Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael's First T-ball Game

Michael's first t-ball game got rained out, so officially, the first game was Friday.   
The Grasshoppers team

I think I laughed as much as I cheered.  Beginner t-ball is SO funny.  Kids forgetting to run and getting lapped by the runner behind them; teammates wrestling over a grounder; the right fielder (my son) running across the infield to field a ball on the 3rd base line; the list goes on...

Michael also got a chance to play first base (he's a lefty).  You can tell he rocked the position mainly by the cool patterns he dug in the dirt with his cleats, and the hip dance I caught him performing in the picture above.  

He finally get the concept of covering the bag and waiting for the throw, but instead of expectantly watching for the throw, he just stared down the runner with his "scary" face.  Mr Competitive keeps getting lessons on playing for fun and good sportsmanship. 

Post-game huddle- Go GRASSHOPPERS!!
They had another game on Friday, and it was just as entertaining!  

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