Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week- Monday

Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love the hope of resurrection, and it seems so fitting that Easter is in the spring when new life is all around.  We always spend a while in preparation and anticipation of Christmas, but it seems like Easter is not anticipated nearly enough.  After all, wasn't Jesus born to die?  And didn't he die to conquer death?  If Christ wasn't resurrected, then our faith is in vain, and we are still in our sins. (1 Cor 15:17)
So this year, I decided that I personally would start celebrating the anticipation of the resurrection on the first day of Lent, and that we would celebrate holy week with the kids.  We're trying to do something special every day in anticipation of Easter, because that's what Easter is about- Hope!  

Monday, we took some time to review the triumphal entry of Christ, which we read about in our Bible story time this weekend (Luke 19:35-38)  We spent some time praising God and going over things that we could praise him for.  The list was long.  We also watched the Jesus Film (for Children) to get a complete picture of the whole story, starting with Christmas and ending with the Resurrection.  Kate made me laugh- as we were a couple minutes into the Jesus Film, she excitedly exclaimed, "HEY!  We have this book!"  Yes, Kate.  Yes, we do! 

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