Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm So Excited! And I Just Can't Hide It!

This morning while I was getting ready for the day, I heard the door bell ring.
It was the delivery man. But it wasn't the USUAL delivery man. It was the lumber supply store delivery man!

Yes, that would be the raw materials for out new DECK that Jon is going to build! I can't WAIT!!

The kids had a great time playing on it today. Michael dubbed each pile "a planet" and gave Katie her very own to play on. Who knew a pile of wood could bring such delight to us all!
I'll keep you updated on the deck progress!


Michael got himself stuck in the baby bouncy seat. Silly guy!

Ewwwwww! A SNAKE!

While we were playing outside today, I was cleaning up a few yard toys and heard a rustle in the leaves. I looked over and found a SNAKE in the yard! Ahhhhhh!
So I quickly quarantined the children to a small patch of concrete by the house and called my husband to the rescue. He was home in the office for just a few minutes getting some things together for his next job. I'm so glad he was home. Of course, he laughed at me and had NO sympathy at all for my utter disgust of the thing. He wanted to set it free in the woods, since it was "a good snake." WHAT?! There is noo such thing, I say!!!! I insisted that it die.

When I screamed at the sight of him, he tried to crawl into our septic tank (which makes me shudder to think that he might have family members there?) Trust me, that was not me taking this picture! I was much farther away.

Here are the kids staying far, far away, per my command. Michael was bravely ready to fight it off with his plastic sword. He said, "Mom, I will protect you from that yucky snake!" That was a lot more of a noble response than I got from my husband...

UGH! I can't even look at this picture! Makes me want to vomit. I'm glad it's dead!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cooks in Training

I was making dinner a little later than usual, and the kids were anxious to help. After significant hand scrubbing, they helped by squishing the dough into the pie plates. Big helpers!!
This is Michael's seductive look. Notice he only uses it when food is involved, and it'd better stay that way for a VERY long time!!

Scary Spiders

While playing outside, the kids decided to be scary spiders, and I got to bear the brunt of the spiders' fury. I wish I had a video so you could hear the growling and hissing. I love imagination!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning, Noon, and Nighttime

We had a relaxing day yesterday. The weather was a perfect 72 degrees and the windows were open. I wish every day could be like that!!
Morning- breakfast, watch a little PBS kids in our jammies (while Mommy gets ready). Get dressed. Quick doctors visit (Baby is doing fine with a heart rate in the 140-150 range). Library trip. Read books. Play in the playroom (while Mommy did chores). Lunch.

After lunch, we played outside for a while, then rested/napped (while Mommy got dinner prepared). Eat dinner.

Before bed, Michael was being silly and hiding under the bed, so we decided to have our Bible story time UNDER the bed instead of ON the beds (though my pregnant belly didn't fit very far under...). The kids thought it was fantastic! Fun day!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rainy Day= Movie Day

On our last trip to the library, we borrowed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but the last few days have been too pretty to sit inside and watch TV, so we've been outside.
Michael was SO excited to wake up this morning and see that it was raining, as he knew today was the day to watch the new movie.

My Clumsy Kate

Poor Kate! She's clumsy like her mom. She often can be found with "owies" on her knees, elbows, legs, and various other body parts.
We were outside playing, and she fell on the driveway. Drama ensued.

Elmo and Zoe came to the rescue in the form of band-aids.

Michael was a sweet helper in making his sister better (he says he wants to go to the hospital when he's bigger and help the sick people like Mommy).
About 30min later, sweet girl fell yet AGAIN (this time on a rock) and had a big 4in bloody gash down her leg. Poor girl is destined for injury!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playing in the Creek

We have a creek that runs through our property, and the kids love to explore it.
They're always looking for bugs or treasures or boats... you know, stuff that you'd find in ANY creek! :-)

I have fond memories of playing with my friend Tanya by the creek near her house when I was growing up. I can tell you on more than one occasion where I "accidentally" fell into the creek so I wouldn't have to go home before dinner.

