Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Home & Garden Show, 2011

This past weekend was the biannual Fredericksburg Home & Garden Show.  My hard-working husband spent the weekend meeting potential customers and doing some marketing for Rappahannock Building & Remodeling, Inc.  Though we miss him, we appreciate his hard work and all he does to provide for our family.  I took the kids to the home show on Friday so we could see him. 
The kids especially liked the landscape exhibits. 

Thankfully, no one fell in. 

Smiles and Grins

David is such a sweet, happy boy!  We really love his smiles and how easily amused he is. 


The kids were sitting on the table "fishing" with golf clubs.  It was quite amusing to listen to the things they "caught."

Every Girl is a Princess

Our friends the Scantlins were in the play A Little Princess, which I took the kids to go see on Saturday afternoon.  We really enjoyed the play, and the kids were very good, especially considering it was a long one.  David played quietly during the first half, then napped on me during the second half.  Hannah and Abby did a great job, and we can't wait for the next CYT play! 

Prince and Princess

Chick-Fil-A had another Princess Night, so I took my princess and my 2 princes. 
Yes, this sword got confiscated shortly after this, for obvious transgressions...

They had a super-fun time, and I enjoyed that the kids' meals were free!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring-y Days

When the weather warms up and it's not too wet, we head outside for a good bit of fun and energy expenditure. 
The kids love jumping on the trampoline.  

And we broke out the outside toys- bubbles, chalk, washable deck paint, and (I know this is not most people's outside toy, but for me it is!) the Play-Doh.  

Lunch and dinner clean-up is considerably easier when we eat on the deck.  

David loves the great outdoors, too.  He just wishes he could get down and explore more, but not until we secure the deck stairs.   

Ray of Sunshine

Katie is our sweet, sensitive girlie girl. 
She loves to play "tea party" or dance/sing or take care of her baby brother.  She's learning to live with brothers, but it's hard for a gentle girl with tender feelings. 

She picks a skirt or a dress pretty much every day, along with something pink or purple to wear.

She's a picky eater, and I'm trying to broaden her scope from her one preference of yogurt and a sippy cup of milk.  She's doing better, but still a challenge when it comes to meal time.
Katie bring smiles and sunshine to our home. 

Growing Baby Boy

David loves his big siblings, and wants to do everything they are doing. 
Can't wait until he can jump with them on the trampoline.

He loves to chase after balls.  It's his favorite activity, with cars and trucks being a close second.
It's hard to keep this boy confined.  He's a master escape-artist, and he just loves to explore.

On your mark.  Get set.  WAIT!  You're not allowed outside (even though your sister is more than happy to accommodate your every whim.  I caught her right before she opened the screen for him, then we had a long lecture regarding the fact that she is NOT his mommy, despite what she thinks). 

 When I say he loves to explore, he really doesn't let anything get in his way.  I've caught him crawling over table beams, toys, large stuffed animals, blankets, baskets...
This is definitely a boy on the go!

Michael Cutie

Michael is a handful, but he sure does make us laugh.  He is so fun-loving, and comes up with some of the silliest things. 
The kids dressed themselves this morning.  We usually choose our clothes the night before (with Mommy's input and encouragement toward matching things), but had a late night last night.  I guess there surely could be worse things in life.  Anyways, Michael is very hot-blooded, and he wants to wear shorts every day.  He's so happy that we can now choose shorts on a regular basis.    

David is in that oral stage where every crumb and fuzzie and dropped peanut/sucker/raisin/cracker/paper gets consumed by the little guy.  So we've had to be vigilant to keep the floors very clean.  Michael loves to sweep, and I have graciously allowed him to do so after meals.  

Where does this silly boy come up with these ideas? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time Flies

Guess who was registered for Kindergarten today?  
WHERE does the time go?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This bottle of vanilla was one of the things I brought back from our trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2008. 
I guess we will need to go back and get some more soon. 

We Love This Little Guy

David is so fun.
Check out that cheesy grin.  He is rolling this little ball around the house, which he loves to do.  My mom got these for him for Christmas, and he thinks they are great.  In true boy fashion, he loves trucks and any kind of ball.  

