Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since halloween was on Sunday, we took advantage of all the weekend festivities with the kids.  On Saturday, we went to Downtown Fredericksburg.  All the cute boutique shops and specialty stores (read: overpriced) had free trick-or-treating for the kids.  So we got on a couple of fun costumes and spent the afternoon strolling the streets on a lovely day. 
Michael was a fireman, and Kate was a jack-o-lantern. 

We had so much fun that Kate fell asleep on the way home.  

On Sunday night, we went to the halloween outreach party at our church.  The kids were the 3 Incredible kids- Violet, Dash, & Baby Jack-Jack.  

Michael got a ghost painted on his face by Miss Amber, aka Snow White. 

Kate got an Incredibles mask painted by Miss Mallory!  
We had tons of fun playing games and getting candy that I forgot to take any pictures.  If anyone wants some candy, come on over!  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brothers Bonding

Kate may be David's second mother, but Michael sure likes to teach David a little bit about everything.  It's not unusual to over hear Michael telling David all about the specifics of how things work (or how he THINKS things work...)  It's precious!  

But I also need to keep David close, because as much as they love David, the kids don't see a problem with playing David's "tummy drums" with real drumsticks.  Ikes!  

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lil' Carhartts

Giggles and laughs!  David is starting to give us deep belly laughs, and we adore it!  David's been sporting a little baby acne lately.  Either that or his voice is about to change. ;-) 

LOVE this expression.  I can raise one eyebrow, too.  :-)
Thanks to The Smiths for the cool Carhartt overalls!!  The lovely Miss Addison has a matching one, too! 

Center of Attention

Can you see David's outfit?  It says "Current Family Favorite."  We don't REALLY have favorites, but we definitely love having a baby in the house and giving him lots of love and attention!

Super Cinderella

Because all princesses need a super-power!  Kate told me today that she had super powers.  When I inquired as to WHAT her super-power was, she told me that she was a super bed-maker (as she helped me make my bed).  I guess I'm realizing MY super-powers, too, then! 
(Thank you, Grandma & Papa, for a wonderful birthday gift!)

Michael at Play

 It's so fun to watch Michael play.  He has such a fun-loving imagination, and comes up with the funniest things! 

He loves to put things in order, too.  He made a garage with the car box and an Amazon box.  Engineer in the future, maybe?  :-)

We've been enjoying some cooler weather, but it doesn't keep the kids from enjoying some time outside on the deck.  They have been LOVING the deck, since I can still send them out to play while I'm working on other things.  I have a good line-of-sight to watch them, but can be working in the kitchen or doing chores while they are playing.  Thank you, Jon, for our wonderful deck!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Party Day

We spent all day Friday partying on Kate's birthday.  

We opened presents first thing before Daddy left for the day.

Michael was so excited to give Kate the present that he picked out (at a garage sale) and paid for with his own money- a ballerina picture. 

A Belle Nightgown from us all.

A Minnie lunchbox from Mommy & Daddy.

 And her very own leap pad!  She loves Michael's, and now she has her own.

And she wore her beautiful froofy tutu from Cynetta (who also sells them HERE on Etsy.)

Then Kate had her favorite breakfast- eggs and toast.   
We went to the play land at Chick-Fil-A for a while, then had chicken for lunch. 

She picked Jell-O cake, but wanted them in the form of cupcakes.  I found that it sticks to the paper with the Jell-O in it, but we enjoyed them anyways.  My mom always made us a Jell-O cake for our birthdays (but with rainbow flavors), and now my kids love it, too. 

My sweet 3-year-old!

For Dinner, Kate picked hot dogs.  Seriously.  Microwaved for 30sec, and I'm done.  A gift to me, for sure. 

 After dinner, we went to Belvedere Plantation (aka, the pumpkin patch) for their Fall Festival.

Kate loved the flowers there.

What fun jumping on the big jumping pillow!    

Off to the races. Jon ended up driving Kate, as she couldn't work the pedals. 

Kate and her Daddy.

Kate was not too excited about the animals.

It was starting to get cold when we headed down the hill for the pig races. 

Michael was chosen to represent the green team, and his pig won.  He's now the proud owner of a plastic pig snout. 

Jon said he had never had funnel cake before, so I told him we MUST get one.  The 16-year-old who cooked it, however,  OVERcooked it, and it was not very good.  Oh well.  Jon still ate it. 

It got pretty chilly that night, so we headed home about 8:30.  David isn't in this picture, as he was taking a nap in his Ergo carrier (which I LOVE!)
Kate had a wonderful birthday, and was glowing all day long.  Hard to believe my baby girl is THREE!  

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Kate!!

 Kate is our precious, cuddly girl, who brings such a sweetness to the family.  When she grows up, she wants to be a Mommy and a Princess, and currently is practicing for both by taking on the role of David's second mother while she wears froofy dresses and high heels.  We love you, sweet girl, and are so glad to have you as part of our family!  Happy birthday!!
(Tutu made by my fabulous friend Cynetta)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Happy Boy

 David is such a fun baby!  He smiles SO much!

 And when he's not smiling, it's usually because he's doing his 2 other favorite things- eating or sleeping.

He's starting to get ticklish, too!  LOVE it~!

Out of His Element

Katie wanted a ponytail in her hair, and I was busy, so Jon attempted his first one. 

After a little while, I had to come assist, just to give him a basic rundown of how to put hair in a ponytail.  He needs more practice, shall we say. :-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Friends are the Best Friends!

 Our good friends from college, Joel & Cynetta, came to visit this weekend.  We have 6 wonderful blessings between our two families.

Grace and David are 6 weeks apart, and had fun "playing" together.  "Playing" consisted of Grace showing off her mad rolling-over skills (trying to teach David a thing or two), and each one trying to eat the other one's fingers.   Grace is so sweet & smiley, and just adorably chubby! 

Noah is 5, and Michael is just about to join him there.  The boys enjoyed all sorts of fun energetic adventures together.  Noah is a sweetie, and is going to break some hearts with those eyes. 

Benjamin and David sport matching monkey jammies. Benjamin just turned 2, and is a fun bundle of energy.  He's got a head-full of awesome red hair.  Love it! 

The big kids in jammies watching Robin Hood so we adults could talk.  

Just two old friends, hanging out on a blanket, holding hands. :-) 

Oh, what fun we had!  

We are thankful for good friends that stand the test of time!  Thanks for a wonderful (although always too short) visit, Joel & Cynetta~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy Kids

Gimme a kiss! 

Michael is so fun-loving!  Can't wait to see what he's like as a teen!

Katie-princess is such a girl.  She really dolled Ariel up here, huh? (She kinda reminds me of a crazy bag lady here). :-)