She Won't Be the Smallest TOO Much longer

I heard a whimper from the play room while I was fixing dinner and found Kate buried beneath a load of toys. She thought it was a great idea- until she couldn't get out!
I love the look on her face. Resigned, maybe?

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Little Garbage Disposal

This boy can eat! I don't know what I'm going to do when he's a teenager, as he can often eat as much as my husband eats (and he's no small eater!)
This was dessert- a bowl of chocolate pudding. He wanted to be sure to get every last drop. I can tell you that he didn't learn to lick his bowl from Mommy...

Look at that happy chocolate face! It's the little things that make us happy (and they usually involve food!) :-)

Bye, Bye, Buzz & Woody

Our (garage sale find) VHS tape of Toy Story 2 finally was consumed by our (garage sale) VCR player. It was a sad day, but was GREATLY loved and appreciated while it lasted. I'll keep my eyes open this summer for a (garage sale) replacement and future birthday present. We can't wait to go see Toy Story 3 this summer.

Pregnancy Craving

My good husband was sweet enough to pick me up some strawberries on the way home from work so I could fulfill my pregnancy craving- Strawberry Pie. He definitely benefited from it in the end. YUM! I love spring and summer produce!! First the tomato sandwiches, then strawberry pie, and Mallory's awesome fresh tomato salsa, next- all manner of fantastic produce.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Football in the Eyes of a 4-Year-Old

Michael was playing football with Daddy tonight right before bed.
He started out with an adorable little-boy pose,

but then informed us that if we want to be "real" football players, we'd have to lift our shoulders up "like this."

So he was running around playing football with his shoulders raised up high, and it was so very cute. I love that he thinks they just lift up their shoulders to play football. Cutie boy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Never Dull

We definitely have our routines, but our days are never dull with these silly kids.
We play dress-up many days. Michael wanted to be the doctor, even though it's a wee bit small for him. Katie is Ariel. Then she was Minnie. Then she was Tinkerbell. I wish she would hurry up and learn to dress herself! Women are fickle.

We had a spontaneous movie night on Monday, which is pretty much like any other time we watch movies, but with the crucial addition of stovetop-popped popcorn.

Michael and Katie have dubbed their animals "the kids." I'll hear one say to the other, "Go get the kids," and next thing I know, the whole animal kingdom is joining us in our next activity (which happened to be breakfast this time). I had to draw the line when Michael wanted me to fix additional meals for "the kids" and was asking me to take them potty.

Michael has been really in to crafts lately. Bad mom alert: I really despise crafts. I would be happy to never pull out a pair or round-tipped, cut-nothing safety scissors in my life, but my boy loves them, so I let him go to town with the glue, scissors, and construction paper. Today, Michael asked me where glue came from. I told him that I wasn't sure, but would look it up and find out for him. He then said, "Mom, I DO know where glue comes from. When horses get old and die, their bones make glue." I scoffed, then looked it up, and that's pretty much how old-fashioned glue is made. I could tell he had asked Jon this very same question, and he got the full & complete nerdy answer.
Jon answers questions differently than I do. Michael will ask me why the clouds stay in the sky and don't fall on us, and my answer is that God made everything and is in control, and He keeps everything working in perfect order because He's great. Jon will go into the chemical properties of clouds and the effects of atmospheric pressure in relation to the dew point. Our poor children... :-) Like I said- never a dull moment.

My Little "Wild Thing"

Katie decided that our book Where The Wild Things Are needed a good washing. I found her "cleaning" it in the sink when she was supposed to be washing her hands.
I figured I would try drying it in front of the oven, which was slow-roasting a ham all day. It worked pretty well, with some residual crinkles, of course.

Sometimes I feel like I live amongst the wild things. I should learn to tame them with my terrible eyes...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

For the Love of Spring

The Farmer's Market by our house opened this week, so today we enjoyed our first tomato sandwich of the season. It was wonderful!
Michael used to despise tomatoes, but has made a 180 degree turn. Now he begs for them off my salad, and he wanted to eat one whole like an apple today.

At least there's hope that maybe Katie will enjoy her fruits and veggies one day, too.

