Friday, December 31, 2010

8 Wonderful Years

December 28th was our 8th anniversary.  I keep thinking that I couldn't love this man any more than I do now, but each year I really do love him more.  Jon, you're a wonderful husband and an amazing Daddy.  You're fun, handsome, a good provider, a lovable nerd, a quick wit, a thinker, & a challenge to me toward godliness.  You make me smile and laugh, and I love you so much!  To many more years together- Happy anniversary! 

A Visit with the Seekins

We had the chance to visit with our dear friends the Seekins while we were in Ohio.  
We're so thankful for good friends who stand the test of time, no matter what the distance. 

Silly boys who take after their Daddies. 

Precious babies who adore their Mommies.

Fun with the Wii

When the Seekins visited in October, Kate and Benjamin fought like brother and sister.  A few months later, they adored each other and played so well.  Benjamin kept playing with Kate's hair and she thought it was great!

The guys (and baby girl) hanging out.

Lots of blessings

Even the babies played well together. 
I'm so glad we got to visit with you guys!!

Christmas With the Browns 2010

We got to spend a couple days with the Brown family, too (though we missed seeing Mel and Meredith's family).  We really enjoyed spending time with Hollie and Brynn, Mark, and my parents. 
The kids really enjoyed decorating their gingerbread cookies from Aunt Hollie.

And Aunt Hollie loved playing with David.  He really loved playing with her, too!  And this toy from her was a big hit!  He plays with it all the time!

My brother making his pretty face.  

Michael LOVED playing the Wii.  I think it's a good thing we don't have one.  He would never do anything else!

Hollie and Brynn loving on David.

Katie putting a skirt and jewelry on over her jeans.

Cutie David

Exhausted from all the fun!

Whose kid is this?  

My dad was caught occasionally sneaking over to play with David.

Watching our new movie from Grandma- Finding Nemo.  

Katie decorated and re-decorated her cookie quite a few times.  Then she ate it.  

Oldest and youngest

Someone was eating more frosting than they were using the decorate. 

 Michael and grandpa

Kate and grandpa

David and grandpa. 
My mom somehow managed to avoid the camera.  I inherited that trait.  
We had a lovely visit, and are thankful for all the hospitality and good food that my mom worked so hard on.  Thanks for a wonderful visit!!  We wish you lived closer!!

Christmas With the Blakemores 2010

In our many travels the last 2 weeks, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Ohio with Jon's family.  The kids had a wonderful time playing with all their cousins, and we were blessed to pass the time with brothers, sisters, in-laws, and parents.
My 3 cuties on Christmas morning, who were too excited to look at the camera!
 While we were in Ohio, we went to the Columbus Metropolitan Library to see the train exhibit.  Michael loved it! 

I love how the kitchen is the gathering place for food and family.  We ate VERY well while were were traveling, and could probably fast for the entire month of January.  Thank you, Steve and Ann Marie, for allowing us all to invade your home!

 We enjoyed lots of fun times playing cards at the table. 

And pulling out all the laptops.  I didn't get a full count, but I'm POSITIVE we had computers in the double digits (and that's not counting blackberries and iPads/iPhones).  I'm pretty sure this is a high indication of the nerd factor in our family. 

Kate won the hearts of many.

 More fun times in the kitchen

Christmas eve cookies for Santa

Gathered around to open presents.

Toys and more toys! 

2 Knights

And a princess having a tea party

Grandma and Grandpa with their 12 grandkids

Paul & Dot Blakemore with their 4 kids:
Debbie, Jon, Steve, Becky

Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby, It's COLD Outside

We got about 4 inches of powdery soft snow yesterday, which we enjoyed from the inside.  Kate and I are going to hibernate until spring!

White Christmas

We had our Christmas with just our immediate family yesterday, since we will be visiting friends and family over the next couple of weeks.  It was snowing, so we considered it a white Christmas.

Here are the boys enjoying our new TV, which Jon and I got for each other as our joint Christmas gift.  

Santa baby.

The kids were pretty excited to get new church bags filled with all sorts of quiet activities to do in church.

Stickers and comics and coloring books and markers and books.  Fun!  Kate has been passionate about coloring lately, so she spend a good bit of the afternoon putting dent in her new coloring book pages.

David just loves to be with his family!  Sweet baby!

PRESENTS!  The kids' big present was a DVD player for the car, which was from us and from Grandma/Grandpa Blakemore.  I guess it's really a gift for me and Jon, since our trip to Ohio will be 9 hours!! :-)
Merry Christmas (the first one of 2010)!

Cutie-Face David

David has been making the cutest baby faces lately.  Here are a few: