Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinner Aftermath

We had Taco Pizza for dinner Monday night, and the kids (and Jon) just love that meal. You can tell because they pretty much consumed the meal like ravenous wolves.
Michael remains quite the messy child. He's learning to clean up after himself, though. I'm currently teaching him to take his own bath so he can be promoted to a shower soon. A shower would have been a convenient option after this meal.

Kate is not nearly as messy as Michael, but she can still do some damage.

She's a Book Worm

Kate really enjoys a good book. This one is about cars, and she practically has it memorized.

Oh, The Energy...

I'm pretty sure this boy is gaining energy exponentially. He's a ton of fun, though, and keeps us laughing.
He rarely takes a nap any more. He always has to have "rest" time in the afternoon in his bed, but it's an unusual day when he sleeps.

Trying to get some of that energy out.

Check out that height!

Prince Charming Brought Me a Bouquet

Now that fall has arrived, the kids think leaves are the most wonderful thing ever. They always have to stop and collect a few right before entering the house.

Cinderella Lost Her Shoe

Kate is really growing up. She talks SO much now, and has started into the inquisitive stage. She OFTEN asks "Wuh-sat noise?" anytime she hears something unfamiliar. She is quite observant, and learns a ton (both good and bad) from her big brother.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Harvest Festival at Belvedere Plantation

MediCorp, the hospital system where I work, had a Family Fun Day and rented out Belvedere Plantation for all MediCorp employees and their families.
We stayed all day and played, even though it was cool and rainy. We just put on our rain jackets and decided to enjoy ourselves!

It started out overcast, and started raining right as Michael and his cousins started jumping on the jumping pillow (very cool, by the way! Like a bouncer, but WAY better!). They were slipping and sliding and having a GREAT time!

This was a VERY cool ride that Michael adored! They had these little train cars attached to a tractor and a man drove around and swerved and turned and made for an awesome ride! Mikaela was a little scared, but Michael put her at ease.

Michael loved the tractor and trike area. He rode for a long time. I'm thinking of getting him a bike for his birthday, and am wondering if anyone has suggestions? I'm going to try to find something on Craigslist, but I'm not even sure of bike sizes or styles. I think he'd love it!

Kate finally crashed about 4pm for a short snooze. The kids were so wet and dirty when we got home that they immediately disrobed and went directly in the bath. I'm pretty sure they were asleep before their heads even hit the pillows. Fun day!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Kids

Lest you think these two are always sweet and happy, we have been dealing with sibling rivalry lately. Michael plays too roughly, and Kate is easily annoyed. We have been working on being kind and thoughtful, and MANY times a day we sing our little song that goes like this (to the tune of '1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians')- "Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God (for Christ's sake) hath forgiven you."
I'm learning in a million tiny ways how God can use frustrations and difficult days (hours, moments...) to work out His sanctifying process in me. I'm trying to learn to be patient ("Love is patient, Love is kind.") and slow to be angry ("The wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God") and so many other things. I'm just glad that God is a patient, loving Father to me.

Katie Gets An "Owie"

This mischief maker was scrounging in the pantry for some goods, and she dropped a can of apple pie filling on her big toe. It was quite the long, drawn-out drama, and she still reminds me often of the "ow-eeeeee", which she did Monday night.
I guess I should get some girlie bandaids, as all I had was Spiderman.

Look at that sadness!

The aftermath, a few days later.

So You Think You Can Dance?

Apparently, my kids think they can.

Too Tuckered To Play

This was Kate after lunch. I guess she was too tired to sit up and play.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Flu Bug Has Hit!

Jon was feeling quite ill yesterday with body aches and fatigue, and he was running a fever and had chills last night. Kate woke up quite a few times in the night crying out and coughing. Michael feels okay, and I am tired from taking care of an energetic boy and 1 very sickie, and 1 kinda sickie. We figured we would keep our germs at home from church today, and work on taking it easy.
This is what my bed looked like this morning. Mom says, "Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!"

We had a mellow day, and I let the kids watch a couple movies. Jon is feeling somewhat better this evening, and I'm hoping my super-duper, hospital-exposed immune system keeps all the viruses at bay so I can help everyone else get better or stay better.

Little Michael Picaso

Michael loves to paint, and that will keep him occupied for a long time. It's washable paint, but easier to just wash it off of him than his clothes.
See that happy smile! He LOVES to paint!

He has to wait for Kate to go down for her nap before I will pull the paint out. She is still in the "tasting" phase of toddlerhood.

I know the mess is about to get big when I hear, "Uh, Mom. Can I have a natkin, please?"

Oh yes,Here it became body paint after about 10 minutes of painting.