Reluctant Hugs

It's fun to watch the kids interact, especially when one of feeling more affectionate than the other. Here, Michael really wanted hugs and love, and Kate was not feeling' it.

New Watches

Miss Liz, one of Michael's teachers for his Wednesday night kids program at church, bought watches for the kids, since they always admire her watch. They LOVE their watches, and I had to do some serious convincing to get them to remove their watches before bath time. Thank you, Miss Liz, for being so sweet and thoughtful!

Grilling Fail

In cooking, you win some, you lose some. I taught myself to cook after Jon and I were married. It was a slow process, and I realize often that I still have a long way to go. I'll occasionally watch The Food Network and say to myself, "Ohhhhhhh! THAT'S how you use that kitchen tool" or "Why didn't I think to do it that way?"
Anyways, I've decided that I want to be a good griller. I can do the basics- burgers, hot dogs, etc, but I want to learn to use it for slow-roasted chicken and steak, and grilled veggies, and skewers, and all the other fantastic things that my brother-in-law Kevin is famous for.
Today, I was grilling chicken quarters, and I got distracted by a closet organization project that I was working on. Jon came and asked me if the grill was *supposed* to be at 500 degrees with flames shooting forth. It wasn't a pretty result after I ran outside.

This was the charred result. Not good. Round #2 went okay, and thankfully, chicken quarters are on sale this week for .49c/lb, but I sure do hate to waste food. Next time, I'll remember to turn the front burners off and the back burner to "low" when I'm slow-roasting chicken. Live and learn.

He Loves To Clean

Michael is a messy eater. Okay, he pretty much does everything messy! So Michael has become quite proficient in self-cleaning, which often includes the "little vacuum." He's actually quite helpful, and he enjoys it, too!

25lbs of Potatoes Gone Bad

So, back in the fall, when it was potato season, my friend Mallory and I split a 50lb bag of potatoes, since it was only $10 for the entire bag of 50lbs. Great deal! However, shortly after this purchase, I was pregnant and unable to go NEAR a potato, so unfortunately, I didn't get to even half of them. I asked Jon to take care of the box about mid-winter, and he promptly forgot. I opened the cabinet door this week, and here's what I found:
Oh, yes. That would be a huge box of sprouted potatoes. They really didn't stink, though I was expecting it to be half-way to potato vodka. We decided to dispose of them in the woods behind our house.

We had a great time slinging potatoes into the woods. Who knows, we might have a plenteous potato crop when fall rolls around again!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Melodious Katie

Katie is quite the little singer, and randomly breaks into song multiple times per day. Here she is singing "Jesus Loves Me" at the table. Too bad she has my pitch.

You like how she's eating mac & cheese in her PJs? Don't judge me- it was brunch. Yes, brunch. I'm sure of it. :-)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Daddy's Helpers

Daddy was changing the brakes on the van tonight, and we enjoyed spending some time with him. He's been working a lot lately, and we are thankful for our times together with him. He's a hard-worker, and does a great job providing for us!
It was getting dark, and the mosquitoes were starting to come out, so we headed in shortly after this.

Mechanic in training

Michael was checking out the Chrysler repair manual with Daddy.

Before we headed in, we caught sight of the most beautiful Easter-Egg-Pink sunset. It was lovely, and the picture doesn't do it justice.

Pool Day

The high today was 92, so we brought out the pool for the kids to play in.
The kids were hesitant at first, because the water from the spigot was SO very cold. After getting acclimated to it for a while, they had a TON of fun!

Here's a video of their infectious giggles in the pool:

Silly & Goofy

The kids had ring pops today, and thought they were great for about 5 minutes. They don't really care for suckers, except for the first few minutes.
Kate lounged back with her legs crossed.

"Kiss me!"

A yogurt goatee

Silly ham-eater.
Last week after watching Charlotte's Web, Michael was very distressed about Wilbur possibly being butchered. He said that he would NEVER eat pig! I told him the cold, hard facts that 2 of his favorite meats- ham and bacon- came from a pig. He vowed to never eat them again, but I guess when the opportunity came around, he forgot about poor Wilbur's plight.