Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stay Tuned...

I'm having trouble with blogger, as it will not let me upload any more pictures on here. It says I'm full, despite the fact that I upgraded the storage space. Once I get it all figured out, I'll be sure to give you a pictorial update of our adventures of late, but until then, here are a few funny things the kids have said:

Michael: "Mom, why does Bella toot?" Me: "Well, everyone toots, Buddy." Michael: "Even the Spencers?" Me: "Uh, yes. Even the Spencers." Michael: "Mom, I don't want to toot. It would be UNdignified!"

Kate (to me): "Katie go stinky in 'da potty, pease!" (and she did! YAY!)

Kate: "I want gum, pease!" (how does she even KNOW about gum?!)

Michael: "Mr Tomato Head, you have a hole in your back! Did someone take out all your bones and your blood?!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Notable Bloggin' Event

It's official- we are now paying customers to Blogger after using up our free 1GB of storage space for this blog. I'm pretty sure that a 1GB+ blog is probably notable, possibly even a little obsessive.
We will still continue to bring you our silly pictures, amusing adventures, and all things Blakemore, both the note-worthy and the mundane. Thanks for keeping up with us!

Going Nuts for Oatmeal

Both my kids LOVE oatmeal, but especially Kate. She asks for it often as a snack, in addition to daily at breakfast. Our favorite way to eat oatmeal is sweetened with a little applesauce, but we will pretty much eat it any way.
Here she is finishing up Michael's bowl of oatmeal after eating all her own. She must get this from her Grandma and Grandpa Blakemore, who are also known to be big fans of oatmeal.

Groovin,' Mary Poppins Style

Running out some energy before nap time.
You should see them moving' & groovin' to Step in Time

It's fun to watch!

Enjoying Time with Daddy

When I work my weekly shift at the hospital, the kids really enjoy the time with their Daddy. He's a great Daddy, and takes great care of the kids.
Michael colors me a picture while I am away

Michael shares with his sister. Sweet!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun on the School Playground (or, Utilizing My Tax Money)

We love to spend the evening at the elementary school playground, especially after dinner when Daddy has some time to join us! Jon and I played catch for a little while, while the kids enjoyed the playground equipment.
Two cuties! Michael dubbed this connector as his own personal train.

Kate is quite the acrobat. She loves to play "monkey," and after seeing Michael attempt the monkey bars, she wanted a turn. She could hang on for a good little while.

I tried to get a picture at an angle that made it look as though she was hanging way up there all alone (to freak the grandma's out a little- all in good fun!), but you can see Jon's head peeking up while he's spotting her.

Michael loves to climb.

Kate loves to do anything that Michael is doing.


Must've been a turbulent landing.

Michael pretty much enjoys anything he does.

Daddy taught Michael how to come down the pole like a fireman. Michael has been playing "fireman" ever since he met the real fireman in Nebraska.

The Dog Days of Summer

We can't complain in the least about the hot weather we have had the last week or two, as we have had a pretty mild summer so far. We just decided we will go with the flow and enjoy it, even on 90+ degree days. With comfy clothes and lots of water, we head outside a couple times a day to enjoy the great outdoors.
When Kate gets hot, she just gets really rosy-faced.

But Michael sweats buckets. Pretty much within a few minutes of being outside, his head is dripping, and he is soaked all over. He's pretty hot-natured anyways, and even in the winter, I have to put light Jammies on him, or he will just wake up soaking wet. He doesn't let it deter him, though, and would LIVE outside, if I let him.

Oh The Fun Times That Will Be Had...

What could the kids be looking at that could be so exciting?

Yes, oh yes! It's our new (used) trampoline that I found on Craigslist for $25! It's a 14' trampoline with a full safety net included, and all that we (meaning Jon) had to do was dissemble and transport it to our house (plus pass them 2 $10s and a $5)
. My dear and wonderful husband dissembled this on one of the hotted days we've had this year. It took him nearly an hour and a half to take apart. He's a good man!
The kids were looking longingly, but I wouldn't let them jump until we installed the safety net.

Then the fun began!

They LOVE it. The only problem is that Kate is at a severe weight disadvantage, so I realized quickly that, for the sake of my daughter's safety and sanity, we should do this one at a time. She just ended up getting knocked over with Michael's first bounce, and would get frustrated when she couldn't get back up. It's rough being the little one!

And oh! the energy we have burned already!

A Brave Little Dragonfly

While we were playing outside one day, a dragonfly was hanging out on this stake and let us get really close to him. Michael spent a long time inspecting and analyzing the little guy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little TOO Much Rockin'

Michael got the little rocker going QUITE hard, and he tipped it.
(Don't worry- he's okay!)