This is the final masterpiece and evidence of the damage done. He even got it on his face, but he had a great time, and kids will wash!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Michael's my daredevil, but Katie is really starting to vie for the title. I'm not sure if Michael planted the idea (look at the sneaky grin!), or if she just thought it would be fun, but I'm glad she didn't get too much higher! (and excuse the top shelf there. Does ANYONE know how to fold a fitted sheet neatly?)
Sorry for the underwear shot there. Katie has been learning to use the potty this last month, and it finally is starting to click. She was ACCIDENT-FREE on Wednesday, and only had one today (though I give her half credit, as Jon was tickling her pretty hard, and well... sometimes that just happens :-) I'm seeing all the wonderful diaper-free days in my future- Motherly Bliss!

Jumping for Joy

The kids just love any opportunity to jump on the trampoline! Fun for all!
Kate just learned how much cooler the trampoline is when you let your feet leave the mat.

Michael expends a very high amount of little-boy energy by jumping.

This was hard to capture on camera, but check out the static on her hair! Love it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm amazed at how much Kate is learning just from listening to Michael. She can count to 13 & sing her ABC song, and she says some pretty funny things that I KNOW she picked up from Michael. Michael is just a knowledge sponge. He soaks up everything around him, and asks some seriously provocative questions. He's also asking a lot of questions about sin and forgiveness, and it has led to many conversations about our individual need for redemption. It's really awesome to be able to talk with my son about Christ and the gospel message, and I pray that all my children will know him personally and love & serve Him all their lives.

One Fell Off And Bumped Her Head

Okay, so she didn't REALLY bump her head, but I went in to check on the kids and to take Michael potty before we went to sleep, (insert rabbit trail- I think I had mentioned before that Michael was having night terrors and would wake up hysterical and incoherent in the night, and one of the remedies I read about while doing research was to interrupt the a specific part of the REM cycle of sleep when night terrors occur. So every night I go in and get him up- under the auspice of taking him potty- and the episodes have ceased. Last Saturday night I forgot to get him up, and sure enough he was up in hysterics. Glad we've figured a way to avoid them though) and I found Kate sound asleep on the floor. She's always really good about staying in bed, so I'm guessing she just rolled over a little too far, fell down, and just kept right on sleeping. Sweet girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009

By Flickering Candlelight

We lost power one night shortly before bedtime. We decided to make an adventure out of it, and read stories by candlelight.
Here we are reading our Bible story before bed.

I had to use a flashlight to see the words.

I actually was kinda hoping it would stay out all night long, as it was so pretty with the glow of candlelight!

My Growing Girl

Katie has decided that she wants to do everything Michael does. She picks up bugs, and she climbs on ladders, and she has even decided that she wants to be the Alpha Male of the two (which has made for some nasty fights between them). We are working hard on learning to be kind to one another and to think of others more highly than ourselves (Phil 2:3) It's a lesson that we adults need to learn, too, and I've found that parenting is one of the most humbling endeavors I have ever taken on. As I teach my kids to do what is right, I really end up challenging myself to practice what I preach. I'm thankful for these little ones, who mirror my own selfishness right back at me, and challenge me in ways I probably would never have seen otherwise.
Reaching new heights

Check out that big ol' curlie-cue.

It wraps up in that big curl and tucks itself way up there, and you'd never know her hair was getting so long if I didn't pull it out with my fingers.

Chasing Frogs

"HERE froggy, froggy, froggy..."
Michael was hoping this little frog (or is it a toad?!) would hop into his hands.

Instead, it squeezed it's little squishy body down that tiny hold of the septic reservoirs. Michael was very sad that he didn't want to play with him.

The Toy Counter

My friend Brandy gave us this really great flannel board called The Toy Counter, which teaches beginning math to little ones. Michael LOVES it, and as you can see, he spent a good part of his Katie-free play time (that hour between when she goes down for a nap and he has to rest) organizing and arranging the toys on the felt board.
He makes his mom proud!

A Visit With Friends

The Neff family from Chicago stopped by on their visit our east last week. Bob and Jon are good friends from college, and he now has a sweet wife Erica and 3 little boys, who are so sweet and precious! We wish they could have stayed longer, but we enjoyed the time we had while they were here. Thanks for coming by, guys!
This is Noah, the youngest, who was letting us know he was ready for a nap. Ben and Judah, who I neglected to get pictures of, as we were having such a nice time, are twin 3 year olds. I loved hearing Erica's story about finding out the DAY she delivered the twins that she was having not ONE baby, but TWO. Exciting, but shocking at the same time. :-)

FIXED (I Think!)

After hours of frustration, I believe I have figured out a way to override the system and keep on using this blog. Sorry for the frustration and delays, but I'm hoping that we can keep all our family posts and pictures together on here. Hope you continue to enjoy

Creative Rock Play

When we were at the school playground last week, Michael decided that he was going to hunt and collect "dinosaur eggs."
He found the perfectly oval rocks and brought them to me for safe-keeping.

Kate lined them up, then promptly dropped them through the little round holes on the steps.

So fun!

Outside voice!