, and Michael's is yellow!)

I had to lay down the ground rules- no mixing the colors! No one likes swirly brown play-doh! :-)

Kate did NOT like playdoh! She touched it a few times, while giving it the "I'm disgusted with you!" evil eye, then she threw it down and played with the containers the rest of the time.

Yummy- play-doh burrito!


Can you tell we love food!)

Another Sunday at Home

Check out that sad face and those rosy red checks!
Michael woke up many times throughout the night Saturday night/Sunday morning, and when I finally got coherent enough to check his temperature, it was 104.5! So we missed yet another Sunday church service because of sickness. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired! We all seem to be doing better now, and I am hoping that we have caught every virus left to catch this winter!

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

It was a beautiful day today, with temps up to 60 degrees by early afternoon. We spend some good time outside enjoying the weather, as it has been a long time since we have been able to enjoy a lovely day outside. We really loved the fresh air, and the kids dispensed lots of pent-up winter energy. Too bad it is to back in the 30s again this week. Come Ooooon, Spring!

Michael kicks the big ball.

Michael's sand-less sandbox had a big chunk of ice left in it. He enjoyed playing with it none-the-less.

He then proceeded to tip the sandbox over and dump that big chunk of ice onto the ground. He tried scaling Mount Icemore, until he slipped off it and bumped his chin. After a big kiss and Mommy-hug, he was ready to move on.

We have a creek that runs through our yard that was frozen solid. I had to smile, as it reminded me of when I was a little girl and "accidentally" fell into my friend Tanya's ice-cold backyard creek so I wouldn't have to go home before dinner. It bought be enough time for my clothes to run through the drier. I think I did that on more than one occasion.

Michael tries to slay those raging rapids with his trusty stick.

I have a dead mum that I kept meaning to dispose of, so let Michael have the honors of beating it to death. Fun for all!

Kate prepares for her roller coaster ride. Look at that cute smile!

She enjoyed kicking the ball around, but...

...her tiny little legs kept getting caught on the rugged terrain, and she kept falling over. She would get going down a hill and not be able to stop herself, and would tumble down. She then decided that the asphalt was a much more trustworthy surface.

Kate rides Michael's bike. Actually, she just sat on it, then got bored and cried until I got her off. Her legs were too short her her to get off alone.

I staked out the site for my summer vegetable and herb garden (can you tell I am ready for winter to be over!!), and Michael helped dig it with his stick. Thanks for the help, buddy!

Relocating the Play Room

Michael loves to move furniture, and really enjoys relocating his big toys. Today he decided that he should put his toys in the dining room.
Notice they are all organized, per my OCD boy.

Kate is into climbing lately. It's getting DOWN that she hasn't mastered yet...

And I had to add a picture of her chewing on a packet of rice. She has been the queen of crackers lately, and will go grab any random item off the bottom shelf of the pantry and bring it to me while begging, "Cracka, Cracka!" It's quite adorable, especially when she brings things like a box of ziti, popcorn, or some other misc item.