And he has a goofy grin afterward to prove it! (that, or he DID hit his head too hard on the floor. One of the two...)

He's Serious About His Tacos!

I just love this eyes-closed, full-throttle eating action going on here!

Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up

Kate loves to stand over the vent and feel the cool air.
It's more fun in a dress!

Sassy little thang!

Just Hangin' Out

The kids love to play "monkeys" and hang from the slats in the bunk bed. It's fun to watch, and I'm sure much more fun to do!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Omaha Trip, 2009

We just got back from our summer trip to Omaha to visit Jon's family- Kevin & Deb, and their kids, Lauren and Nathan, and Jon's parents. Jon was only able to stay a few days, but the kids and I stayed on for another week and enjoyed our time immensely. I was very happy that the flight back (2 plane rides plus a 2.5hr layover) with just me and 2 tired children went very well!
This is on our flight out to Omaha. It left at 7am, which meant we were up at ~3:30. That wasn't as early as the flight back (with just me and the kiddos) that left at 6:20am! You KNOW we aren't early risers, but THAT was very early!! I'm so glad the kids did well!

The kids had SUCH a great time running around in the country.

Nathan (age 8) is ALL boy, and is SO funny! Here he is being a human flag pole.

The kids miss their cousins already! Lauren (age 12 now- had a birthday while we were there!) went to camp for a week while we were visiting, but we enjoyed that sweet girl a LOT.

We went to the water park the first weekend we were there.

Kate got so tired splashing around in the water that she took herself a little nap under a towel.

Biker babes!

Tonya, the Shultz's next door neighbor has a horse, and Michael really enjoyed his horse ride.

Katie did NOT like the horse.

We had such a relaxing, enjoyable time visiting with family! We got to celebrate Jon's Dad's birthday & Lauren's birthday while we were there. We missed Jon when he came home, but are really glad for the wonderful opportunity we had to visit family. We miss you guys already!

Little Super Hero

Michael thought that Nathan's superhero clothes were SO wonderful. He was often dressed as Batman or Spiderman throughout the visit. He also decided that he would change his name daily. Every day when he woke up, he informed us of what his name would be that day. We met Henry, Gordon, Thomas, and James. (notice the Thomas the Train theme going on here?) He decided that his favorite was James, and today when we went to the store, he told a passerby, "Hi. My name is James. What's your name?" Silly boy!

It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's Spiderman on a swing!

Omaha Zoo

We went to the Omaha Zoo with Deb & Nathan, and I was SO impressed with what a great zoo it was! It was FAR better than the National Zoo, and we had a GREAT time!
Checking out the very cool penguins. Actually, these are warm-weather penguins, which I didn't know existed.

And for my awesome friend Cynetta, here's the Omaha version of the Cebu (which is actually a Zebu in English). This must be the sick Cebu, as he's a little blurry. ;-)

Michael pretending he has a long giraffe neck, too.

We didn't know this in advance, but it was Member Appreciation Day at the zoo, and we got free tickets to ride the train. Needless to say, my son was in 7th heaven!!

The black bears were having a big "tickle session" (as I told Michael), but actually, these two were beating the snot out of each other, bear claws and all!

The kids got to build a little "toad abode," which was a nice break from being in the sun all day. Aunt Deb, as always, was so patient and kind with Michael, helping him with his project.

They had a little petting zoo section, which Michael thought was awesome. Kate did NOT like the little goats coming any where near her, which is too bad, since the goats thought our stroller had lots of wonderful things to munch on.

Silly monkeys!

(hushed voice) "The Virginia monkey, in it's natural habitat, is actually quite the social creature."

Nathan, just hanging out.

Katie took a nice little nap in the stroller while we checked out more exhibits.

The aquarium section had a petting zoo as well. Pretty nasty of you ask me! Deb decided that this would be a great opportunity to wash her purse, and gave it a good dunk in the water (immediately after telling the kids to be super-careful with the water and sea life!) :-)

4 little penguins

The aquarium was very cool!

Some kind of wild boar

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but Michael has this strange, irrational fear or tigers. A man had a tiger skin for the kids to pet, and I figured that maybe it would help Michael realize that tigers do NOT live under his bed.

The lion cage was SO close to us.

The peacocks were just walking around hanging out. The boys tried (unsuccessfully) to catch one. Actually, this is a peaHEN, as it is female and has no tail feathers, and they are actually called peaFOWL, as just the male is a peacock. Now you can answer that Jeopary! question.

We ended the day with a lovely train ride around the zoo, which, of course, Michael thought was just marvelous!