Monday, April 27, 2009

They DO Love Each Other

This is proof for the coming years!

Monday Activities

We had a nice Monday, and though I didn't take the kids outside for the whole day like I really would have liked, we still enjoyed our day. Jon was able to take the kids outside for a little bit this morning, but I stayed in with a post-oral-surgery-medication hangover. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal soon!
Yes, Michael, today is Monday, April 27th. I got this great calendar a while back at a garage sale, and Jon found this cork board that was ready to be trashed at an old Einstein Bagels store that they are remodeling. We snatched it up and it will now grace our play room with all sorts of great educational and motivational material.

My, how the tables have turned! SHE pushes HIM!

She doesn't get to the high speeds that Michael can get when he is pushing, but it's still fun to watch.

When I get the baby dolls out for the kids to play with, Michael has his favorite doll named Julie that he always snatches up and takes care of. He says he is her Daddy. Today, he informed me that Julie needed him to brush her teeth, as she had "stinky breff."

Katie thought the baby needed to be picked up around the neck.

Michael is doing a little role play here. As I was fixing dinner (chicken pot pie, for those who care), he brought out his blanket and told me that he was going to be Jesus asleep in the back of the boat during the storm. We just finished up that story in our Bible time, and it's good to know he was listening.

Breakfast (Lunch & Dinner) of Champions

I've been living off smoothies, though I can say that the weather could not be better for drinking smoothies all day long. It's been steadily in the 90s for the last few days, but we are to get a reprieve on Wednesday, with forefasted temps in the 70s.
This particular smoothie is strawberry, banana, and oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal. I found that a regular non-fiber-enriched smoothie required a 2nd additional smoothie about 1.5 hours later, so I am experimenting with oatmeal, wheat germ, oat bran... and other healthy and satiating things to make my smoothie gritty. It's not too bad, really. I could probably start eating softer foods, except that I have one stitch on the right side that is a little too tight, and it's keeping my cheek sutured down to my gums and preventing any real mouth-opening movement. I'm still kinda puffy and still look like I was in a bar fight (though I was, in fact, NOT in a bar fight. Thought I would clear that up) . I'm working on weaning off the Vicodin, but it really is taking me a little longer to get over this than I orignially thought it would. Maybe it was the general anesthesia, or perhaps I'm just getting old. I suspect the latter. I'm grateful, nonetheless, that everything seems to be going well, and that the kids have been good, and my husband has been wonderful!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cute Kiddos (& A Tooth Update)

Oral surgery was successful yesterday, and I am home recovering. After the surgery, the surgeon informed me that in his 22 years of practice, he has never seen a tooth/jaw fracture as bad as mine. Nice, huh? What actually happened with that other molar is that, since it was previously damaged, my body decided that it was a foreign object and started rejecting it like a transplant. The attack by my body had fractured the tooth laterally right across the roots and had eaten down significantly into my bone. A sizable bone graft was placed, and he said it should heal up nicely. I'm starting to get puffy, but I am pleasantly surprised that I'm not feeling as badly as I had expected. I'm sure the Vicodin is helping my perspective somewhat, though. :-) Oh, and to all my RN friends, just know that Propofol is as wonderful to receive as it is to give!
My wonderful friend Nancy was kind enough to come at the break of dawn yesterday to stay with the kids. Thank you so much for helping us out!

Now, for what you came here to see- pictures of the kids:
Kate thinks the calculator is a phone. She calls it a "hewwo." (that's "hello" for those of you who don't speak toddler-talk).

Michael chows down on a hot dog that Jon grilled for lunch. Jon has been taking great care of us these past 2 days! Today he went to the store and got me sherbert and strawberries for smoothies. What a wonderful husband/daddy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Garden is Planted! (plus a request for prayer)

The garden is PLANTED! YAY!
Jon rototilled for me yesterday.

And he did a great job!

Today, while the kids napped, I leveled the garden, de-rocked and de-sticked the garden, dug the garden, and planted the garden.
And I think I might have over planted. I might be pawning veggies off on all my friends this summer. I have 2 rows of sweet corn, 3 rows of tomatoes, 1 row of onions, 1 row of green beans (and one row of green beans to plant in another month so we have a longer harvest), and a row of peppers (which is the only thing I didn't get planted today.)

In Michael's mini-garden, we (Michael and I- mostly the latter) planted 2 watermelon hills and 2 cantaloupe hills. I also have basil, cilantro, sage, and parsley in pots.
Now, for those of you who are champion gardeners and scoffing at my technique, remember that I took the last few years off from vegetable gardening to have babies, and am still re-learning. We'll see how well it goes when the plants come up (or DON'T come up).

If you think of it tomorrow, say a prayer for me in the AM. I will be having 4 wisdom teeth taken out (one is half-way through, which I hear it a little harder to get out), plus another molar that has eaten down through into my jaw bone (this is a tooth that was damaged in a softball accident many years ago and is now attacking the bone). That molar has to come out, and I will have to have extensive bone grafts into my jaw. I'm sure I will be a sore sight for a few days, but I pray for a quick recovery and as little pain as possible.

