Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boys vs Girls: The Food Edition

Besides the obvious, I'm discovering how vastly different boys and girls are. 
Katie is not a really great eater.  She will eat pizza and pick off everything but the cheese. It's a challenge to make sure she gets all her nutrients, and we sometimes get creative to get some veggies in her (like carrots smothered in applesauce or green smoothies).  She loves her white milk, and will choose it over any other beverage (chocolate milk included), and she would subsist off simple carbs and dairy (if I let her). 

These boys, however, can put some food away!  At least shopping at Costco, I don't get as many stares when I load my cart up.  They probably just assume I have the other 3 kids are home. :-)  Yesterday at our Memorial Day picnic, Michael ate a cheeseburger, 3 hot dogs, and a couple sides for lunch.  This was an hour after eating a 3-level cheese sandwich (3 piece of bread and 2 pieces of cheese) and applesauce and mandarin orange cups.  David can down some food, too, for a little guy. He eats pretty much anything I put in front of him, and he eats them in large amounts.  Yesterday, he was on the deck with us, and he downed a couple of leaves.  Fresh green leaves and crunchy leaves- he's not picky.  I guess dinner just didn't cut it for him.  And if any of you know the volume of food my husband consumes, then you understand why I feel like I have a small army to feed.  I can't imagine what the teen years will be like...

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