Monday, April 11, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On Saturday evening, we went to a Minor League baseball game to see the Potomac Nationals. 
We had awesome seats right behind home plate.  Michael is starting to pick up in the rules of the game and how it's played, so this was really great for him to see what happens up close.  

Uncle Slam, the blue dude with white dreads, came by.  Michael thought he was pretty cool.  Kate was less than impressed.  David napped.  

 Even though the Nationals lost by one run, it was a pretty exciting 9th inning, where they almost pulled a comeback.  After the game, they had a really cool fireworks display, then they let the kids run the bases! 
Michael rounds 3rd and heads for home.  

Kate enjoyed running, though she didn't tag any bases.  David really wanted to be out there, too.  Maybe next time.

Michael & Kate sitting in the Nationals dugout.  
We had so much fun, and really enjoyed watching the opening day game in a fun, family atmosphere. Thanks to my sister, Meredith, for hooking us up with discounted tickets!!

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Nancy said...

We LOVE going to their games and think they fireworks are great! We haven't been in a couple of years, though. This made me want to get back up there! :) Glad yall had fun.