Friday, February 26, 2010

The Sweet Faces of Michael Blakemore

Michael was being silly this morning, and I couldn't help but take advantage of the situation by shooting some pictures. What a cutie-boy!!
The "sheepish" look

Happy boy (showing off his latest chest wounds. We're not sure from what!)

Silly boy

GQ boy

Sweet boy!

Thanks Again, Daddy

He shoveled the snow off the trampoline yet again so Michael could do some jumping. He's a good man!

Katie Gets a Shiner

Remember that wrestling post from a few days ago? Well, we have our first injury. Katie took it like a champ, though.
It doesn't look too bad...

...until you look at it head on. Ouch!

Katie in Motion

Katie loves to dance, hop, skip, and do all sorts of girlie-ness. She's adorable.
Rarin' back for a big twirl

Quick breather

And off she hops

And right back again

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dancing for Joy

I'm so glad I caught this moment of silliness with the kids and Daddy. They were dancing and laughing, and having a great time! Next time, I'll get a video!
Katie's dancing consists of a combination dainty little skip/hop.

Michael's dancing is pretty much just full-throttle run.

Bug Making

Michael got a Creepy Crawler bug-making kit for Christmas, but we had to find the right light bulb (which was NOT included! Shame on them!) to get it to work. The kids had a great time making their insects and critters.

Puppet Show

It's always entertaining when the kids put on a puppet show!
This one features Buzz, Woody, and Fuzzy-Bear

Kate, the voice behind Fuzzy-Bear (and animal-namer extraordinaire!), got tired of being behind the couch, so she brought her segment over to the table for a little ventriloquist act.


This picture in the minor phases of wrestle-mania '10, but Kate and Michael have been having fun wrestling with one another lately. I thought that only brothers did that, but I guess you have to improvise with what you've got.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Say Farewell

We had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa Blakemore visiting these past 2 weeks, and were sad to see them go. After Kate's nap today, the first thing she said through in her groggy, post-slumber state was, "I miss my Gramma!" And we all miss you both a lot!

We miss you already!! Come back soon!

Be My Valentine

On Valentine's Day, we made heart cookies and decorated them with pretty sprinkles.
My kitchen helpers
(notice Michael rolling his dough, and Katie eating hers)

Decorating our cookies

Eating our cookies (or, in Katie's case, licking all the icing off the cookie)

Don't worry, we adults got in on the cookie-eating action!

A Lovely Visit

We had a lovely visit when the Tyes and Gracelyn came to visit us this week. Gracelyn has spent the last 8 months in China teaching English, and will return there shortly. It was wonderful having the opportunity to see them all!


This boy, who is normally full-speed ahead, is so absolutely precious when he's asleep. I love those sleepy moments right before he falls asleep when he's playing with his puppy's ears.

Coffee Sampler

Grandma was making coffee one afternoon, and Katie decided to reach up and take a taste of the coffee grounds. She said "Yucky!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Am My Beloved's...

Though we don't technically celebrate Valentine's Day (ie, we believe we should love EVERY day. Plus, we refuse to allow the commercialization of something so sacred), I thought this would be a good opportunity to say how much I love this man I'm married to. He's not only my husband, but my best friend, too. We laugh together. We stay up way too late watching cable news together. We enjoy those precious parent moments together when the kids say something that is so adorable or funny. We worship and serve together. We share our frustrations, our thoughts and opinions, and our ideals with each other, without the inhibition of being judged or thought differently about. We share knowing glances and don't have to speak a word to understand the others' thoughts. We're in this for the long haul, and I can't think of a better way to spend the rest of my life than with the wonderful man I'm married to!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow

We have completely obliterated all records of annual snowfall in the area, and the kids are starting to think that spring will never come. We've been playing out in the snow on occasion, and it's gotten so high that the kids get stuck in some areas.
Michael helps Katie up after she falls.

My hard-working, shoveling man. We have a long driveway, and he has done a great job keeping it clean. My father-in-law has also been a great shoveler this past snowfall.

The kids though (for some strange reason) that they would try to jump on the trampoline. Notice how low the center of the trampoline is sagging underneath the weight of the snow.

Michael was so excited to find a little bit of grass by the house. He asked me if that meant it was spring now. :-)

The long, arduous task of shoveling! That's a good husband I have!

A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa Blakemore are here for a visit, and we're really enjoying having them here.
We went to Denny's on Tuesday morning for our free Grand Slam breakfasts, and had a lovely time. We wish Jon could have joined us! We got there about 11am, and it was SO crowded. They said that the wait would be about an hour, so we put in our names and went to the mall. 40 minutes later, we came back just in time to hear our names called. Fun times!

Katie (silly-faced-girl) snuggles with her Grandma before bed.

Naughty Children

The kids got up MUCH too early one morning, so they were sent back to bed for a while. Instead of curling up and going back to sleep (like they usually do!), they decided to raid the pantry, THEN head back to bed. Here's what I found a little later:
Sprinkles. Everywhere. They had decided that my cookie decorating box would produce a wonderful breakfast of multi-colored sprinkles.

They brought the crackers and pretzels to wash down the sprinkles.

2 naughty kids in the naughty chairs. I had to send them somewhere while I smiled at their antics. :-)
(Notice Michael stole Katie's hot pink socks, too.)

2 Men, 1 Soldering Iron, and a LOT of Determination

Our laptop broke about a year ago, but Jon wasn't ready to let it go. While his dad is visiting this week, they decided to attempt to fix it by taking it completely apart and soldering the broken piece inside. To my great joy, they were successful, and the laptop is up and running again! Great job, guys!!

Sweet Moment with Daddy

I caught a sweet moment between Jon and Katie as he was tucking her in for a nap. He's such a great Daddy!


A few feet of snow never stopped us from using the grill.

Using Her Pockets

Kate often likes to put things in her "pockets." The problem is- most of her pants do no have pockets, so she puts them right down into her panties. She snagged my phone here and put it right on down into her "pocket." :-)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Couple of Characters

The kids usually ask to wear one of their costumes every day.
Peter Pan returns

Minnie Mouse mid-twirl

Blizzard, 2010

We got a TON of snow over the last day and a half. I don't have a total of inches, since we got around 4-6 inches, then that got packed down with a big layer of sleet and freezing rain, then we got a whole bunch on top of that. I couldn't get Jon's tape measure through the heavy snow, as it kept bending.
This was first thing Saturday morning, before it snowed heavily all day.

I love how the snow clung to the netting of the trampoline.

Everyone kept talking about snow cream, so we found a recipes online and made some. We all thought it was pretty nasty.

So, not to disappoint the kids, we had snow cones. Literally, snow and cones. The kids thought it was great.

What a treat!
Tomorrow, we'll venture out to play in the snow.

2 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

When it's cold outside, and we're played out with snow, we get creative with getting energy out.