He also loves to chew Sophie.  Tooth #7 & #8 are coming in. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Grasshoppers

Michael had his first t-ball practice tonight, and he LOVED it!  He's on the grasshoppers (fierce, eh?), and he was so excited that he could barely contain himself.  He just kept randomly jumping up and down in the huddle because he didn't know what to do with his excitement. 
Michael poses with his lefty mitt (which is really a right-handed glove).  I looked everywhere for a glove for him- sports stores, walmart, Play-it-again sports, but no luck.  I finally found that mitt at a garage sale.  

Michael sat and listened to  his coach.
They started out with some jogging and stretching.

It was pretty cute seeing all the little 5-year-olds running around the field.

Michael usually hits the ball with Daddy pitching, so he had to get used to a tee.  He thought at first that he was supposed to knock the tee over with his bat and was getting annoyed when it would spring back up. :-)

Here he is running the bases after his last hit.

After batting practice, he did some fielding.  He's got a good arm, but we need to work on his aim...
Michael really loved practice, and he asked if we could do this EVERY night!  So cute!  

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy Guy

This boy is SO happy.  He's always good for a smile.
He's also quite curious and into all sorts of mischief.  Nothing is safe from his explorations, and he can get there fast, so we're having to be careful what we leave out.  

Lefty Michael

Michael loves to play PBS kids while getting his nebulizer treatments.Michael is a lefty and so far, I have just been encouraging him to adapt (like moving the mouse to the left side).  
Michael starts t-ball on Monday, and I think I might be as excited as he is about it. 

Fairy Tales, Our Way

A pretty princess
who loves pink nightgowns
And one superhero in a pretty pink cape and MC Hammer pants
Michael then puts on his villain face, and Kate decides to morph into the caped, flying fairy princess.  Oh the adventures!

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Note to all DSS people- the kids did this on their own! 
They really do love to clean.  In fact, I had to encourage them to STOP "cleaning" today, as Kate was using the wet rag (that we use for cleaning little hands and faces) all over the windows, and Michael was using the dry dust mop on the wet floor.  I try to encourage cleanliness, but sometimes their cleaning makes MORE cleaning for me. :-)  I plan to remind them of this love of cleaning when they are teenagers...

Favorite Buds

These two love to play together (even with the normal sibling squabbles), and I know Kate is really going to miss her brother when he goes to school in the fall. 
The other day, I was reviewing our address with the kids, and Michael told me that we lived at 42 Wallaby Lane, Sydney.  If he's ever lost, at least he knows where to find Nemo!  HAHA!

Neb Admin for Babies: How to

David's fever and pukes turned into a nasty runny nose and now a chest cold.  He's been wheezy the last couple days, but thankfully, I had some Xopenex nebs (Michael's) that worked just nicely.
Since a 7 month will obviously not keep a mask over his face for any more than 0.15 seconds, I resort to the second best method- holding the container under his chin (unnoticed, because when he remembers it, it goes right in his mouth!) and let him chew the tubing.  Yes, I have spare tubing, and yes, I'm sure it isn't the most wonderful thing in the world, but breathing is better.  
Get better soon, little guy!!

Daddy's Little Girl

It's cute what a sweet little girl can get her Daddy to do.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sch-nazzy Dressers

Since I moved the kids upstairs, I have let them start selecting their own clothes.  Michael was quite proud that he found his Toy Story shirt to go with the matching socks. 

Of course, Kate wears a skirt most days. And pink. :-)


HAHA!  We laugh a lot around here.

David thinks the Roomba is very cool.  He heads right for it when it's in his view.  It might be a toss-up between this and the boing-y doorstops as his favorite thing to play with.  
He also has discovered his tongue.  It's not unusual for me to look at him & smile and get a big "Ppppp-THTHTHTHTHTH" and a smile in return.  

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

They're Crazy Like Their DADDY

I love these guys!  They make me smile every day!!

Real Men Unload the Dishwasher

This man of mine is wonderful!

Sad Baby

Kate is better, but now this little guy isn't feeling well.
He's been napping in my arms a lot lately.

Yesterday, he gave me back an entire Stage 3 jar of squash.  Ugh!