Sunshiney Spring Days

The kids (and me, too!) just love that we have been able to spend a lot of time outside lately.
Kate's signature backwards stair descent.
One of my favorite things about warm weather is how easy it is to go somewhere in the car. We can throw on shoes (sandals, preferably), grab the diaper bag, and are off. Now that Michael is in a backless booster seat, it makes getting in and out of the van much easier. My babies are getting big!

Airplanes & Bellybuttons

Michael is the champion of airplane spotting. He will stop whatever he is doing when he hears that distant roar, and will wait until he sees it, then will watch it until it goes out of his sights.

And what's up with this? My boy loves to show his belly lately. I think he's back to his old belly-botton-obsession days.
Showing off the 6-pack

I know this is kinda silly, but it makes me sad that he's growing out of that little toddler belly. You know what I'm talking about- that big, round tummy that you just can't help but tickle. My boy's growing up!!

A Rite of Passage Into Summer

Drinking from the hose!

Okay, so I was watering the new plants and was too lazy to go inside and get him a cup. Plus, I thought it would be fun. Don't tell me YOU never drink from the hose!

Caught in the Act!

Katie LOVES bubbles. In fact, she loves to EAT bubbles.
I CAUGHT her- wand in the mouth!
This is a really cool bubble keeper given to us by Auntie Ann. It's no-spill, which I LOVE! You know how bubbles usually last about 30 seconds before ending up on the pavement. This nifty little thing keeps the bubbles inside, even when turned 180 degrees!

She REALLY, REALLY likes them. I tried to take the bubble container to refill it (with non-tasty bubbles- the ones we have are scented, and might taste good?), and she didn't want to let it out of her tiny little hands.

Forget the wand- I'm just going to drink them!

And I guess her mouth was sticky after bubble eating, as the dirt she ate stuck to the side of her mouth. I thought she was supposed to be growing out of this eat-everything stage!

Michael's Prized Plant

Michael planted some kind of seed in Sunshine Kids (our Wed night church program for preschoolers), and it has started to sprout! Michael is so proud (even though I've been doing all the work keeping it alive- Small sacrifice for the joy on his face!)

You probably can't even see it, but it's a little green sprout peeking up. I need to ask his teacher what he planted so we can know what to expect.

Septuple Stroller

Kate insisted on putting ALL her baby dolls on her stroller. I was quite impressed that she managed to get it rolling without all of the babies falling off.
I love that they are all piled face down.

I think that one at the bottom is about to fall off. That baby doll needs some serious help with her hair, foo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome, Baby Bella!

Gabriella (Bella) Eve Hornbrook
Saturday, April 18th at 5:xxpm
6lbs, 12oz 18in long

We are SO excited to hear of the arrival of Mikaela's new baby SISTER! Joe, Amanda, and Mikaela decided to make a quick trip to visit Amanda's family, since she wasn't due for 2 more weeks, and baby Bella decided that she wanted to be born in Chesapeake instead of here Fredericksburg. So they will be returning soon as a family of FOUR, and we can't wait to meet sweet Bella! Congratuations you guys!!

We LOVE Spring!!

In between long stretches of rain and gloom, we had a couple of the most PERFECT days here in Fredericksburg! We pretty much LIVED outside those days, and enjoyed it so much!
I'm not sure if Michael knows that our little creek does not have any fish, but he enjoyed "fishing" with his stick anyways.

Dirt, water, sticks, sun- the favorite toys of a little boy!

Oh, and don't forget a $2 garage sale bike!

Taking time to stop and watch an airplane go by.

My tough little girl got her first skinned knees this weekend (because she wore her first pair of shorts outside since she has been able to run). She came toddling over to me and said, "Oweeeeeeeee KNEE!" A little blood, but not even a hint of tears. I'm sad to say that my little girl has her mommy's grace, and should be expecting many, many more skinned knees in the future.

YAY for being outside!

This was on day #2 of perfect weather, and their faces show how excited they are about going to play!

Siblings & Friends

Michael and Kate are learning to play together and be friends. Of course, there's the occasional squabble, but they are realizing they they are around each other so much that they might as well use each other for entertainment as well.
Michael the Lion chases the damsel in distress.

Playing in the dirt... well, Michael plays in the dirt, and Kate watches him get dirty.

Team mates

We had our first picnic of the season on Friday. It couldn't have been more lovely outside!


More hugs (or is he going to hit her? Hmmmmm?)

Katie enjoys watching Michael blow bubbles.

A shared shack.
It's fun to watch them trade pieces. And don't worry about Michael taking advantage of Kate's tiny size. He tends to be overbearing, but she definitely doesn't take it! :-) They are learning to work it out so everyone ends up happy (which makes ME happy!)

The Cheap Toys Are Most Fun

A pizza box provided quite a bit of entertainment for my son. Oh, the simple joys of being a child!

G is for Garden

We had a couple PERFECT days this weekend, and we spend a LOT of time outside. I was able to get my herbs planted, and purchased the seeds to plant in the big garden. I also got my tomato plants, and they are just awaiting a soil till before they are planted. I'm looking forward to summer's bounty!!

Miss Katie Gets Her Groove On

After church yesterday, Kate decided to bust a few moves. She's so darling!
Work it girl!

And she cracks herself up.

The high-step

Oh yeah!

She doesn't quite have the funky rhythm that her good friend Ryleigh has (THAT girl can groove!), but Katie sure does love to move!