Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CSA Week 3 (plus menu)

This weeks share from C&T Produce includes:
 2 pounds of English peas, 1 quart of snow peas, 1 quart of sugar snap peas, 2 pints strawberries, 1 bunch of golden touch beets, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, 5 greenhouse tomatoes, 1 greenhouse cucumber, and 2 kohlrabi.  (I purchased the onion, cilantro bunch, and 2 sweet potatoes separately)
Kate is still hating all this fresh produce, but the boys and I are really enjoying it.  She's getting better with salads, though sometimes I think she just chokes the lettuce down accidentally as she's eating her bowl of croutons.  Michael eats tomatoes raw, just like an apple. He's a great salad eater, and will always try new things.  David doesn't know better, and he eats anything I put in front of him.  He especially loved the beets, and I always pick up a fresh sweet potato or two, since they are his favorite.  I'm holding off my excitement on his non-pickiness, though, since I found a couple bites missing out of a Nerf ball recently, and I found the evidence later of David's mischief...  Jon's not happy about all this healthy stuff, but the alternative would be making something himself, so he eats what I make.  Anyway, we're looking forward to trying the kohlrabi this week.  It's a german turnip, and you prepare leaves like greens, and the bulb is similar in taste and texture to broccoli.
Here's the menu:
Wednesday- Honey Mustard Chicken, English peas* (with butter and salt), Salad* with ranch dressing, sliced cucumber
Thursday- company for dinner, out to Sakura, Strawberry* tarts for dessert
Friday- Baked spaghetti*(using leftover sauce from spaghetti this past week),  Corn and black bean salad* (didn't get to this recipe last week- out of Cilantro), garlic bread, golden beets (with butter and salt)
Saturday- burgers* (with lettuce and tomato), baked beans, grilled onions* and mushrooms, steamed kohlrabi*
Sunday- Pizza & Salad*
Monday- Creamy Italian Chicken with Pasta, salad, sugar snap peas*
Tuesday- Tacos, refried beans, salad

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