Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Boys

The boys have been enjoying each others' company, which has been fun to watch. 
They both love to explore, and really like playing with cars together.  Here they are playing hide and seek under the bed.   

 David now does a good job sitting alone.  I should have figured that crawling (and getting into things) would come before he learned to sit.  I have a feeling he's going to be high-energy just like his big brother.  David has been into EVERYTHING.  Nothing is safe anymore, and we're having to really watch what we leave out, since it will quickly be snagged and snacked on by our resident curious crawler.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Little Kate

My little girl got sick last night, and thus began a rough night, followed by a rough day of puking, snuggling, sleeping, & repeat.  She's been running a fever, too, but is unable to keep anything down, even Tylenol to manage the fever, so we ride it out with snuggles and love (and lots of laundry and Clorox wipes)!
A blessing in all this is that Kate is old enough to puke into a bowl now.  I heard Kate up and about last night about 1:30, so I got up to see what she was up to.  She had gotten a washcloth and was trying to clean up her own puke in her bed (this was before I gave her the bowl).  Sweet girlie.  I informed her that is what Mommys do, and she should come get me if she got sick.  I don't think she has ever had the pukes before.   

Kate has done a LOT of sleeping today, and I have really only put her down now and then to care for David or to get one or two necessary things done.  Chores can wait when my kids need some extra love and care. Hopefully this is a quick bug, and she will be back to her sweet, cheerful self soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My kids are so fun!
I can NOT believe this big boy starts kindergarten in the fall!  I just realized that registration will be coming up soon, and it makes me sad and excited at the same time.  I'm looking forward to entering this new stage with Michael, and I know he will love school, but it will be sad having Michael gone most of the day.  I will miss my sweet, energetic, silly boy!  Michael is SO excited to start t-ball in the spring, and I'm looking forward be it, too!

This cutie girl is growing up too quickly, too!  Just this week, I moved the big kids upstairs to their new rooms, and they just love having their own spaces.  Kate desperately wants me to paint her walls pink, though I was trying to talk her into a pale lavender.  I will probably give in and let her pick pink. :-)  She daily asks me if she can wear a skirt, which is her favorite piece of clothing.  I will have to remember that as I'm getting her clothes in the next size up.  She's definitely a girlie girl! 

Sweet David is learning new things almost daily.  He's working on teeth #7 and #8, so he's started crying out again because his teeth hurt.  He's been sleeping better than before, though, so this mommy is happy!  David says "Dada" all the time now, despite my coaching him otherwise, and he's up to eating 3 full meals a day.  I'm starting to add some table food, as Gerber pureed peas (etc) just isn't sticking with him long.  Big eater!  David is SUCH a sweet baby, and freely give his smiles and laughs to everyone.


Now that David is mobile (and OH! is he mobile!  He's all OVER the house, and he is FAST!), we're having to rearrange some things, since nothing is safe from his grasp (and subsequently, his mouth).  He just discovered the door stops and I hear a non-stop "spr-OING" until he eventually pulls them off and chews on it (ours are the springy kind that connect with magnets).  Anyways, no fuzzy, string, toy, book, or crumb is safe anymore!
Today, he discovered the glass doors, and crawled over until he could peer out.  He kept pushing the glass trying to get outside.  Soon enough, big boy!  You're growing too fast!!

Like Father, Like Son

Jon has been wanting a Camelbak for a long time.  Why?  I have no idea, since he isn't a long-distance biker or a runner or anything that would require a backpack full of water.  Well, someone recently gave one to Jon, and he has been SO excited about it.  He can't wait to do a roofing job just so he can have a chance to have a large reservoir of portable water on his back.  (rolling my eyes)

Michael caught on to the excitement, and Jon let Michael take it in the playroom for a bit during Michael's rest time.  Because hydration is that important.

Passing on the Love of Books

Michael and Kate decided that David should know how wonderful books are. 
David thinks they look tasty.

Friday, February 18, 2011


We have had unseasonably warm weather this week, just like the groundhog predicted, and have been really enjoying it.  We have Grandma and Grandpa Blakemore here to enjoy it with us, and have tried to savor it all in the hopes that it (and they) will stay! 
We love our deck.  The kids play for hours outside on warmer days. 

David loves the sunshine. 

And Kate has a new-found enjoyment for chalk and bubbles.  

Michael loves to play outside, but especially loves any chance to eat outside (or anywhere for that matter!)

For the Love of Hats

3 cuties with their lids covered

Family Love

We celebrated Valentine's Day together along with Grandma and Grandpa Blakemore. 
We made and decorated cookies.

We wore our most valentine-y clothing.

We decorated our door with construction paper and crepe paper.

My hard-working husband brought home the bacon- true love!

We added some extra sprinkles of love and other confections..

So I guess we celebrated a lot like like we do all the other 364 days of the year- by enjoying and loving each other.  We just added cookies and Chick-fil-A. 


David adores Michael, and the feeling is mutual.  Sweet boys!

In the Army Now

Here's a video of how David gets around now-a-days.  He can really get going, especially if he finds something he really wants.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Update

To our faithful fans (i.e., the 3 dedicated family members who regularly keep up with our mundane goings-on.  You know who you are), here are a few things that have been keeping us busy.  Also, Grandma and Grandpa Blakemore have been here visiting, so I've been able to take advantage of them to get my hair done, go shopping alone, and all those other extra treats that have kept me from blogging.  Excuses aside, I will try to get some more detailed posts on our adventures of late. 

David continues to grow and work on his mobility.  He's army-crawling now, and can make some real progress.   He has 6 teeth, is doing great with his baby food, and is sleeping well through the night.  Blessings! 

Cold days keep us finding fun ways to get rid of our excess energy.

And a couple lovely warmer days send us outside to use our fun new outside toys (like this cool 3-D chalk)

 Here's David with his rock and propel method of locomotion.

My little kitchen helper, getting ready to decorate her Valentine cookie.

My cookie monster consuming his Valentine cookie.

We went ice skating with the youth group.  I only wiped out once (and threatened all teens who might be tempted to post proof on facebook), but we had fun!

 And we celebrated Abe Lincoln's 202nd birthday at the Lincoln Memorial (because who DOESN'T do that?)  This included cupcakes and singing, too.  Happy birthday, Abe!

I will try to get a few minutes to continue with a pictorial journaling of our latest adventures, but not now, since the tacos won't make themselves, and then I'm off to work at the hospital tonight.  More to come soon.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dance Revolution

On cold rainy days like we have had lately, the kids often burn energy by dancing.
 Sometimes they dance beside each other.

Sometimes they dance together.

And Michael takes he lead.

Michael can really get down.

Retro break-dancing

And Kate ends up with a lot of jumping and tumbling.  So fun!

And sometimes, you just have to see a video to appreciate the full joy of their energetic mornings.