Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend With Friends

This weekend, we had a wonderful time visiting with some old friends! Jica (below, left) was my roommate in college, and Laura (below, right) went to college with us as well, but she and I have become better friends through our blogs. How refreshing to enjoy a relaxing weekend with good friends!
Jica is from California and is a 911 dispatcher. Laura is from Maryland and teaches 2nd grade.

Waffles for breakfast!

Enjoying our breakfast and our guests' company!

We headed to the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico on Saturday afternoon.
This was our first visit, and it was very enjoyable. While we were browsing the exhibits, I heard an announcement on the loud speaker that they would be having a special presentation on pilots in the Marine Corps in the lecture hall. I thought Michael would really enjoy it, so we headed over to it. Well, we get inside, and there are a bunch of old people there in theater-style seating. We sat down, and they began a long, boring circuit LECTURE on the Irish in the Marine Corps (eg, "In order to fully grasp the impact of the Irish in the Corps, we need to understand the history of clans in Ireland. It began back in AD 200... ::YAWN::). Needless to say, we walked out (because, of course, the KIDS couldn't sit through that). ;-)

Michael helps this wax man hold up a pole.

The museum really reminded me of all the brave men and women who keep us safe every day! I also am appreciative of the military families, who give up time and precious years with their loved ones! We don't thank you enough for all you do for us!
THANK YOU for your sacrifices!

Michael really enjoyed the museum. He informed me that he wants to be a "Narine" when he is big. Very noble dream, my son!

And, of course, Michael was LOVING the helicopter and fighter jet displays.

We really enjoyed getting to know "Miss Laura" better while she was here!

As we were leaving, we saw the base's fire truck and ambulance.

The museum was designed to resemble the Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima:

Jica is quite the world traveler. She has been all over the place. With her, she takes her faithful travel companion, Sebastian the Bear. Michael really liked Sebastian, so Jica was kind enough to take Michael to Build-a-Bear and get him his very own little dog. He will now be our traveling companion, and will go with us on all our trips. Thanks for that, Jica!
Out of all the bears, Michael picks a dog.

Miss Cristen stuffs the dog.

And Michael picked out a heart to put inside his dog.

Meet Sebastian II, the traveling, law-enforcement dog!

While did a little shopping while we were at the mall.
Kate took her nap in the stroller and Michael skipped his that day. All in all, they were really good, especially since it was such a long day!

Unfortunately, Jon couldn't join us for our adventures, as that was the weekend for the Fredericksburg Home & Garden Show at the Expo Center. We did stop by to say "Hi" to him, and to let Micheal ride a few of the exhibits.
Testing out the John Deere equipment.

Vern Yip (from HGTV's Deserving Design) was at the Home Show. I wasn't about to stand in line to shake his hand, but I did want to get a picture of him (even if it is a fuzzy, poorly-lit picture).
Laura had to head home after church on Sunday, and Jica left Monday morning. We really enjoyed the weekend, guys! Thanks for visiting- we can't wait to do it again!

A Few Moments of Tenderness

I caught Michael rocking his baby Julie one afternoon.

He holds her so gingerly.

And I caught him giving his sister big bear hugs, too. He's still learning that her high-pitched screams are NOT squeals of delight!

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Scrubbing in for Surgery

I found Michael playing in the water in the bathroom after using it one day. I was about to scold him, when I decided that instead I should inquire as to why he had suds up to his elbows. He looked up with all the most serious adorableness he could muster and said, "I'm being a doctor!"
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Mr Potato Head (& His Bucket of Parts)

I pulled out the potato heads for the kid to play with, and we had lots of fun.
Michael put an additional ear on the potato's head "so he could fly." WHERE does he come up with these things?

Kate with her shoe fetish. Both my kids have that.

Tasting the toys. Who doesn't?

Michael really had a lot of fun!
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Un-Anatomically Correct

Look at that face! Michael was VERY disturbed that this baby's socks were sewn to her feet. He REALLY wanted them off, and was very concerned for her. I didn't point out all the other things that are anatomically incorrect with her. I mean, she has a TAG sticking out of her fabric back, for heaven's sake!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Little Addition To Our Family!

We are proud to announce that we have a new little addition to the family... meet Roomba! She is our brand new (well...refurbished) robotic vacuum cleaner. I had been saving and scrimping since October because I thought we were way over budget in a few categories, but come to find out, I was wrong. Sweet blessings! So I did a lot of research, talked to some friends who have one, and then found a great bargain and made the plunge. I was feeling a little guilty for buying a machine do all the vaccuming for me, then I remembered that I have never once felt guilty about not owning a washboard and tub for my clothes instead of a washing machine. :-)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Roomba! It does a great job cleaning the floors; it's quieter than a regular vacuum; it has a scheduler that I set to vacuum my floors every night at 2am; and (most imporantly) IT VACUUMS MY FLOORS FOR ME! With 2 messy kids, and hardwood floors, I feel as though I can't keep up with the mess, but this thing is awesome! Honestly, my floors have never been cleaner, probably because the Roomba cleans the floors many times a day while I am doing other things. It's just a little slice of housework heaven!
The kids were funny when they first discovered it. Michael, my energetic, expressive child, was jumping up and down with excitement, then swinging from awe and wonder to ultimate fear of the thing. He got curious one day and pressed the "clean" button on top, and the Roomba started its thing. It started to slowly back out of its charger station, and Michael went NUTS! He was so scared that it was coming after him for touching it that he ran screaming and crying to me and ASKED if he could sit in the naughty chair. ;-) Kate, my mellow, low-key kiddo, was not impressed. She looked at it, then went on with her business.

"Hi, Roomba. Nice to meet you."

Michael is still skeptical of the thing.

Roomba cleans up a goldfish disaster.

Paci Love

Kate is only allowed to have her pacis (note I said that "pacis"-- in the plural. She always has a stash!) in her bed, and lately she has been having withdrawal. So she has the choice to either stay in bed or leave her pacis there and get up. She often chooses to hang out in her bed for a little while after waking up. When she's done, she drops her pacis and shouts "Doooooone! Up, Peeze!" She's so cute!

My Handy Man

Jon put doors on our living room built-ins, per my request, and I LOVE them.

It looks so "finished," and I think they turned out so well!


Enjoying our puzzles on a cold day.

I DO Feed This Boy...

...yet he still ate an entire tube of berry-flavored chapstick. ::rolls eyes::

WHY So Slow, Spring?!?!

I am getting spring fever, and can't WAIT for it to warm up. We get a few teaser days, then it turns cold again. I think next week is supposed to be warmer, but it was barely out of the 40s this week. I was dreaming of spring, and wanted to get my garden plotted, so we bundled up and went outside to imagine that it was warm. The house next door is being graded for sod, so we got to watch the mini-excavator at work.
Kate watches the machine at work.

Michael not-so-helpfully removed the little flags that Jon had placed in the yard that marked off the septic field and that were going to aid me in plotting the garden. We re-measured, and now the dirt is marked for my vegetable garden. I'm dreaming of home-grown, juicy, sun-riped tomatoes! Yum!

Yes, we STILL have a shower and tub in our back yard. They are listed on Craigslist, and a few people are interested, but no buyers yet. The kids will miss them when they are gone.

And, speaking of spring, my wonderful secret sister brightened my day with these beautiful red and yellow tulips! They have brought a little spring inside for me, and are brightening my kitchen. Lovely!

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

I have mentioned that Michael often asks for a "baby brudder," and has been infatuated with caring for "Julie," the baby doll that Kate got for Christmas. Well, as I was blow-drying my hair this morning, the kids were playing in Jon's closet when I heard a pitiful wail coming from my daughter. Michael had put her in the clothes basket, and was pretending she was a tiny baby in a crib. Kate was NOT interested in playing along. :-)

Speak Slowly to Mommy

I guess Michael doesn't think his Mommy is too smart:
Every day at lunch time, when I am making Michael a sandwich, I always ask him if he would like squares, triangles, or rectangles. He pretty much always asks for rectangles, but lately when I ask him that daily question, he runs to the playroom, removes his book of shapes, then proceeds to SHOW me different examples of rectangles, so I can make his sandwich accordingly. I should be slightly insulted. :-)

Sweet Cuties

Jon took this while I was at work today. Doesn't look like a while lot of napping is going on, but they sure are cute!