Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Swimmin'

This week at church, we had our VBS every night. We had a busy, tiring week, but enjoyed it very much. Jon and I taught the 5th and 6th graders, and they were a bundle of energy and lots of fun! Michael just LOVED his preschool class of VBS, and will miss it next week, I am sure.
In the mornings, while I was working on my Bible lessons for evening VBS class, the kids played in our new Wal-mart inflatable pool.
Michael catches a drink while the pool filled up.

Kate was really not too excited about getting wet- at first...

Then she got brave, and realized that she LOVED it! It's now very hard to get her out when it's time. She can be found spinning, floating, splashing, and enjoying sundry other aquatic activities.

And we hung up our suits to dry that day, and did it again the next morning. Have I mentioned that we love summer?!

All That Hard Work...

I need to amend our soil, and I have found that it is NOT good for growing yet. This is a pepper plant producing the saddest, tiniest bell pepper I have ever seen.
See it there?

Here's a close-up, so you can actually see the little dwarf pepper.

Creepy Crawlies

Michael loves all living creatures.
That's a Daddy Long Leg crawling on his back (probably trying to get away!)

Hunting grasshoppers!

A Few Indoor Activities

When it's too hot or rainy (or when mom forgot to put sunscreen on the kids before pool time and the poor children got sunburns, and mom feels REALLY bad about it!), we get out our energy with various inside fun-
Running (some enjoy it more half-naked!)

Coloring! No, Kate didn't write her name or Michaels. :-)

Puzzles (half-naked there again. Do you see a theme?)

And hide-n-seek, with new and exciting (though not very subtle) hiding places!

Beginning Readers

Both kids just love books. Lately, Michael has really been wanting to know himself what the words say, so we are starting with blends and maybe he can read to me in a little while.

Poor Kate, with her tiny head! Her hats always slip down. (Michael, on the other hand, has a huge noggin)

That's better. At least she can see!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stormy Weather

We've had quite the bizarre spring, with tons of thunderstorms and lots of rain. On Saturday, we had this horrific thunderstorm, but the whole while, the sun was shining brightly. These pictures look hazy, but that's the rain you see. Very cool!

Can you see the puddles in my sad, sad garden?
In case you are wondering, I excitedly went outside to spot a rainbow, but couldn't find it. We DID, however, see the most beautiful full-arch rainbow on Monday. Michael announced, "I am SO thankful for rainbows!" Me, too, little guy!

Tuesday- Baking Day

Tuesday is my baking day for the week, and Michael especially looks forward to it. He's quite the lover of all things food-related, and appreciates the fruits (er...grains?) of my hard work. :-)
Nothing smells better (or tastes better!) than freshly baked bread! Freshly mowed grass might be a close second, but isn't quite so tasty! Michael loves to watch the dough knead.

But his favorite part of baking day is licking the batter off the beaters. Cookies, pumpkin bread, muffins... he's not picky! He enjoys it all!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day with Jon's favorite meal, then gave him his present- 2 shirts and some pistachios. Michael also personally picked out a boomerang to give his dad, but he's still learning that we need to get other people presents that THEY like, not just him. :-)
What a great Dad my husband is!

To these wonderful kids!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Tigers say "ROAR!"

Michael made these tiger ears in Sunshine Kids, and thinks they are wonderful. Look at that smile/roar!

She's a Reader

I often catch Kate reading alone in a chair.Laid back, feet up... that's the life!

Notice the book is made by Claritin. It's a kid's book about allergies, and how medicine can help us. Propaganda, I tell ya!

Girl loves a good book, even the pages with no words of pictures.

Intently "reading"

Little Surfer

I bought a little blow-up pool for the kids to enjoy on hot days, and had it in the living room while waiting for Jon to blow it up with his air compressor. Michael decided that he would strip down to underwear and pretend to surf and swim inside. Yes, those are 2 cups of water that he emptied in the un-blown-up pool, much to my chagrin.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down by the Riverside

Michael is ardently searching for worms down by our creek. You can see how much rain we have gotten recently by the water level, and also by the sad shape of my garden. :-(
We were all playing outside for a while, then Kate needed a nap, so she went down to sleep and Michael and I continued on playing for another hour, just the two of us. The older he gets, the more I enjoy my son's fun and entertaining personality.

Actually, I didn't "play" outside as much as I schemed. I found the perfect place to put a fire pit with benches surrounding it, and I got to clearing that area. There's a TON of leaves, layered a few FEET deep and SOAKING wet, so it was hard work with my little rake, but I see the potential. Can you see it?!

Daddy Dog Pile

We love it when Daddy comes home from work!!

Cookie Monsters

We made cookies today, but more imporantly, we ATE cookies today.
Michael LOVES a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Kate nibbles hers a little more gingerly, but enjoys it just as much.

Summer Fun

We love to go outside, even when it is quite warm, as it was earlier this week.
Kate calls is "Side," and will bring me her shoes to request a trip outside.

And I couldn't help but post a picture of my girls' adorable little curlies. For all the awful things that the humidity does to my hair, it makes hers just darling!

The Exterminator

Michael, in his recent love of all things "bug," has taken the role of chief exterminator in the house. We had a fly buzzing around, and he quickly reached out and grabbed that thing and took care of it.
Look what I found!

Yes, he squished a fly with his rain jacket.

His latest love, however, is worms. He tries to find any damp, muddy spot in the ground so he can search for "squirmy wormies." He hasn't perfected the gentle worm-grab yet, and usually ends up with multiple worm pieces in his hand.

Chubby hand with a worm! Love it!
Oh, and Michael does NOT have a strange tropical disease, he colored on his arm with blue marker.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeding the Fish

When we were in PA, we went to Seven Points Marina to feed the fish. It was not your typical fish feeding experience, though, and these things were the most massive, ravenous beasts I have ever seen.
Look at those mouths!!

Becky took a short video of Michael feeding white bread to the fish:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chefs in the Making

Mikaela came over today for the afternoon and evening, and we made our own pizza for dinner. The kids really enjoyed the pizza-making process, but more so enjoyed eating them!
Michael loved squishing the dough. He a very tactile learner.

Mikaela thought the dough was pretty great for about 30 seconds. Then she was ready to get it done and get to eating,

Kate thought her dough was fantastic. She stretched it a few times, then decided that the best use of her time would be to EAT the dough. We kept hearing the occasional (but hearty) "YUM!" from her direction. :-)

Hard at work on our pizzas.
Extra points if you can name that movie (on TBS, edited for family-friendliness) in the background there.

Daddy came over to help stretch the dough into a crust. I made a larger pizza to show how it was done (or to provide dinner, depending on your perspective).

Michael was very proud of his pepperoni-laden masterpiece.

Mikaela chowed down and asked for seconds.

Michael, who almost always asks for seconds, asked for thirds, then cleaned up what the girls didn't finish. We love pizza!!

First Pool Day of the Summer

Friday was hot and muggy, so I decided to introduce some water to our outdoors play time.
Michael is my fish. He loves water!

Can't you just hear the squeals of delight?!

Kate, on the other hand, was NOT excited about it. Maybe the hose water was a little too cold for her, but she cried and wailed, and said "Up, Mommy!" until I got her out of the water.

After a little while, she got brave, and flicked her fingers in the water, but that was all she was having of the cold froggy pool.

Michael was more than happy to have the pool all to himself.